Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567: Genius

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"Am I that kind of person?" Zhao Yuande showed a serious look on his face.

"Haha! Let me tell the few guys about this good show..." Uncle Tai rushed out of the palace excitedly, and disappeared as soon as he slipped away!

Zhao Yuande smiled, but did not care.

Although 800 million is not a small number for him, these people still did not choose to leave or fall under the disadvantage of that kind of situation, but instead guarded themselves around themselves. This kind of friendship, let alone eight Even if there is more than 100 million, he will be embarrassed to ask for it!

Time passed quickly, Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang grew up quickly in the battle.

Another half month passed, and Sun Yang finally entered the late stage of Divine Emperor Realm in a battle of life and death!

And Zhao Yuande didn't have the ability to suppress his own realm, even he entered the late stage of Divine Emperor Realm successively!

Both faces are filled with excited smiles, this time can already start to try to impact the realm of God Emperor!

The source of gold and the heart of ice prepared by Zhao Yuande can help shock the realm of the **** emperor.

The Zhumo Patriarch also prepared materials for Sun Yang.

"I happen to have a delicacy here, which can increase our chances of being promoted to the realm of God Emperor. After I finished making, we will start to attack the realm of God Emperor!" Zhao Yuande took out the gluttonous true spirit tripod and took out a lot of materials.

Sun Yang was delighted, and immediately began to help Zhao Yuande to deal with various materials, and the technique was quite skilled.

Soon the two began to advance to the realm of God!

Zhao Yuande chose the heart of ice, because he just happened to complete the practice of the glacier hand. If he comprehends the ice together, the power of the glacier hand will become more powerful!

Time passed quickly, but the progress of the two was also very rapid.

Zhao Yuande has the experience of the previous life, with the aid of food, so the cultivation to the God Emperor Realm is a matter of course!

When the Heaven Tribulation was about to land, he temporarily suppressed the Heaven Tribulation.

This promotion, his real combat effectiveness has not increased much, because his greatest combat strength is his physical body. This promotion of the realm has little effect on the promotion of the physical body.

So he was not too happy, it was just a necessary process of promotion.

Seeing that Sun Yang hadn't moved yet, Zhao Yuande began to make food again.

This time the gourmet effect is to enhance the strength of the flesh!

He began to silently prepare for the promotion of the sixth floor of the Heavenly Eucharist.

According to the previous experience, if you want to be promoted to five stars and want to compete with the powerhouses of the fairy kingdom, you need to be promoted to the sixth layer of the Heavenly Body!

Although he already has the material to open the fifth star, he can start at any time! But he did know that even if it starts now, and no matter how good the effect is, it is impossible to enter the five stars.

Just like before, there is a layer of flesh. His flesh is not strong enough to carry such strong power, so the fifth star will not be turned on.

Therefore, he is still entering a stage of accumulation now. He wants to accumulate continuously, constantly strengthen the flesh, and increase the strength of the flesh as much as possible.

Sun Yang's breakthrough was not as simple as Zhao Yuande's. It was only when Zhao Yuande ate the fifth meal on his belly that Sun Yang's eyes gradually opened.

The thunder above his head also began to boom.

"I went to the robbery!" Sun Yang hurried out of the palace and flew toward the distant mountains.

The Sun family is very well prepared for Sun Yang, and at this time the eyes of the evil demon emperor will definitely be projected on him, so Zhao Yuande, Sun Yangs crossing, is not worried at all.

He is still making food, eating food, and so on!

This is countless times faster than absorbing immortal qi and refining the flesh, which is safer and more reliable than taking immortality medicine, so there is no need to worry, he only needs to worry about whether his fairy jade is enough!

According to the current process, Zhao Yuande roughly estimated that there should be 3 billion top-grade fairy jade to support his promotion to the sixth layer of the Huntian Eucharist!

However, this is not simply a problem with immortal jade, but also requires a lot of time, because each time it takes to prepare a gourmet meal, it takes several hours, and the more advanced the ingredients, the more time is spent.

In addition, the spiritual power in his body is vast, and the soul is no longer powerful. When it is exhausted, all your materials before making gourmet foods need to be purified by the swallowing vortex in his body to remove impurities.

The operation of the engulfing vortex needs to consume both spiritual power and soul power, so after making it for a period of time, he needs to recover.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Zhao Yuande may get a new recipe, maybe the time required will be shorter!


Time passed in a hurry, another ten days passed!

The fairy war is getting more intense!

The demon attack is even crazier, and from time to time many powerful demon warriors appear.

The killing was originally an evenly matched battle. In this respect, the fairy world began to retreat!

Zhao Yuande knows that this is the demon geniuses have arrived!

Many geniuses are mixed in the vast army, and the killing fairy world is defeated!

The warship of Taishuba naturally encountered this kind of demon genius, but under Zhao Yuandes men, it was simply not enough to watch. These days, he continuously cut seven or eight powerful demon clan, so that their battleship won the majority. , And even the other party no longer sends Demon Geniuses to attack this direction.

However, the front of the fairyland is too long. It is just that this place wins and has no effect at all.

Therefore, after an unprecedented battle with blood flowing into the river, the fairy emperor and the elder emperor of the demon world finally met!

The final result of the discussion was that the fairy realm retreated 10,000 miles, and then the fairy demon and the two realms were temporarily suspended for fifteen days.

Fifteen days later, there was no such large-scale melee, but the geniuses of the two realms were used to decide the victory.

There are fifteen people in the fairyland and the demon world, each divided into fifteen games. Among them, there are five people under the fairyland, ten people above the fairyland, and ten people above the fairyland. They are also divided into five people in the fairyland and five people in the fairyland. !

Each battle determines the ownership of a large city in Xifengzhou and the territory of 10 million miles in the fairyland. If the fairyland loses all, it will lose one third of the territory of Xifengzhou, and if the devil world loses, Will withdraw troops.

This news has been heard, and a huge wave was suddenly set off. Many major forces in Xifengzhou all protested!

If the Devil Realm is really established in Xifengzhou, I am afraid that there will not be fewer battles later, and the silence of Xifengzhou will be broken in an instant.

Of course, there are a small number of people who agree with it. Without the oppression of the demon world, how could these young people in the fairy world rise!

Of course, whether it agrees or disagrees, this has no effect on the final result!

Because this is the decision of the Central Immortal Palace, no one can change it.