Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550: Ye Xiaoyu

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"Good! Please give us an account of the Sun family!" Several other practitioners of the Sun Family Divine Emperor Realm also stood behind Sun Yang and stared at each other!

"I...I..." Ling Cangyun didn't say a word for a long time.

"My little friends, because she loved Sun Xinqie just now, she said a lot of things that she shouldn't say. Please forgive me!" Ling Cangqiong saw that if he didn't say anything again, he would punish the demon emperor. Provoked, the ancestor of the family took their skins!

"Humph! This is almost the same!" Sun Yang snorted coldly, his face still not looking good.

"In this way, my suspicions have cleared up, I am not a demon spy!" Zhao Yuande looked at the fearful expression on the faces of the Ling family and couldn't help but grinned, showing a mocking smile.

"Cleaned up! You are indeed not a Demon Rape!" Ling Cangqiong looked at Zhao Yuande and said coldly, "But Ling Tianxiao, who killed my Ling family, is indeed true. Are you like that?"

"Hey! This senior, I ask you a question!" Zhao Yuande suddenly asked seriously, "If I said I would kill your whole family, what would you do?"

"I squeeze you!" Ling Cangqiang heard Zhao Yuande dare to talk to himself like this, suddenly furious, and his big hand grabbed Zhao Yuande again!

"Isn't it enough?" Tianyi Xianjun's eyes suddenly became very cold, and his big hand grabbed Ling Cangqiang.

Ling Cangqiang felt an irresistible force coming and pinched his neck.

He wanted to struggle as hard as possible, but found that he couldn't struggle at all. He was like a ant in front of the other party!

"Tianyi Xianjun! You don't deceive people too much, I am also a fairy monk, and the boy dare to say such things to me, I must kill him today!" Ling Cangqiong knew that the other party did not dare to kill himself, so the red eyes began to not Stop roaring!

"Okay Ling Cangqiong, just a hypothetical question just now, your reaction is also a little bit fierce!" The uncle Tai on the side looked at Ling Cangqiang, his heart was dark, and his mouth began to ridicule.

"The other party just said that if you want to kill, and Ling Tianxiao of your Ling family really wants to kill the other's family! So shouldn't you think the other party's reaction should be normal?" Although Tianyi Xianjun can kill him Ling Cangqiang, but because of some fairy ancestors who were afraid of the Ling family, they did not dare to start.

"This..." Ling Cangqiong felt that he had nothing to say at all!

"Okay! This matter will end here!" Tianyi Xianjun threw Ling Cangqiang out with a big hand.

Ling Cangqiong touched the blood oozing from the corner of his mouth, and a pair of eyes swept Zhao Yuande fiercely.

"Let's go!" Ling Cangqiong turned his head and left.

"But... But was Tianxiao so dead in vain?" Ling Cangyun stared at Zhao Yuande unwillingly, his teeth gurgling.

"This is not the end! Go back and sue the ancestors, let the ancestors decide! My Ling family can't die like this in vain!" Ling Cangqiong's face turned all terrible.


"Boy, come with me!" Tianyi Xianjun nodded slightly at Zhao Yuande, then turned and flew away.

He was flying very slowly, obviously taking care of Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Uncle, please wait a moment, I will go!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands to Uncle Ba, then nodded at Sun Yang, and then chased the figure of Tianyi Xianjun!

Zhao Yuande soon caught up with Tianyi Xianjun, and Tianyi Xianjun swept his sleeves, and the figures disappeared in an instant.

The next moment, Zhao Yuande found himself in a big city.

Although the city is still prosperous, the expressions of anxiety and tension appear on people's faces.

"That's the temporary foothold of our Xianhong City. Xiaoyu is practicing inside now! If she knows you are here, she will be very happy!" Tianyi Xianjun arrived here, his face showing a gentle expression, and his speech was easy-going A lot.

"Now it's the fairy demon war, and it is the best time for Xiaoyu to grow up. Xiaoyu can definitely fight over the battle on the battlefield!" Zhao Yuande heard that Ye Xiaoyu was here, and his heart was inevitably happy, with an excited expression on his face. .

"Well! But now, from time to time, we have to wait until the genius of the Devil Realm arrives, let Xiao Yu go to kill a few Devil Realm Geniuses!" Tianyi Xianjun said.

"There will still be a genius from the Devil Realm?" Zhao Yuande could not help revealing a shock and excitement on his face.

"It will indeed! Because every fairy demon war is a test field for these geniuses, the demon world will send a lot of geniuses to sharpen, and we will take advantage of this opportunity to kill them!" Tianyi Xianjun's face appeared With a slight worry, he continued, "The Devil Realm is not like us, protecting geniuses as babies. Their geniuses are exhausted and will eventually be stronger than our geniuses in the fairy world!"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande nodded, so that the fittest would survive, and the disciples who grew up in the test of blood and fire would indeed be stronger.

They soon entered the temporary settlement of Xianhong City.

This is a gorgeous courtyard. As soon as he entered the courtyard, Zhao Yuande saw a girl practicing with her eyes closed in a small pavilion.

Her body exudes a divine light, which makes people feel the warmth passing through the void, very comfortable.

As the two entered the courtyard, the woman opened her eyes at once.

"Master..." The girl saw Tianyi Xianjun, the master said only half of it, and she saw Zhao Yuande beside Tianyi Xianjun. Her eyes widened and she rubbed her eyes unbelievably. "Yes... yes... Zhao" Brother?"

"It's just me! Xiaoyu, we haven't seen you for a long time!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the girl.

"Brother Zhao! Are you not in the twelve ascendant fairy city? Why did you come here?" The girl rushed over and jumped into Zhao Yuande's arms, jumping and jumping excitedly.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande felt the hot body in his arms, and he could not help but sigh a little, "Hey! I haven't seen you for more than two years, this girl has grown up!"


There is a smile on the side of Tianyi Xianjun to remind others around him.


When the girl heard the voice of Tianyi Xianjun, she blushed suddenly. She hurriedly escaped from Zhao Yuande's arms and gave the master a glance.

"Okay! Xiaoyu, you should rest assured now! Don't worry about it all day!" Tianyi Xianjun spoiled the girl, and there was also a look of relief on his face.

"Brother Zhao! Where have you been in the past two years? What happened?" Ye Xiaoyu took Zhao Yuande's hand, took him to the small pavilion, supported the chin with both hands, and looked at Zhao Yuande with expectation.