Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554: Demon Attack

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Since the other party has a killing intent on himself, he can't let the other party pass!

If he himself can rest assured, because he is not afraid of revenge!

But there are friends and Sun family beside me!

Although the other party didn't dare to fight the Sun family directly, who would know what to do in secret?

And he can also see the deep maliciousness from the other person's eyes looking at Sun Xiaoyu, and he can't let this person hurt Xiaoyu!

So the other party must die!

Seeing Zhao Yuande's back, Tianyi Xianjun frowned.

Although the other party has great strength and is the reincarnation of the universe, if Xianhong City can make good friends with him, there are naturally great benefits!

But after all, the other party is still an outsider, not a disciple of Xianhong City!

But Xiang Mo is a true genius of the immortal Hongcheng, a genius who can grow into a peerless immortal emperor in the future. If he is allowed to grow up, he will certainly be able to lead the immortal Hongcheng to take off!

If you let him choose, he will still choose Xiang Mo!

However, he still has Ye Xiaoyu beside him, and Ye Xiaoyu's qualifications do not have to be too indifferent. If it is properly cultivated, maybe Xianhong City will rise!

Ye Xiaoyu is a woman after all, and her personality jump is not suitable to lead Xianhong City to glory.

If you choose Xiang Mo, Ye Xiaoyu will inevitably be Xiang Mo's woman afterwards, and Ye Xiaoyu will certainly resent her master.

If you choose Zhao Yuande, you will inevitably lose Xiang Pei's peerless genius, and will cause dissatisfaction among the sect. The consequences are very serious, even if he can't bear it!

This really made him fall into a difficult choice!

He took a deep look at Ye Xiaoyu and looked at the disciples' pleading eyes, and he shook his head helplessly again!

Forget it, let me persuade Xiangmo first!

"Okay Xiaoyu! I'll go to your uncle Tianhong!" Tianyi Xianjun patted Ye Xiaoyu's shoulder lightly and left in a mixed mood.

But soon Heavenly Fairy Fairy returned, and his face was very unsightly.

Although he persuaded hard, but the other party was only promised, but his eyes showed disdain, and the other party could not hear what he said!

But he cannot mention the matter of the reincarnation of the universe, otherwise even he would not dare to guarantee what would happen, and he might die directly on the spot!

Let's say that Zhao Yuande returned to the battleship. At this time, the black-faced old man had successfully promoted to Xianjun Realm.

The eyes of other people looking at Zhao Yuande are extremely hot!

"Little brother, you can come back! If you don't come back, they will be in a hurry!" When Taishuba saw Zhao Yuande, his eyes lit up, and he hurried forward to hold Zhao Yuande's. Hand, "Come, come with me!"

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, followed the uncle directly into the palace, and the other five elders also hurriedly followed in!

However, many of the disciples of the Divine Emperor Realm looked at this scene with incredible faces. These old guys all followed behind Zhao Shizi. What happened?

Do the two predecessors have a relationship with his promotion to fairy land?

At this time, only Sun Yangxin was like Ding Jing, he knew that it must be the reason for that drunk dream wine!

As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the palace, all the people behind him suddenly gathered around.

"Little brother, I want fifteen bottles..."

"Little brother, I want twenty bottles..."

"I want thirteen bottles!"

"I want eight bottles!"

The four of them spoke at almost the same time, all with anxiety in their eyes.

Zhao Yuande swept four people one by one, the old man with a white beard required fifteen bottles, the old woman with a slender figure, the thin middle-aged man with thirteen bottles, and the middle-aged beauty with eight bottles woman!

You can also see the qualifications of these people. Among them, the qualification of Uncle Tai is the best, but the qualification of the old woman is the worst!

"Don't worry, seniors, come one by one!" Zhao Yuande smiled and pushed back, took out four storage rings and put them in his palm.

"Let me go first! The fairy jade on my body is enough and there are surpluses. I can lend someone who is short of fairy jade in a while!" The middle-aged woman first came forward and handed a storage ring Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande explored it and saw that it was 400 million top-grade fairy jade!

He also handed a storage ring to the other party!

"Hey! It's so nice to have a good husband!" The uncle Tai on the side looked at the middle-aged beautiful woman and couldn't help laughing.

"Giggle! What's wrong, are you envious?" The middle-aged beautiful woman threw a storage ring to Uncle Ty, and said, "This is my remaining fairy jade. If anyone is not enough, I will make up!" Don't say it, I can't wait any longer!

The middle-aged beautiful woman reached the corner of the hall and couldn't wait to inhale eight bottles of drunk dream wine together.

"The second one should be me!" The thin, middle-aged man stepped forward and looked at Sun Yang with some embarrassment. "I only have 350 million here, and the rest...Can I use materials or Xianbao?" Bargain!"

"No problem! Even if you owe it first! I believe my uncle's friend!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

What Zhao Yuande said was that there was a burst of smile on Taishuba's face.

"Then how do you do, you look at my materials, and this five-piece fairy treasure... oh, it's still a little... brother-in-law, lend me another 150 million!" The thin middle-aged man checked Your own storage ring is so much worse than your own Xianbao!

"No problem!" Uncle Tai took 150 million from the storage ring of the middle-aged beautiful woman just now.

"Senior is good!" Zhao Yuande didn't check the contents of the storage ring at all, and just put it away.

A little gratitude appeared in the eyes of the thin middle-aged man, and then he took a drunk dream wine and found a corner to break through silently!

The middle-aged beautiful woman is really very rich. There are still 300 million top-grade fairy jade in her storage ring!

But even so, the remaining two owed Zhao Yuande 800 million top-grade fairy jade, which only got the drunk dream wine needed!

After several people got drunk dream wine, they began to break through.

Uncle Zhao Yuande Zehe and the black-faced old man stayed in the hall chatting and chatting.

After a while, suddenly a long horn sound came from afar.

"Broken! There is a demon attack!" Taishu Pa stood up directly and turned to the black-faced old man. "You are watching these four of them here, don't affect their promotion! Little brother, let's go out Kill the enemy!"

"Good!" Zhao Yuande heard the sound of the horn, and even felt some blood surging in his chest, a desire to fight came out of the depths of the soul!