Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564: Nothing More

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"Hey! Brother, are you still on the shelf? Don't hurry down and see Uncle Xiao!" Dong Haichuan suddenly shouted at the huge palace in the sky at this time.


A light cough came from the palace in the sky.

At the next moment, the huge palace disappeared, and a middle-aged man with a tall and majestic figure who was taller than everyone present was left in front of Zhao Yuande.

Although he tried his best to suppress the power in his body, the terror power that escaped slightly still swept the world like a wild wave.

Almost everyone, at this time can not help but shake his body, his face showed a terrified look.

Of course, this breath did not pass to Zhao Yuande.

"I have seen Xiaoshi Uncle! She just didn't come to visit Uncle Shi for the first time because of his identity. Please also ask him not to blame!" The tall and magnificent middle-aged man bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, respectfully salute.


Everyone took a breath of air!

As soon as the word "Sun" came out, everyone's heart shivered.

Although several immortal emperors had already guessed that this person was Sheri Immortal Emperor, but now the other party showed up so much, their identity was revealed, and their bodies were still shaking.

Especially Hongyun Immortal Emperor, in this case, his body looked like a pendulum, and his face was pale and bloodless.

He finally understood why the imperial fairy emperor would protect the kid without any care, because the other party already knew his identity!

Tianhong, and the middle-aged strong man of the fairy monarch, were so frightened that the strong man in the state of the majestic fairy monarch fell to the ground directly!

Only Heavenly Fairy Fairy, at this time, with remorse on his face, stood there indifferently!

"Oh! Don't need to be more polite!" A strong man in the late Emperor Emperor called his uncle, Zhao Yuande always felt a little uncomfortable, and quickly waved his hand to make the other party not to be polite.

"Well, Brother Uncle is not that kind of stingy, you are here to support the scene, let Master Uncle speak now!" Dong Haichuan saw Zhao Yuande's uncomfortableness and hurriedly took a look at the Emperor Sheri .

"Oh! The following things, please ask Master Uncle to decide!" Sheri Xiandi naturally feels strange.

It's just a matter of Dong Haichuan's younger brother, who doesn't know the size. Now there is another younger uncle who is taller than him. If the other party really takes the uncle's shelf, he really has a headache.

Now it seems that the other party is not that kind of person, which makes him feel relieved a lot.

"Oh! Since that is the case, then I will revisit the old thing!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone in Xianhong City with a smile, "When I was fighting against the giant apes of the Demon Realm, your Tianhong City's indifference attacked me, What should we do at this time?"

"What! Someone dared to sneak attack on Uncle Xiao, you gangs are too courageous, who stood up for me and saw me not slapping him!" Dong Haichuan heard this and couldn't help pointing at the immortal The direction of Hongcheng glared at him.

Even the Emperor Sheri frowned slightly at this moment.

Uncle Xiao was attacked by someone, and now it's okay. If something really happened on his site, would his master spare him?

You have to know that this person, who is actually a disciple of Zhang Ling's ancestors, has an extraordinary status.

Otherwise, how could he be so respectful with his late cultivation of the Immortal Emperor!

"Okay! Let's talk about reason first!" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"Yes!" Dong Haichuan shut up immediately.

"This... this is definitely a misunderstanding, definitely a misunderstanding, you brother, let's get rid of it first!" Emperor Hongyun still has the majestic momentum of just now, and he is constantly wiping his forehead with cold sweat, the body is more It was a little trembling.

"Hmph! Brother! You call me Uncle Brother Shi!" Sheri Xiandi snorted coldly, and his anger was more exasperated.

"No... Senior, Senior, this one..." Emperor Hongyun was almost fainted by this cold hum, and he was already incoherent!

At this time, Taishuba they have been dumbfounded, this little brother is too good!

There is even a nephew of a strong man in the late Emperor Emperor, which is simply superb!

They never imagined that an immortal emperor might be scared like this. It seems that tens of thousands of years of talks will come!

"Humph! Misunderstanding! This is not a misunderstanding at all!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly and turned to look at Tianyi Xianjun Road, "Tianyi Xianjun, you know the cause and effect of the truth, let's talk about it! This is me Zhao Yuande Its your fault, its your Xianhongcheng who is bullying too much!"

"I...I..." Tianyi Xianjun I have been for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth, "This matter is entirely caused by the light rain, in fact, you and Xiang Mo are just a dispute of will... but Xiang Mo was Tianhong Chong is indulged, so he did this kind of thing."

"Is the dispute between spirits and feelings? You Xianhong City is too domineering! Xiao Yu is my good friend, like a sister! At that time I thought you were a good person, so I entrusted her to you and let her follow You come to Immortal Realm! You must know that I was giving you the opportunity to give you the opportunity of Xianhong City..." Zhao Yuande's face showed indignation.

"But I didn't expect my good intentions for a while to have made this kind of mistake! If I guess well, you are going to marry Xiao Yu to Xiang Mo!" Zhao Yuande looked at Tianyi Xianjun.

" have this meaning!" Tianyi Xianjun nodded hard. "I am only for the safety of Xianhong City. I just want to make Xianhong City stronger and I just want Xianjie One." The battle between the veins and our lower realm is over!"

"Shut up! I don't care what you do, Xiaoyu is my friend. Can you sacrifice Xiaoyu for these? Is it possible to sacrifice the happiness of such a good girl's life? Speaking of it, you are just a selfish person!" Zhao Yuande was angry Drink a sound.

"It's too late to say anything now, you say it! Want to do this?" Tianyi Xianjun silenced and gritted his teeth.

"Actually, what I asked earlier was very simple, only to deal with the people who attacked me, and that's all!" Zhao Yuande mocked, "but you are for such a person, not... such a garbage... Born to kill me, To kill me and then quickly! You say, what should I do to you!"

"Tianyi! did you tell us these things earlier! You wouldn't have said this kind of thing!" Tianhong Xianjun looked at Tianyi Xianjun with a trembling voice at this time, his face exposed The color of anger.

"Huh! Tianhong, you still blame me! When I went to see you, what did you say, anyway, Mo'er won't lose money! Bah, your Mo'er dragged us into the bottomless abyss, this kind of garbage I It was time to shoot him with a palm!" Tianyi Xianjun's face showed regret.