Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552: Speak Up

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Although he has seen Zhao Yuande's magic and power, he also knows that the other party has a very mysterious background force, but this is the fairy world, and he is facing the second genius of Xianhong City, or one who has entered the half-step fairy mantra. Peerless genius.

He saw that Zhao Yuande's realm was a **** emperor's realm, and he didn't feel that Zhao Yuande could defeat each other.

If Zhao Yuande is in conflict with him, is it really good?

"Nether Realm?" Xiang Mo heard the word "Nether Realm", and suddenly his face showed a cold and murderous intention.

He originally thought that the other party was a child of a big power in the fairy world. He still had scruples in his heart, but he did not expect it to be just a mortal in the lower realm.

"Die to me!"

Xiang Mo's big hand slap Zhao Yuande without any fear and patted.

"what are you going to do!"

Ye Xiaoyu couldn't bear it anymore. The divine light burst out of his body, and Zhao Yuande was shrouded in the light in an instant, and he slapped towards Xiang Mo's palm.

"You... you are actually protecting this humble person in the lower realm!" Xiang Mo was almost blown away by Ye Xiaoyu, but he still had a sense in his heart, knowing that the other side's mid-level cultivation might not be able to take himself. This slap, could not help but withdraw some strength.

" are not allowed to say that, Brother Zhao!" Ye Xiaoyu stared at Xiang Mo in front of him without any fear.

"He is a humble man from the lower realm!" Xiang Mo gritted his teeth and looked coldly at Zhao Yuande shrouded in golden light, wishing he could slap him to death.

Ye Buyu on the side heard Xiang Mo even saying this, he couldn't help but sigh a little in his heart, and he immediately knew that he was just a humble person from the lower realm in the other person's heart. He couldn't help but feel sad for a while, and turned towards Walk deep in the courtyard.

He was going to find the Heavenly Fairy Monarch, and only this Fairy Monarch could stop this from happening.

"I don't allow you to say that!" Ye Xiaoyu looked very uncomfortable, for fear that Zhao Yuande would be angry for this.

"Huh! I only know that hiding behind a woman, are you still a man?" Xiang Mo saw Ye Xiaoyu blocking herself like an old hen protecting her cubs, and not only looked at Zhao Yuande with contemptuous eyes.

"Okay! Xiaoyu, although this man is strong, but he can't help me anymore!" Zhao Yuande patted the little hand in front of him, and smiled lightly at Ye Xiaoyu.

"But...but he is already a half-step fairyland!" Ye Xiaoyu looked at Zhao Yuande's breezy look, but he still didn't believe it.

"Don't you believe me, Xiaoyu?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Believe...I believe!" Ye Xiaoyu heard Zhao Yuande's words and couldn't help but let go of Zhao Yuande's hand.

"Xian Mo, right!" Zhao Yuande slowly walked out from behind Ye Xiaoyu, looking at the other side lightly, "I originally thought you just like Xiao Yu, which I can't control! But if you are so disrespectful to me, then I will give You have learned a few lessons, so that no one in your eyes can look down on the people in our lower bounds!"

"Haha! Give me some lessons, you are dreaming in daylight!" Xiang Mo saw Zhao Yuande take the initiative to come out, and also said such a big talk, disrespecting the corners of his mouth revealed a cruel arc, "The humble lower world people, you are born humble I want to teach me, I will break all of your limbs in a moment, let you die in pain and howling!"

"Xiang Mo! You are too much!" Ye Xiaoyu was flushed with the other's words, and his eyes were full of anger.

The other party not only scolded himself, but also scolded many of Xianhongcheng's children!

Although Xianhong City is united on the surface, it is secretly divided into two factions, one is inherited from Immortal Realm and the other is the practitioners from the lower realm.

And the people in the fairy world have always looked down on the practitioners who have soared in the lower realm. Even if they encounter it, they are usually a tall look!

Before Xiang Mo didn't have that kind of high attitude towards himself, he always thought that Xiang Mo was an exception, but he didn't expect that his ugly face was revealed today.

"Humph! I'm too much! I'm not too much! I'm just stating a fact!" Xiang Mo glanced at Ye Xiaoyu, no longer covering the kind of arrogance in his eyes.

He also knows that it is basically impossible to impress the other party after this incident. It seems that he can only think of other ways!

So he just revealed his true face and face, and it was not so uncomfortable!

"Good little rain!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly to Ye Xiaoyu. "It's not as good as this person's general knowledge, only when he farts!"

"Release..." Ye Xiaoyu's face turned slightly red when he heard Zhao Yuande spit out such words.

"What do you say! Say it again!" Sen Mo's body suddenly changed to Mo Han, and his body became extremely powerful, and he stepped up toward Zhao Yuande step by step.

"If you want to continue to live, don't force me, otherwise your good future will be ruined!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other without fear, and his mouth was even coldly smiling.

"Humph! Big words are not ashamed..." Xiang Mo's speed accelerated sharply, as if it were a flash of light, and appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in an instant.

The palm of his hand has been fiercely shot towards Zhao Yuande's head!

At the same time, there were also terrible hurricanes that tore the sky and earth, and all the surrounding scenes were torn by the hurricane in an instant, turning into a piece of dust flying all over the sky.

At this time, even Ye Xiaoyu felt a powerful crisis coming, and she looked at Zhao Yuande in front with some worry.

But when she saw Zhao Yuande's body as if it were a majestic mountain, an indescribable terror force rushed through the other person's body, just like a storm in the sea and a huge wave!

"Is there only such a small amount of power?" Zhao Yuande suddenly showed four bright rays of light on his body, punching the opponent's palm with a punch.

Zhao Yuande's attack was a little bit secret, but he didn't underestimate the enemy, but used 50% of his strength!

He doesn't want to kill the other party, because the other party is so young that he can reach the half-step fairyland, and he must have very strong support behind him!

And Xiaoyu still needs to continue to stay in Xianhong City. If he kills the other party, it will inevitably have a great impact on Xiaoyu, and some people will even hate it!

So he thought about it for a while and decided to give the other party a lesson!

But the strength of 50% is not something a half-step fairy realm can bear!

You should know that Zhao Yuande's current strength can crush the early stage of fairyland, and can contend with the strong men in the middle of fairyland!


At the next moment, the fist and palm collided with a crisp bone crack!

"It's over!" Ye Xiaoyu's complexion changed. He thought it was Zhao Yuande who had been smashed his bones by the other party's slap, so that she would rush to help in a hurry.