Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1559

Chapter 1559: The Fierce Evil Spirit Emperor

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This kid!

Many people looked at Tianhong Xianjuns eyes with strange colors. Tianhong Xianjun was also hundreds of thousands of years old, but he was called a kid in person, but he still had to gritt his teeth to recognize it. Depressed no!

"Cough! Okay! Leave it to us! Brother Zhumo, please wait for a while, we promise to give you a satisfactory answer!" Qingyue Xianjun looked at Tianhong Xianjun and almost couldn't help laughing. .

"Senior Zhumo, please here!" Uncle Batudian fartly led Zhumo Xiandi to his place in front of the palace, and looked at Zhumo Xiandi with all eyes on him.

Zhumo Xiandi is an idol admired by Taishuba. Taishuba always dreams of becoming a man like Zhumo Xiandi one day!

Come and go freely in the demon camp, how awe-inspiring, how happy is that a demon emperor died in his own hands!

"Uncle Pa! You go first! Help the two Immortal Emperors understand this matter." Zhu Mo Immortal Emperor glanced at Uncle Pa, and there was a bit of relief in his eyes.

When he saw this person, he also felt a little kind, as if he had seen himself when he was young.

"Yes!" Taishuba was very excited, he did not expect that the other party would even know his name!

"Yang'er! Come here and talk about what happened in the end?" Zhu Mo Xiandi secretly uttered to Sun Yang.

"Tianhong say it! Why do you want to shoot this disciple of the Sun family, and why should you put him to death?" When the Fengshen Immortal Emperor looked at Tianhong Immortal again, his face was not so friendly, and his voice was cold and merciless .

"Return to Senior Fengshen! This person attacked my Xiang Hongcheng's Xiang Mo in the fairy demon battlefield, so that his flesh was broken, so the juniors were angry for a time..." Bu Xianren Realm, is it possible for a small Divine Emperor Realm disciple to overcome, the other party must attack while his disciple is fighting Warcraft, so he can be seriously injured!

"Oh? Xiang Mo? Is that the genius of the half-step fairyland?" Emperor Fengshen really heard of this person.

This person is second only to the name of Feiyu Fairy in Xianhong City. Even in the whole Xifengzhou, it is one of the best super geniuses. But in his thirties, he has already set foot in the fairyland. !

Before this person did not show the mountains and dew, did not rank on the list of people, but directly chose to shock the world with the realm of half-step fairyland.

At that time, Xianhongcheng also held a grand banquet for this purpose, inviting the other three powerful forces to come to observe the ceremony.

The Emperor Fengshen was also invited at the time, but he was too lazy to attend such a meaningless banquet, so he pushed it away.

However, he did note this person, knowing that this person will definitely become a figure in Xifengzhou in the future.

"It is my mortal Xiang Mo who fights for the fairy realm in the fairy demon battlefield, but he did not expect to be attacked by others. It really chilled the hearts of us!" Tianhong Immortal pretended to be very The look of being hit.

But he didn't see his disciples' faces flushing, and he didn't look up at all.

Even the one who took the Elixir and gradually recovered a little strength from the peak of the fairyland realm, could not help but blush.

But he knew the truth, it was clearly the young master attacking others!

At this time, Tianyi Xianjun heard Tianhong Xianjun's words, and he couldn't help but wonder.

Zhao Yuande did say that Xiang Mo was to be removed. Was he really the one who attacked first?

Otherwise, by means of Xiang Mo, the treasures on Xiang Mo's body, Zhao Yuande should not be able to seriously injure it to such a degree.

Many people around nodded silently, and they thought it must be so.

Fengshen Immortal naturally had such doubts, but he did not dare to make a conclusion, but turned his head and looked in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

"Have you heard the words of Tianhong Xianjun? What other explanation do you have?" Emperor Fengshen said lightly.

"Do I need an explanation? It's all obvious. At that time, so many people saw it on the battlefield. You senior should ask them!" Zhao Yuande didn't explain, but turned his attention to everyone standing behind him.

At this time, these people were all filled with angry colors. If it wasn't because the other party was an immortal king, they would have sweared!

"Sir Emperor Immortal! None of the words he said just now are true!" The uncle Qing Feng beside Zhao Yuande came out first, bowed deeply to the Fengshen Immortal Emperor and Qingyue Immortal Emperor, and then resented, "It is clear that this man secretly attacked first!"

He pointed to Xiang Mo as he spoke, and there was anger in his eyes!

"Yes! It was him. Brother Zhao had just beheaded a powerful Mexican ape and was seriously injured. As a result, this man came out of the void and attacked Brother Zhao, but he did not expect repair to be unsuccessful and was injured by Brother Zhao!"

"How can the people of Xianhong City be so shameless, thinking that Xianjun can talk nonsense with his eyes open?"

"Yes! So many of us met with my own eyes. He dared to lie. He just didn't take Lord Immortal Emperor in his eyes!"

"Brother Zhao slashed countless beasts on the battlefield, saved countless companions, and even killed a powerful beast equivalent to the early stage of the fairyland. If you dont give him a reward, you still have to interrogate him. What makes sense!

"This fairy demon war cannot be fought! Our Lingtian Immortal Palace demands to quit..."

"We helped you fight in Xifengzhou, but you, you, let us chill, and our Shen Tujia will not do it!"


For a time, hundreds of disciples of Divine Emperor's Realm looked angry, and stared angrily at Tianhong Xianjun, and stared at the people of Xianhong City!

Tian Hong Xianjun was stunned first, then his face was unbelievable, and finally turned his attention to his disciples.

But he found that his disciple's head had fallen to the ground.

He immediately understood that what people said was true, and he just imagined it out of thin air!

Lied in front of the Wind God Immortal Emperor, and was exposed to others in person. At this time, he wished he could smoke a few big ears!

Emperor Fengshen suddenly felt that his head was as big as a fight. Looking at Tianhong Immortal King's eyes simply meant to kill!

"It's so deceiving!" An angry roar came from behind the crowd!

The Wind God Fairy Emperor shuddered, turning his head and suddenly found that Zhu Mo Xian Emperor had already taken the case at this time, and his face was full of angry murderous intention!

"Good! You Xianhong City is really good..." Zhu Mo Xiandi came to Tianhong Xianjun in one step and kicked on his stomach without hesitation!

"Ah!" Tian Hong's body burst with a bang.

Everyone was startled, but although it did show such an expression.

Tian Hong Xianjun's body exploded, there was no blood and broken bones flying at all, but it seemed to disappear into the void as a bubble, which turned out to be just his incarnation.