Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1561

Chapter 1561: Torn Face

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"Brother Hongyun! You are here!" Emperor Fengshen and Emperor Qingyue stepped forward.

"The two Hongyuns are courteous! Brother Zhumo hasn't seen her style for hundreds of years!" This is called the Emperor of Hongyun Immortal, the ancestor of the immortal emperor on the bright side of Xianhong City. He looks kind and kind. A very kind feeling.

All the people in Xianhong City also hurried over, and some stood in fear and respect to Emperor Hongyun to salute him respectfully.

They knew that although this immortal emperor looked very amiable, but they were very uncomfortable, so they were all a bit afraid.

"Brother Hongyun!" Zhu Mo Xiandi nodded slightly,

"Tianhong, don't hurry to apologize to Zhumo Brother!" The Emperor Hongyun gave Tian Tianxianjun a foot around him, kicked him in a stagger, and knelt down directly in front of the Emperor Zhumo.

"I'm sorry Senior Demon! I'm wrong, I'll confess to you!" Tian Hong Xianjun this depressed, don't say this suffocation!

But the situation is stronger than people, and he can only bow his head to make a guilt in front of this powerful existence!

"Forget it! You've passed my level!" Zhu Mo Xiandi nodded, smiled helplessly at Hongyun Xiandi, and turned his attention to Zhao Yuande.

"Why? Isn't Brother Zhumo still the master of a disciple of Sun's family? Or you didn't plan to end this at all!" Emperor Hongyun's face looked a little ugly, "Is there any request that is not as good as you say, I want to kill Brother was not such a mother-in-law before!"

"This..." Zhu Moxian Emperor was really embarrassed. He couldn't just tell Zhao Yuande's true identity. He couldn't help but look at Zhao Yuande again.

"Sir Emperor Immortal, don't be embarrassed, I will never forget it at this time! I was attacked by someone, or I was attacked by someone while I was fighting in Xifengzhou. This is just such an easy pass, it is impossible. This not only chilled my heart, but also a lot of hearts that came to resist the demons!" Zhao Yuande looked at several fairy emperors without fear, and first grasped the great righteousness in his own hands.

He didn't even say that the other party was a Demon Race, but opened the skylight to speak brightly. He wanted to see what the other party would answer!

"You are so bold and dare to dare to be brazen in front of the immortal emperors!" Tianhong Xianjun felt that his ancestor was here at this time, and he burned a lot of scruples.

"I didn't ask you! You are not worthy of talking to me!" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at each other, and then looked at the four fairy emperors again!

"You... you really have no respect for the elders. With this alone, the immortal emperors will be able to cut you directly!" Tianhong Immortal Jun intentionally viciously wanted to arouse the anger of these immortal emperor strong men.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande snorted and waved as if catching a fly.

Tian Tianxianjun's face suddenly turned red! The whole person rushed to the crown in anger, and the seven holes were spraying out the flames of anger outwards. At this time, if there was no immortal emperor present, he slapped the other party with a slap.

"Boy! You are too rampant! Don't think you can be brazen if you have this demon brother supporting you. Believe it or not, I have to fight with you and you must kill you with your own hands!" Hongyun Immortal Emperor finally couldn't help it! , It is necessary to rush to kill Zhao Yuande directly.

"The ancestors can't!" Tianyi Xianjun beside him hurriedly said, "This person's mysterious origin is very likely to have a very big origin. The ancestor must think twice!"

"What is he's identity?" No matter how stupid Hongyun Immortal knew, there was really a backer behind Zhao Yuande, but he just thought that he was a magic demon emperor, but he didn't expect that Heavenly Immortal Emperor would say such a thing.

"He is..." Tianyi Xianjun told his ancestors what he knew, without daring to hide it!

"Suspected reincarnation of the universe? The nether boy coming out of the twelve ascendant city?" Hongyun Immortal frowned, and then the soul covered Zhao Yuande and began to carefully check whether Zhao Yuande had any marks left by Zhou. Of course, nothing was found.

"Maybe he provoked too many people, and the guardian that Zhou has given him has run out! Now Zhou may have ignored him!" Emperor Hongyun soon came to this conclusion.

"There is only such an explanation!" Tianyi Xianjun also nodded.

"If that's the case, what else are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the demon scumming? Don't forget, my Xianhong City is not only my ancestor, it's annoying me. I invite the one out directly to ensure stable suppression. Live him!" Emperor Hongyun finally made his decision.

The imperial fairy emperor on the side watched the change of Hongyun fairy emperor's complexion, knowing that he was communicating with the **** of heaven.

He turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande, but he saw that the other party had given his peace of mind, and suddenly a dangling heart was put down.

Obviously, the other party already knows what he wants, so he no longer has to worry about it, simply let the other party love how to make trouble!

"Zhumo Brother! This son has great disrespect for my Xianhongcheng, give me a face, and hand him over to me!" Hongyun Xiandi turned his eyes to Zhumo Xiandi, his face showing a cold killing intent.

"Huh! How can my Sun's disciples turn to your Xianhong City to deal with it, are you demonstrating to me?" Zhu Mo Xiandi could not let Zhao Yuande have an accident under his own hand, otherwise he could not afford it.

"Brother Demon! For a junior, there is no need to make trouble for you and me!" Emperor Hongyun tried to persuade each other, he really didn't want to offend this one.

"No!" Emperor Zhumo waved his hand.

"It's really a fairy emperor! Obviously it was your Xianhongcheng who attacked me first, but now I have to deal with me, huh! It's ridiculous. At first, I was blind and let Xiao Yu invest in your Xianhongcheng!" Zhao Yuande Seeing Hongyun Immortal Emperor sneer again and again, did not fear because the other party is the Immortal Emperor!

"Junior looking for death!" Emperor Hongyun was furious, and an invisible terror force instantly backlogged to Zhao Yuande.

"Indiscriminate!" Zhu Moxian Emperor flicked his sleeves, directly dissolving this force, and then brought Zhao Yuande directly to himself.

"Demon! Are you really going to be an enemy of my Xianhong City?" Hongyun Xiandi roared angrily, "I'll block this old thing, you cut me this kid!"

Immortal Emperor Hongyun was really angry, and he rushed towards the Demon Immortal Emperor, and his mouth was roaring again and again!

Facing an immortal emperor to impersonate the imperial emperor, he didn't dare to carelessly, but he left a little real spirit beside Zhao Yuande, but fortunately saved him in a crisis.

At this time, the other two immortal emperors shook their heads helplessly. They didn't want to get involved, but they could only let them fight, and they were just watching.

With the orders of the ancestors, everyone else in Xianhong City rushed towards Zhao Yuande with a hula.