Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Breaking The Sky

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At that time, he had encountered such a terrible beast in a secret realm. When he was born, he was equivalent to the fighting power of the Yin-Yang united realm. After he became an adult, he was equivalent to the God Emperor Realm. Now the state of this giant crocodile is clearly close to In adulthood, the fighting strength is probably more powerful than Zhu Yan.

"Hold it, let me pick it up!"

Most of the hippos around Zhao Yuande have been emptied by Zhu Yan, and his figure jumped continuously, rushing towards the blood pool red lotus in the middle of the blood pool.

Zhu Yan had already fought against the Devil-Blood Crocodile at this time. The Demon-Blood Crocodile's fighting power was obviously higher than that of Zhu Yan. The suppressed Zhu Yan's angry wailing shouted.

Zhao Yuande's speed was so fast that he had already been caught in the void, and he had been grabbing a few strains of Red Lotus directly.

But at this time, a shadow appeared again from the blood pool, and pulled towards Zhao Yuande fiercely.

"It's another head!"

Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that the black shadow turned out to be a small one, the devil blood crocodile, this beast was about seven or eight meters long, and his body was full of scales. At this time, he was staring at him fiercely.

"The devil blood crocodile cub is extremely fast and has an amazing fighting power. The body is infested by the Nether Blood River and cannot be used as an ingredient!"

"Is it just a cub?" Zhao Yuande dodged the smash of the tail of the demon blood crocodile and saw a smile at the corner of his mouth when he saw its message.

His body swayed and appeared opposite the demon blood crocodile. Since the other party is a cub, don't blame yourself!

His speed far exceeded that of the Devil-Blood Crocodile. With this advantage, he saw that the poor Devil-Blood Crocodile was drowned by Zhao Yuande's blood for a few laps, and whispered and fled into the water!


Zhao Yuande smiled triumphantly, grabbed several blood pool red lotus, and sent it into his copper furnace space.

"Successful, come back immediately!" Zhao Yuande passed the message to Zhu Yan.

At this time, Zhu Yan did not know how many bites were bitten by the other party. The whole body was covered with tooth marks. He was supporting him in pain. Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, he suddenly rushed towards him like Meng Amnesty.


Suddenly Zhao Yuande heard a burst of water, and a terrible sense of crisis flooded his mind instantly!

"not good!"

He turned his head and saw that there was a sudden sound of water in the blood pond, and the little magic blood crocodile came out of the water again.

This little guy looked at Zhao Yuande proudly, because it was lying on the body of a larger devil-blood crocodile.

The huge **** crocodile was looking at Zhao Yuande with angry eyes, the huge tail swept gently, and the huge waves swept toward Zhao Yuande!

"I depend!"

Zhao Yuande found out that he had been smug just now. He forgot that since there was a small magic blood crocodile, there would be parents!

The huge wave hit him hard, and the powerful force let him spit out a blood!

He flew directly to the other bank of the Nether Blood River by the impact of huge waves.

"Run away!"

Zhao Yuande sent a message of escape to Zhu Yan, and then he dashed down the blood river upstream.


Zhu Yan was cold all over at this time, no matter what the demon blood crocodile desperately biting himself, took a big step to chase Zhao Yuande's voice and fled.

Although the fighting power of the Demon Blood Crocodile is strong, the speed is not really strong, and it is quickly thrown away by the two guys.

The three-headed demon-blood crocodile roared unwillingly, but at the moment they could only breathe out those poor hippos, a large group of hippos were slaughtered, and the entire blood river became slaughterhouses!

Seeing that there was no chasing soldiers, Zhao Yuande's pace gradually slowed down, waiting for Zhu Yan to come.

Zhu Yan was dripping with blood all over his body at this time, but by virtue of its super resilience, it was no longer a problem.

If you change to an ordinary cultivator, even if you are bitten by the Demon-Blood Crocodile, you will be poisoned to death.

"Eat a few!"

Zhao Yuande lost a bottle of Elixir to Zhu Han.

Zhu Yan took it hurriedly, and hurriedly took a few, and the wound on his body began to recover from the scar at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

"Do you like to be in the copper furnace world, or do you like to be outside?" Zhao Yuande walked up the blood river and asked Zhu Yan who was behind him.

Zhu Yan shook his head first, then nodded again, and pointed to Zhao Yuande.

"Haha! I know, you like to be by my side! That's easy to say, but your body is a little big now. If it's inconvenient to get outside, you can shrink it!" Zhao Yuande agreed very happily.


Zhu Han nodded, his body shrank again and again, and finally became an ordinary person tall and short.

Zhao Yuande took a look at it now, and was suddenly happy. This inanimate life is a white-haired monkey, similar to the group of monkeys on the mountain behind Huoyunzong.

But the only difference between Zhu Yan and them is that a few inches long unicorn is born on his forehead!

Zhu Yan's single horn is promoted with the improvement of the realm. To see the strength of a Zhu Yan, it is only necessary to look at the horn. Now that he is in the cub period, the single horn is only a few inches long.

"Your unicorn is a bit obtrusive. If it is easily seen by someone, it will be Zhu Yan! It will bring endless trouble!" Zhao Yuande wrinkled his brow and pondered.

"Let me have a set of armor here, you can try it on!"

Zhao Yuande didn't know who got a set of armor from his storage space. Although the defense is not very strong, the appearance is cool.


Zhu Yan took over the armor and was somewhat repulsive at first, but after wearing it, he felt very comfortable.

"You take care of it! Powerful and domineering!" Zhao Yuande was very satisfied with the image of Zhu Han. He pointed to the river and asked it to see for himself.


Zhu Yan looked at the reflection in the water, and immediately screamed with satisfaction.

"This is your weapon!"

Zhao Yuande took the lost euphorbia from the storage space and threw it to the other party.

Zhu Yan took the euphorbia, waved it hard, and screamed again with satisfaction!

"Haha, you will be my first general in the future! You don't have a name, so I'll give you a name, it's...Broken sky!" Zhao Yuande thought of the name of the next strong man in his previous life. The person is called Zhang Potian.

He was a man of great affection and justice. When Zhao Yuande was still a **** emperor, he was chased and killed by the enemies. As a result, Zhang Potian was swearing to death, and he escaped his life.

Zhang Potian is the person he feels most sorry for, and he will definitely repay him in this life!

"Broken sky!" Zhu Yan made a nondescript human voice, but Zhao Yuande felt excitement and excitement from it.

"Go, let's go!"

Zhao Yuande's big hand continued to head towards the upper reaches of the Nether Blood River.

The sky was wearing full body armor, and the male vigorously followed behind him, waving the euphorbia in his hand continuously.

But how do you think this guy uses this euphorbia as a stick!