Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1557

Chapter 1557: Master Save Me

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The powerful pinnacle of the fairyland realm, which was suppressed by the uncle just now, could not move, and even the speech became a luxury hope, but the uncle gave him a slap under the anger, suddenly the power fluctuated, fairy emperor realm The pinnacle of powerhouses found a breathing opportunity.

"You stop me! That's Xiang Xiang Xiang Young Master of Xianhong City!" The strong man at the peak of Xianren Realm said this, and finally it was a breath.

"What! The devil's spy turned out to be the young master of Xianhong City? You Xianhong City are too careless!" Uncle Tai is a straightforward person, anxious and not turning his head, looking at the man inconceivably. Startled.

"You... you fart! I am the young master of Xianhong City, not a demon spy!" Xiang Mo was just wronged by Zhao Yuande, but he didn't expect to be wronged by this uncle's family, and suddenly roared. Get up!

"What do you say!" Uncle Tai is no longer the uncle of the fairy kingdom before. Now he is a big man in the realm of fairy monarch. The other party dare to say that he fart. This is a kind of provocation against him.

He did not hesitate to shoot towards this guy!


The bones of this person made a crisp sound, and the bones of the whole body that were beaten under the palm of Taishu Pa were broken, lying on the ground like rotten flesh.

"" The man's eyes widened as if he didn't believe you even dare to put such a heavy hand on yourself!

"Huh! I will keep your life and wait for the people of Xianhong City to come!" Uncle Tai snorted coldly, and his face gradually eased this time.


There was a slight tremor in the hall behind him, and a red shadow rushed out of the hall and flew towards the sky.

When Taishuba saw the red shadow, his eyes slightly showed excitement.

"Mrs. White also broke through!" The voice of the black-faced old man came from the hall.

Zhao Yuande sat quietly on the ground, but did not use the immortal body to restore his body. Uncle Qingfeng always kept silently beside him.

And gradually, there were many more people around him, it was Sun Yang who came from Baihezhou, and those he had rescued, they all stood silently beside Zhao Yuande to protect him.

At this time, almost all the survivors returned to the battleship. The original 1,000 people now only have more than 800 people left, while the 178 people from Baihezhou only left about 100 people. .

Everything else died in the fairy demon war just now!

You have to know that these are all genius characters in the fairy world, and almost 300 people died in such a short time.

It is enough to see the terrible battle, which makes people feel shudder!

Uncle Tai's gaze suddenly turned not far away, and a dozen powerful figures flew in the direction of their battleship.

"Finally!" Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered.

Uncle Tai also stood up and looked at the dozens of figures!

More than a dozen shadows came at once, led by two people, one was the God of Heaven and Heaven, and the other was an old man wearing black clothes and triangular eyes.

These two people are naturally the strongest of the peak of the fairy king, and behind them are the strongmen of the 16 fairy kingdoms in the middle of a fairy king.

They are the strong men sent to the fairy demon battlefield by Xianhong City this time.

Seeing this situation, Taishu Ba couldn't help but frown, and hurriedly sent a letter to the strong man of his Taishu family.

"Have you seen ancestors!" Several young people on the battleship hurried forward to kneel down.

These people are disciples of Divine Emperor Realm in Xianhong City.

As soon as the old man arrived on the battleship, his eyes fell on Xiang Mo, who was half of the body.

His figure flashed to Xiang Mo's side.

"Mo'er! Mo'er! Who hurt you like this!" Although the old man with the triangular eyes has long received the message, seeing the miserable appearance of Xiang Mo still cannot restrain the anger in his heart!

" me..." Xiang Mo saw the old man as if he saw a savior. He grabbed the old man's hand and showed a pleading look on his face.

"I said who hurt you like this!" The old man with triangular eyes roared, his eyes burst into anger and murderous intention.

Not far away, Tianxian Jun saw Zhao Yuande. At this time, although his appearance was broken, he was still bleeding, but his breath was not messy. He suddenly felt a helplessness in his heart. He did not expect that things would happen so quickly. , And still so tragic!

He really regretted it. He regretted that he should take Zhao Yuande to Ye Xiaoyu. He regretted that he should not be alone!

He can only sigh now. This Tianhong fairy king, who is opposite to himself in Xianhong city, is grumpy and cruel.

Now Xiang Mo was injured like this, almost turned into a waste person, how can the other party be willing to give up, and today I am afraid that Zhao Yuande will be unlucky!

He didn't think that Zhao Yuande would be in trouble. If Zhou's reincarnation card came out, Tian Hong would not dare to deal with it anymore.

However, he can't come forward now, otherwise Tian Hong Xianjun who had been fighting with himself originally would have to tear his face with himself. Such words would be a very serious blow to Xianhong City.

Anyway, he is very contradictory, very annoyed, and very helpless!

"'s him!" Xiang Mo was jumped by the master's madness and couldn't help turning his eyes to Zhao Yuande.

"Old Ancestor... Old Ancestor..." It was at this time that the strong man who protected the peak of the fairy realm peaked out, and he made all his efforts to call out these two sounds.

" could you become like this!" At this time, a strong man in the middle of the fairyland of Xianhong City rushed to the person and hurriedly began to check his injury.

But after the inspection, it took a long sigh of relief. The other party was only broken bones, meridians, blood seas, and other important things have not been destroyed, and it is considered to be merciless!

The middle-aged man in the fairyland gave him some pills, and he was just taken away to recover from the injury, but he was stopped.

"Tianzheng Xianjun, don't worry first! This person is in danger of collusion with the demon traitor. You can't take it away!" Uncle Tai appeared in front of this person and arched his hand at this person.

"Uncle Pa... You broke through!" The man saw that it was Taishu Pa, and just wanted to yell a few words, but he was shocked to find that Taishu Ba's cultivation behavior at this time was no longer a fairyland he could freely blame. , The other party has successfully promoted to the realm of fairy monarch, and it is the peak of the early fairy monarch!

"Yes, I broke through!" Uncle Tai nodded.

At this time, Tian Hongxian's eyes also looked down towards the desert, and found Zhao Yuande, who was in a ruined body at this time.

He looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, because he found that Zhao Yuande's cultivation at this time was only in the middle of the God Emperor Realm. His first reaction was that he was looking in the wrong direction.

However, after confirming again, it was found that it was still Zhao Yuande.