Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569: The Daughter Of The Ancient Emperor

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"An Xiaoyun, Anjia An Xiaoyun? An Xiaoyun, the sixth in the list?" Sun Yang suddenly showed a bit of excitement when he heard the name.

"Why? He's so powerful?" Zhao Yuande saw Sun Yang's expression and couldn't help but grow curious on his face.

"Very powerful! It is said that as soon as this person entered the Divine Realm, he killed his opponents under the chase of two Immortal Realms. One of them was the peak of the early Immortal Realm! It was his realm three years ago and three years later. It should be the pinnacle of Divine Emperor Realm, I don't know to what extent the combat effectiveness will increase?" Sun Yang said with some admiration.

"Hey! There is someone on the scene who is more powerful than him. I have never seen you worship!" Zhao Yuande pointed to himself.

"If I don't say this, I really almost forgot. Brother Zhao, you're even worse than him!" Sun Yang's eyes lit up.

Zhao Yuande's enchantment and mystery have made him accustomed to it, even if Zhao Yuande now says that he is the first master of the hidden list, he may believe it!

"Hey, hey! What a bragging here, you can die without blowing!" The two were chatting, and a very dissonant voice came from them.

A fat young man pouted his mouth at the two, apparently listening to the words of the two and thinking that they were bragging.

"Go and go! While playing, our brothers are talking here, what are you talking about!" Sun Yang glanced at the other party and found that he was just a **** emperor's realm. He didn't expect to be so courageous.

"You two are very bullish!" Instead of fearing the two, the obese youth looked at them gloomy, "You may not know who the uncle is! Otherwise, you would not dare to talk to me like that!" "

"Who are you?" Sun Yang glanced at each other, pretending to be surprised, "You will not be... will not be... An Xiaoyun! Haha!"

"He is An Xiaoyun? I don't think it looks like that!" Zhao Yuande's mouth grew very cooperative, and his face was incredible!

The fat man thought that the other party really remembered his identity, and there was a proud expression on his face, but when Sun Yang said the words An Xiaoyun, his face suddenly became gloomy again!

"Good! The two of you dare to play tricks on me, believe it or not, I can make you unable to mix in Tongtian City!" Fatty eyes showed violent colors, staring at Zhao Yuande.

"Believe in believing, you have to say something quickly so that we can't stay here! Hurry up, I can't wait any longer!" Sun Yang showed Tao Kan on his face.

Even if the other party really has any background strength, he can't show it now. Now, in such a crowded scene, he can't squeeze in even if he wants to be called!

Of course, unless he has the ability to call the fairy king strong to support him, but this is obviously impossible.

Just as the fat man was about to get angry, there was a cry of exclamation in the distance.

"Come! Come! He is coming!"

In front of the entrance of Tongtian Tower, many people involuntarily gave way.

A young man in a white robe, elegant and gentle like a teacher, is slowly walking towards the Tiantian Tower.

Many people can't help seeing this elegant young man with a color of worship in their eyes. What's more, many girls have the love of red fruit in their eyes.

"An Gongzi, I love you!"

"Love, you accept me! I am willing to follow you!"

"An Gongzi, my family has land and land..."

"I'm going to have a monkey for you..."


A scream of a woman came from all directions, sharp as if it could tear the eardrum.

Many cultivators can't help frowning.

"Screaming for anything! Could An Gongzi look at your gang of vulgar fans?"

"That's right! An Gongzi's fiancee is the daughter of an ancient god!"

"An Gongzi..."


Many men feel extreme and envious.

"The daughter of the ancient god? What's going on?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt something bad.

In this fairyland, besides Yi Menggui, there are people who are also the daughters of ancient gods?

"It seems that it's really a countryman, you don't even know this." The fat man who was squeezed not far away heard Zhao Yuande's words, and suddenly felt the time to laugh at the other party. In a mocking tone, "Who doesn't know Anjia recently formed an alliance with Yijia, a descendant of the ancient gods. In order to show sincerity, Yijia allocated the daughter of the ancient **** Xu to An Gongzi!"

When Zhao Yuande heard this, it was indeed the case. He couldn't help frowning slightly, and felt a little tricky for the first time.

On the Anjia, there is the Infinite Immortal Emperor who is one of the Eight Immortal Emperors of the Central Immortal Palace, and this An Xiaoyun is the first genius of the Anjia family. Naturally, it is very valued by the Infinite Immortal Emperor. Too.

Kill An Xiaoyun? He thinks he has this ability!

But in doing so, even if he broke his face with Anjia, if the Peerless Immortal Realm launched a fire, even the Bajing Palace might not be able to protect her.

If you just let it go, should you let Yi Menggui marry each other?

This is even more impossible!

Just when his face was gloomy, An Xiaoyun was now not far away from him.

He involuntarily used the appraisal technique.

"An Xiaoyun, the young master of the Anjia family, ranked sixth in the list of people, the peak of the God Emperor Realm, with the true Yang fairy body, the innate Taoist body..."

Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stay a little bit, this guy is a freak, the true Yang fairy body is mainly for the physical body, the congenital Taoism body is for the spiritual power, the physical body and the spiritual power are unparalleled characters, it really deserves to be able to rank In the sixth place in the list!

Zhao Yuande feels that he wants to defeat him by ordinary means, it is not very easy, the two may be evenly matched!

However, if he uses Xianbao and his powerful hole cards, he should be able to kill the opponent.

However, Zhao Yuande quickly thought of a problem, the sixth in the list is already so powerful, what about the top five?

Will they be more terrifying? Are the top three not necessarily able to overcome their own efforts?

Thinking this way, he couldn't help but feel discouraged!

I can't even defeat the genius of Immortal Realm. What else can I talk about to help the Huntian Immortal Kingdom return to the country?

"Brother Zhao! What's the matter with you? Have you been hit?" Sun Yang looked at the expression on Zhao Yuande's face and couldn't help guessing that the other party might be discouraged because of seeing a powerful genius.

He thought that Zhao Yuande could not defeat this An Xiaoyun.

"Hey! I'm a little bit worried! This is only the sixth place. If the first one appears in front of me..." Zhao Yuande sighed softly and nodded.