Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563: Clearance

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"Several Immortal Emperors, don't hurry up! Do you want what happened here?" Dong Haichuan was too lazy to look at Tianyi Immortal, but turned to look at Fengshen and Qingyue. .

Feng Shenxian looked at Dong Haichuan and felt that this person seemed familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had seen each other.

But at this time, he found out that the other party was scolding himself, and his face suddenly changed, but he just wanted to speak out, but he felt that the sky did not know when it was dark.

He looked up and saw a magnificent palace in the sky!

An unimaginable horror coercion came from the palace, and the repressed Sifangtianyu shivered.

"This is...Bapin Xianbao Xuanqing Hall of the Eight Kings Palace in Xifengzhou!" Fengshen's face suddenly changed, he suddenly looked at Dong Haichuan, his fingers trembling and pointed at him, "Pick the star!"

The three characters of the star picker came out, and the heavenly **** fairy opposite suddenly seemed to be hit hard with a hammer on his head! The body staggered and nearly fell.

He finally remembered it, and he got an information from Zhao Yuande. When Zhao Yuande was married, many strong men from the eight palaces in the lower realm went to congratulate them, and the other party didn't move towards each other.

The identity of this star picker is known throughout the fairyland. It is the fourth generation of disciples in Bajing Palace. Although he is only a strong fairy, he is a brother, even a nephew, and many of his disciples are fairy emperors. Powerful presence!

His name is Uncle Zhao Yuande, which shows that Zhao Yuande's position in the Bajing Palace...

Tianyi Xianjun finally understands why the other party is so determined and why so calm!

Because they have confidence, because they are simply the big people in the Bajing Palace, they are the big people they can't provoke!

"Yes! Master Xiandi is really a noble thing for many nobles. We met with our senior brothers ten years ago, but we didn't expect to forget me so soon!" Dong Haichuan's face only sneered.

"The Sun Emperor is also here?" The Wind God Emperor looked at the huge palace in the sky carefully, and couldn't help asking.

"Don't be wordy, clean up everyone immediately! Otherwise, if this matter comes into the ears of some people with ulterior motives, it may be harmful to your fairyland!" Dong Haichuan said.

"Good!" Fengshen Immortal Emperor no longer hesitated, and the Qingyue Immortal Emperor were all directly in a big sleeve, as if the wind rolls over the clouds, all the disciples under the Immortal Monarch Realm, even those battleships, swept into two. In the human inner world.

The people who were still in the fierce battle had completely stopped at this time. There was no way that the pressure from the huge palace was too strong. They all felt a force that made them tremble.

That was the strong man of the late Immortal Emperor, except for the Peerless Immortal Emperor, who was basically invincible. The strong man of the Immortal Realm could almost count with his fingers.

Every time Immortal Emperor is promoted by one level, it seems to have crossed a huge trench. The gap between the front and the back is really too big. If you want to be like the Demon Immortal Emperor, you can achieve the peak of the early Immortal Emperor and you can fight the middle of the Immortal Emperor. Again.

The late Emperor Emperor in front of them, the early strong Emperor Emperor, is simply the difference between heaven and earth, which can be crushed at will.

Now that this kind of existence is coming, do they dare to let go?

"Which is the strong man? What happened? Why..." The Hongyun Immortal Emperor, who was just like crazy, quietly came to the Wind God Immortal Emperor and asked carefully.

"I don't know!" Emperor Fengshen already knew that this guy was going to be out of luck at this time. How could he tell him more? Just ask him three times.

Emperor Hongyun's face was gloomy. He had already felt a very unpleasant feeling, as if Xianhong City was about to hit the corner.

Tianhong and the middle-aged strong man of the fairy monarch, seeing his ancestor's face look bad, suddenly flew to the side of Hongyun fairy emperor, with enquiries in his eyes.

At this time, Heavenly Fairy Fairy, with his face full of death, only he knew what was going to happen, only his heart was filled with endless remorse.

If he was able to promise Zhao Yuande's last request just now, this is no longer the case!

The Emperor Zhu Moxian saw Dong Haichuan at once, and his face suddenly burst into a smile.

Dong Haichuan smiled at him when he saw Zhuxian Xiandi, seeming to be very satisfied with his performance.

Zhu Mo Xiandi did not talk much, but came quietly to Zhao Yuande's side and stood silently.

Uncle Tai, black-faced old man, middle-aged and beautiful woman also lost their opponents, and came to Zhao Yuande's side in doubt.

"Little brother, is this?" Uncle Tai looked at Dong Haichuan. He felt that although the other party was only a fairy, he was extremely powerful, even comparable to the weaker fairy emperor.

"Oh! My teacher's nephew!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the three.

He was also very grateful to these three people. Under the disadvantage, he still stood without hesitation to block the strong men in Xianhong City. They are a group of strong men who can make friends.

It is in response to that sentence that things gather together in groups and groups, and Tai Shuba's character is bold and loyal, and the people they associate with are probably of this character.

"Thank you all my uncles who took care of me!" Dong Haichuan nodded slightly at the three, with a kind smile on his face.

"It's okay, we're all good friends, and little...cough...for us, are we the kind of people who don't know what to do!" Tai Shuba also called Zhao Yuande a little brother, but he was hard Stopped lively.

The other party is more powerful than them, but he is Zhao Yuande's nephew, and he is called Zhao Yuande's little brother. This is not just a generation higher than others!

"Okay! Anyway, we have different opinions! The three of you should not be so constrained." Zhao Yuande naturally knew their concerns and smiled, "My teacher and nephew are very good, and I will not care about you because of this little thing."

"Oh! Uncle Xiao said right!" Dong Haichuan smiled, and he didn't care.

Everyone greeted a few words, and Dong Haichuan also felt that Taishuba and others were very temperamental, and could not help but feel a lot of goodwill towards them, and began to call their brothers up.

Emperor Fengshen and Emperor Qingyue at this time felt that the atmosphere was a little weird. They felt something clogged in their chests, which was very uncomfortable.

Emperor Fengshen carefully glanced at the huge palace in the sky and leaned over to smile at Dong Haichuan, saying, "Brother Dong, I don't know..."

Seeing that the Wind God Immortal Emperor turned out to be an immortal monarch, and also called the other brother, the face of Hongyun Immortal Emperor changed suddenly.

He now has an urge to turn around, and the sense of crisis in his heart is getting stronger and stronger.