Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Nether Blood River

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"Where is this?" Zhao Yuande walked slowly to the stone bridge not far away.

The stone bridge is very seriously damaged. There is a huge hole in the middle of the bridge. Below you can see the choppy river flowing through.

He pointed a finger at the river below.

"The water of the Nether Blood River contains horrible toxins. If swallowed, it can instantly poison all the creatures under the emperor's realm...can't become food!"

"Nether Blood River? This is the Nether Blood River that connects Netherworld and Thousand Realms? How could I come here?" Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded, and his head, completely shocked by the information, fainted for a while.

"Take care of him!" Zhao Yuande's previous life was the Yuande Divine Emperor. He had visited more miraculous and terrifying places than this. He quickly returned to normal, took out the copper furnace and opened the space, and poured the ghost river into it!

"Hey! Don't drink these waters, or don't blame me if you die!" Zhao Yuande didn't want Zhu Han to be poisoned to death by the ghost river, and reminded him quickly.

The space of his copper furnace was very wide, and he poured it in for half a hour before he was satisfied with it.

These nether river waters are babies, released when they are in danger, as long as they accidentally splash on the other party's wounds, there is no life.

"Huh, what's this smell? Why is it so fragrant?" Zhao Yuande walked up the river. He wanted to see where the source of the river was, but when he came to an area, he suddenly smelled a tantalizing aroma. Spread in the air.

And just upstream of this time, large groups of huge hippos rushed into the Nether Blood River, rushing towards a small island in the center of the river.

At this time, the colorful splendors on the island rose into the sky, and the fragrance became more intense, and the direction came from the island.

Zhao Yuande rushed to the shore with curiosity. His body was light and smokey, and he clicked continuously on the tumultuous hippos. After a few ups and downs, he appeared on the island.

At this time, a large number of hippos gathered on the island. These hippopotamuses were not interested in Zhao Yuande's arrival at all. They just surrounded a group of **** water pools in the middle of the island, and there were several buds waiting to be released in the water pool. Lotus!

"Blood pool red lotus, the fragrance released when it blooms will make people have a violent illusion, refining the main medicine of the mystic pill... intermediate-level ingredients, matching the recipe'Qinglian Zaohua soup', there is a small chance to get the green lotus fire, List of ingredients..."

"Blood pool red lotus! It turns out that this kind of spirit actually grew up in this place!" Zhao Yuande realized why this kind of thing is so rare.

The next moment, Zhao Yuande fell into a huge sense of happiness.

Blood Pond Red Lotus is the key item for him to get the green lotus fire, and only if he gets the green lotus fire, and promote it to the level of the real green fire, can he enter the chaos of the chaos and get the green lotus!

These are all interlocking things. If he got the blood pool red lotus now, he would get the green lotus in the future.

Qinglian fortune is said to be the first kind of life born after the opening of chaos. It is called the treasure of fortune. It has the functions of reversing innate, seizing nature, reversing the universe, separating yin and yang, etc. If it can be obtained, it may override. Above heaven, the great transcendence that achieves eternal immortality, freedom!

The legendary nihilism, but according to Zhao Yuande's understanding, practitioners can achieve the same innate gods and deities by virtue of their anti-celestial effects in case of obtaining Qinglian. This is another extreme situation of cultivation, not seeking immortality or immortality, only seeking eternal freedom.

Such treasures against the sky, even innate gods and demons are rushing, not to mention him!

It took a long time for him to calm down the blood in his heart and began to figure out how to get the blood pool red lotus.

There are countless huge hippos around these weeks, although they are not strong, between the fifth and sixth ranks, but at first sight these guys are rough and thick, it is not easy to kill them, but they grab the blood pool red lotus from their mouths very simple.

The wait was long. Zhao Yuande didn't know how long he waited by the blood pool. Just when he was about to get dizzy and dizzy with these stinky hippos, a few red lotus in the blood pool began to burst out. Strange fragrance.

There is a trace of blood in this scent, but it is a bit fascinating!

At this time, all the hippos around asked about this fragrance, and they suddenly became agitated. They had no idea when their dark pupils were stained with blood, and there was a sound from the hippopotamus. An uneasy growl.

Even Zhao Yuande had some irritable emotions in his heart at this time, and some violent wanted to tear up everything around him!

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood what would happen, and he tried to calm down his heart, carefully approaching the blood pool red lotus that was about to bloom in the blood pool.


I don't know that the hippo started the first angry roar. At almost the same time, all the hippos began to attack their companions.

Zhao Yuande has not yet left the hippo group, and naturally became one of the targets of the attack.

"Come out for me!"

Zhao Yuande dragged Zhu Yan out of the copper furnace space for the first time.

"Give me immediately to **** those blood pool red lotus!"

At this time, Zhu Yan's injury had completely recovered. He was staying idle in the space of the copper furnace, and felt an irresistible force grabbing himself, and a space transformation came to a strange area.

Zhao Yuande's words sounded in its ears for the first time.

It has signed a master-servant contract with Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande's words are commands for it.

"Roar!" Zhu Yan roared back to the sky. The huge body appeared like a mountain beside the pool of blood. A large hippo under it was almost gushed out of its internal organs, but it was still alive and well. call.

At this time, Zhu Yan also absorbed a little bit of the fragrance of blood pool red lotus, and became a little restless. His arms slammed fiercely on the ground, shooting large and large hippos into the ground, and suddenly there was a direction The hippo was cleared.

Although Zhu Yan is manic, Zhao Yuande's order is still the first. He leaped hard into the blood pool directly under his feet, and reached out to grab the few blood pool red lotus in the blood pool.


Zhu Yan suddenly roared up in the sky!

A black crocodile with huge scales and large scales protruded from the pool of water and bit Zhu Zhu's arm directly.

How strong Zhu Zhu's flesh is, even Zhao Yuande can't compare with it now, but the skin that was directly bitten by this giant crocodile has flesh and blood.

"Demon Blood Crocodile!"

When Zhao Yuande saw the giant crocodile, a name suddenly appeared in his heart.