Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562:

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And Tianyi Xianjun's body shivered, and the ancestors ordered them to dare not respect them, and could only shoot Zhao Yuande with a scalp.

"Where is the uncle's family!" At this moment, Uncle Ba shouted and rushed to Zhao Yuande to protect him first.

"Here!" Hundreds of dozens of disciples from the uncle's family also ran over.

"We were all rescued by Brother Zhao. If we want to kill Brother Zhao, let's kill us first!" More than a dozen people rescued by Zhao Yuande were all gathered at this time.

"Brother Qian, what are you still doing, come out and do it!" Uncle Tai shouted again into the palace.

"What's the matter? Did it happen?" The old black-faced man walked out of the palace and was immediately frightened by the big battle in front of him!

"Don't worry about that much, protect the little brother!" Uncle Tai overbearing.

"I'm here too!" A beautiful figure in the sky fell. It was the middle-aged beautiful woman. She even survived the Thunder Tribulation and broke through the fairy land.

"Do you guys also want to die?" Tian Hong Xianjun looked at the opposite of the three Xianjun early, he could not help but sarcasm.

"Tianhong, don't underestimate us!" The middle-aged beautiful woman is most indifferent. I don't know when there is a small tower with a golden light flashing in the hand. The small tower emits a divine light and trusts the middle-aged woman. In hand, it gives a feeling of tranquility and peace.

"Qipin Xianbao Town Demon Tower!" Tianhong Xianjun's face suddenly changed, " and Jiuyao Immortal Emperor..."

"That's my husband!" The middle-aged beautiful woman held a small tower with a faint smile on her face, and she didn't even face the consciousness of a strong fairy peak.

Because the Zhenyao tower in her hand is a seven-grade fairy treasure, among which there are nine horror monsters her husband Jun Jiuyao's emperor sealed for her, although they can't compete with the fairy emperor's strong, but they want to block Xiangtianhongxian There is no problem with people like Jun!

At this time, even the eyes of Fengshen and Qingyue looked at the middle-aged beautiful woman with a slightly surprised look.

Jiuyao Immortal Emperor is a powerful middle-level existence, but he has not heard from him in recent hundreds of years, but he did not expect to see his wife here.

"You can block me, but what about the rest of my Xianhong City?" Although Tian Hongxian's face was very ugly, he wasn't panicked.

At this time, Tianyi Xianjun and the mid-level strong man of the Xianjun have also been forced up. He can't fight against those juniors, otherwise it may really arouse the battle of several major forces, that is a joke!

"And us!" Uncle Tai and the black-faced old man came up and blocked the two.

"The two of you are mine!" The fairy middle-aged strongman greeted the uncle and the black-faced old man. The three of them instantly fought together. He even pinned the two to death.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had already been exposed to the God of Heaven.

"Zhao Yuande, I will give you a chance to apologize to our ancestors. I will try my best to help you and let the ancestors treat you lightly! It is also worthwhile for us to meet each other!" Tianyi Xianjun looked with emotion Zhao Yuande, he did not want to do this. The person in front of him that he once valued was the one he used to want to be drawn into the Xianhongcheng camp.

He didn't save the opponent just once, but he didn't expect to start attacking him now!

"Oh! God, I will give you a chance. As long as you turn around and leave, I will let you preside over Xianhong City and become the real master of Xianhong City. Xiaoyu will still stay in Xianhong City!" Zhao Yuande didn't panic. Instead, he said such a thing to Tianxian Xianjun.

This is the last chance he gave Tianyi Xianjun. As long as the other party grasps it well, he can still get huge benefits.

"You... Hey! In this case, I can't help you either. Although you are a genius, even more so than Xiang Mo, but you are the enemy of Xianhong City, and you must not stay!" Tianyi old man said finally, his face Finally revealed his intention to kill.

He raised his hand and shot towards Zhao Yuande. It was only a matter of killing Zhao Yuande with his cultivation base. The other party had no power to resist at all.

"Dare you, Heavenly Fairy..." The roar of Uncle Tai's roar came from not far away.

"God, you stop me..." A figure beside Zhao Yuande appeared, it was a true spirit left by Zhu Mo Xian Di.

"Suppress me!" There was a large seal in the hands of the old man of Tianyi, and he shot directly towards the true spirit of the imperial fairy emperor.

Dayin is magnificent and exudes terrifying pressure, which makes everyone around him feel a powerful pressure.

"This Fangtong Tianyin is a Sixth-grade Immortal Treasure, enough to suppress a true spirit!" Once the intention to kill in Tianxian Xianjun's heart, he did not hesitate and went all out!

"Not yet, do you have to wait for me to collect the body?" At this time, Zhao Yuande was drinking somewhere in the void.

"Haha!" Shuangliang burst into laughter.

Suddenly everyone felt a bright star light shining between heaven and earth. A huge star seemed to be drilled out of the void all at once, and it was suppressed directly towards the heavenly fairy fairy.

"What!" Tianyi Xianjun felt a terrible coercion coming from above his head, and his face suddenly changed, and Da Yin, who had originally suppressed the true spirit, backhanded and slammed towards the huge star.


There was a loud noise, and the heavenly fairy fairy seemed to be a meteor flying by a huge star, and the big seal in his hand almost flew out.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was surrounded by a big man with a smile on his face.

"Uncle Master, are you okay!" Dahan is the picker Dong Haichuan.

"It's okay, it's time you came!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, and his face really showed relief.

He was worried about the safety of Zhao Yuande, so he also came to Xifengzhou. Zhao Yuande also learned later. It was inevitable that he was moved and felt unnecessary.

But I didn't expect the other party to come in handy so quickly!

"You... who are you?" Tianyi Xianjun then turned back again, looking at Zhao Yuande and Dong Haichuan, and could not help revealing a gloomy face.

Since he decided to do it, he decided to tear his face with the other party, but he didn't expect to kill a strong man halfway.

And he felt very incredible, he was clearly the pinnacle of the fairy king, and he still had six grades of fairy treasure in his hand, but he was still instantly defeated by the other party. Who is this person?

"Dong Haichuan!" Dong Haichuan looked at Tianyi Xianjun, with a sneer on his face, "Don't you fear that the Xianhong City in your area would murder my little uncle?"

"You... who the **** are you?" Tianyi Xianjun suddenly felt very bad.