Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570: Enter The Sky Tower

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"Actually, Brother Zhao, dont be arrogant, you dont forget, we are just the early stage of Divine Realm now, and they are the pinnacle of Divine Realm now! Some of them are already in this order to ensure this ranking. It has stopped for five years in the realm!" Sun Yang, as the young master of the Sun family, naturally cares very much about these things, and the family will also collect such information.

So he knows very well the top ten of the list and has studied it carefully!

"Oh! You are right!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up when he heard each other's words.

Sun Yang is right. He has just entered the realm of Divine Emperor. If he can enter the peak of Divine Emperor Realm, his combat effectiveness will be further improved. It is really not difficult to defeat An Xiaoyun by that time!

And if you practiced the Heavenly Body to the sixth floor before entering the fairyland, maybe you can try to open the five stars, then the combat power is almost comparable to the strong of the fairyland, and the strength of the flesh can tear the void. , Shuttle back and forth, I am afraid that the number one person in this list is none other than myself!

Even if he enters the fairyland, this combat power can almost enter the top of the list!

After being awakened by Sun Yang in one sentence, Zhao Yuande's mood suddenly eased, and a confident smile reappeared on his face.

As the so-called authorities are obsessed with bystanders, Zhao Yuande is like this.

Although the self-confidence is now recovered, he still has to find a way to solve the problem of Yi Menggui.

He couldn't help turning his eyes to the fat man, this guy probably knew something.

"Hey! Fat, what are you looking at! Is it enviable for people's stature or for their cultivation?" Zhao Yuan German said sarcastically.

"I depend! Your kid... I don't want to trouble you, you're still up! Believe it or not, I roared, and thousands of troops came to destroy you!" The fat man's star chasing was interrupted by Zhao Yuande, blowing his beard and staring, Very unhappy looking at Zhao Yuande.

"Hurry up! I want to see what a thousand troops are? Is it a person? The name is still weird enough." Sun Yang also knew Zhao Yuande's thoughts, and immediately said to help.

"I rely! Lao Tzu remember you two guys!" The fat man was turned white by both popular eyes.

In this celestial city, he really has some strength background, no one dared to talk to him like this.

"Remember us, you don't have the guts to retaliate!" Sun Yang smirked, seeing that the other party was just a paper tiger, with some fierceness.

"Yes! You don't have the guts! It's better to tell the situation of the guidance quickly, maybe our brother will look at your intelligence, and will spare you a life!" Zhao Yuande suddenly released a powerful coercion toward The other party suppressed the past.

"" Qian Hao suddenly felt a tremendous amount of pressure coming towards him, and he shuddered and sat directly on the ground.

Although he was cultivated in the later period of the Divine Emperor Realm, but it was all taken out of drugs. He himself only cultivated in order to have a long life, and almost no one dared to move him on the back of the family background, so his Fighting power is almost zero!

Now Zhao Yuande has released a little bit of coercion, and suddenly it can't bear it.

"You... you dare to do it to me! I want to...come..." the fat man shouted!

"Fuck you, what is the poor call! Didn't you see An Gongzi coming?"

"Go away! Don't block the old lady..."

"Call again, believe it or not, I slap you to death..."


"" Qian Hao just remembered that today's Tongtian City is different from the past. Numerous cultivators from five continents swarmed in, and this earth snake couldn't hold people away!

"Speak! You know how much An Xiaoyun's marriage is. If you say it well, I will let you go. If you talk, I will let you..." Zhao Yuande gestured gently at his neck.

"You... how dare you!" Qian Hao's whole body was shaking, which was totally frightened!

"I dare not! Hey!" Zhao Yuande leaned out a palm and grabbed Qian Hao in the past.

Qian Hao suddenly felt his neck tighten, and then the person was lifted up.

"I said! I said all..." Qian Hao cried before insisting on a breathing time!

Zhao Yuande is a soul-transmitting voice, so the people around him didn't even notice what was happening here. They all focused their attention on An Xiaoyun who slowly walked towards the Tiantian Tower, thinking that this fat man was nervous and wanted to attract An Xiao Cloud's attention!

"Speak!" Zhao Yuande looked at Qian Hao, who had no bones at all, and was suddenly speechless!

"Yes!" The fat man is the kind of master who is bullying and afraid of hard. The lesson of Zhao Yuande is like a grandson.

Zhao Yuande soon learned the cause and effect of the matter!

It turned out that after the Yi family was targeted by the Han family, the ancestor Shou Yuan dried up and Yi Menggui was still unconscious, and they were anxious to find a way to recover.

As a result, they learned that there was a seven-grade fairy pill in the hands of Anjia!

The Anjia said that they can take out this Fate of Life and can help Yi Menggui to heal the injury, but there is a condition that Yi Meng should be married to An Xiaoyun after regaining consciousness!

The ancestor of the Yi family who had nowhere to go, reluctantly agreed to the matter!

At this point, the ancestor of the Yi family had more than a hundred years of Shou Yuan, and the unconscious Yimeng Gui became An Xiaoyun's fiancee!

The main purpose of An Xiaoyun's coming to this heavenly tower is also to capture a powerful ghost, and to use the special technique of Anjia to wipe out the spirit and spiritual wisdom of the ghost and become a pure crystal of the soul.

The Soul Crystal should be the means for Anjia to save Yi Menggui!

Didn't Yimengzhu take his words back? Why did the Yi family make this decision?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but meditate around him, but there was a puzzled expression on his face.

Never mind! These things have passed, and now mainly how to resolve this matter!

Anjia and himself can be regarded as somewhat fortune.

An Yunlan, Mrs. An, they are also kind to them, and this matter must be considered long...

But can the Crystal of Soul really save Yi Menggui?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning slightly. I'm afraid he could make this thing himself!

To know that the swallowing vortex in your body can almost swallow everything, it should not be difficult to swallow the hostile energy and the spiritual wisdom!

The other party can rely on this to save Yimenggui, and he certainly will do!

Zhao Yuande is a very decisive person. Since he thinks it is feasible, he will do it right away.

"Brother Sun! I will enter the Tongtian Tower too!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Sun Yang.

"What! Brother Zhao, you're crazy, that's the Tongtian Tower! Horrible ghosts will appear at any time, you... don't be so reckless!" Sun Yang suddenly scared his face when he heard Zhao Yuande's words.