Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568: An Xiaoyun

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After Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang knew the matter, they could not help showing a dignified color on their faces.

But then there was news again that ten of the top 20 people had arrived in Xifengzhou. Among the top ten, there were third, fifth, sixth, ninth, and fifteenth.

Each of these people is a peerless genius, cultivated by the exhaustion of the central fairyland!

"Brother Zhao, what do you think at this time?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande and wanted to see how he would react when he knew that the people here would come.

"Look at the fun!" Zhao Yuande grinned. "Anyway, it has nothing to do with us. The Sun family is in Baihezhou. Even if Xifengzhou is given to the Demon Race, it will not affect Baihezhou."

"Brother Zhao, you really are..." Sun Yang reluctantly shook his head. "We are all people in the fairy world. If the fairy world loses, we have no light on our faces!"

"Why, do you still want me to play?" Zhao Yuande smiled. "You know, although I defeated Ling Tianxiao, and got the name of 62 in the personal list, but the group of immortal emperors in the Central Immortal Territory didn't even treat me. In my eyes, even if I want to go up, there is no place!"

"Haha! Brother Zhao, do you have grievances?" Sun Yang chuckled and saw the dissatisfaction in Zhao Yuande's heart.

Sun Yang naturally knows how powerful Zhao Yuande is, and I am afraid that there should be no problem in entering the top five of the list. Now such a peerless genius is left aside, and the depression in my heart can be imagined.

"Forget it! I still earn my immortal jade quickly! Only to increase the power is the right way!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand away from this issue, "Anyway, there will be no war for half a month, and soon I will start auctioning me 'S drunk dream wine, we might as well go to Tongtian City to take a look!"

"Good! I have heard about the name of Tongtian City for a long time. It is said that this city was built by an ancient immortal country. The purpose is to leave the heavens and the world and enter a higher plane space! It is said that the sky tower is hundreds of thousands of feet. At this time, it was still standing tall in the middle of the city, and now it has become a landmark in Xifengzhou." Sun Yang's eyes lit up when he heard Zhao Yuande's suggestion.

"I also rescued early to look at the Tongtian Tower!" Zhao Yuande looked forward to his face and got up and left!

Although they still belong to the disciples on the battleship, but Uncle Pa heard that they were going to Tongtian City, they agreed without any hesitation, and asked to go together!

Zhao Yuande knew this guy was going to the black-faced old man to discuss his drunk dreams.

The three immediately set off, teleported through several teleportation arrays, and finally as soon as they emerged from the teleportation array, they saw a huge majestic tower standing in front of them.

This giant tower covers an area of thousands of miles, and each floor is as high as a thousand feet. A thick, ancient, and vast atmosphere is passed from the tower, giving people only one feeling, that is, they are too small. !

"Is this the Tongtian Tower? I don't know if the top can really lead to a higher space!" Sun Yang looked up at the Tongtian Tower and murmured in his mouth.

"If I can climb to the top of the tower, I don't know what's on it?" Zhao Yuande's face was yearning.

"The two of you are too low, and you don't even know the true secret of this skylight tower!" The uncle overbearing on the side said, "In fact, this skylight tower is one of the most dangerous places in Xifengzhou. The sea, Cangyuan and become the three major restricted areas!"

"Are there any dangers in the Tongtian Tower?" Zhao Yuande heard the words of Uncle Ty, and suddenly came to the spirit!

"Good! Outside the first floor, each floor is in danger. If you can reach the first ten floors under Fairy Realm, it is the limit, while Fairy Emperor Realm can break into the 20th floor. There is a fairy in the legend. The Emperor and the Emperor fell into the 21st floor, and it was the late Emperor Emperor. He was promoted to the Super Emperor's Super Power in one step!" Uncle Tai is overbearing.

"Then how many floors are there in the sky tower? What's the danger? Is there any fierce beast entrenched in it?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"The hundreds of millions of people who have died in it for hundreds of millions of years cannot be reborn. They are transformed into ghosts and cultivated in them. These ghosts can take away the living and even have the memories of these living, so I advise you not to go in, If you cant get in, you wont be yourself after you come out!" Tai Shuba said, her face was not pretty here, as if she had thought of something terrible.

"What's wrong? Is there something wrong?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking when he saw the other's face.

"I remembered an ancestor of my uncle's family who had entered here, and when it came out, there was something wrong! Finally I finally confirmed that this ancestor was taken away by a ghost. At that time, the ancestor was a fairy monarchy. It will be taken away by ghosts. At that time, several ancestors of the family teamed up to kill this ghost, but the ancestor could not survive anymore. Only an empty shell remained, and now I think it is terrible!" There was a bit of horror on the face of Taishu Ba, and it seemed that this matter had a deep image on him.

"The ghost inside will not come out! Let's stay away from here!" Zhao Yuande also felt a little weird.

"That can't be. This Tongtian City belongs to the sphere of influence of the Immortal Emperor Palace. The first generation of the Emperor Emperor Palace had laid down a large array of 981 layers to target the ghosts inside, and then the Central Immortal Palace. Several peerless immortal emperors have been here to help reinforce the large formation. As long as the ghosts inside do not exceed these peerless immortal emperors, they will not escape!" Uncle Tai is overbearing.

"Let's go! Let's stay away from here!" Sun Yang also listened to the creeps, pulling Zhao Yuande away.

Just at this moment, there was a burst of commotion suddenly not far away, and a large group of people walked in the direction of Tongtian Tower.

Suddenly the streets became so crowded that many people were crowded here and could not walk.

This Tongtian City has regulations that prohibit flying under the fairy king, otherwise it will be severely punished.

"What happened ahead?" Uncle Tai frowned and said to Zhao Yuande, "Little brother, let me go and see first."

"Well! Brother Uncle go first!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

In order to take care of Zhao Yuande, Taishuba did not fly, so they did not fly into the city.

Now there are many people here, and call him a strong man in the fairy monarchy with such a group of hairy boys, what kind of system.

But Taishuba came back quickly, and left after leaving a word.

"A kid who doesn't know what to do is going to break through the sky tower, and threatens not to get to the tenth floor will never come down! This kid seems to be the sixth An Xiaoyun on the list!"