Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571: Tower Guard

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"Brother Sun, you are too young to look at me! Previously, I was not interested. Now I am interested. Tongtian Tower poses no threat to me!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a confident smile.

As he said, he has the Time Immortal Palace to guard the soul of the sea gods, not to mention the first ten floors, even the ghosts in the first twenty floors can't help him!

"Brother Zhao, you have to think about it!" Sun Yang knew Zhao Yuande's character, and he couldn't persuade what he decided.

"Brother Sun, don't you know me yet? You still have no confidence in me!" Zhao Yuande smiled at him slightly.

"Also!" Sun Yang nodded.

Although they only got along for less than two years, Zhao Yuande shocked him almost every day and made him feel pleasantly surprised.

Zhao Yuande is like a bottomless abyss, so deep that people can't even see it!

"Brother Zhao is careful!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande and patted his shoulder gently.

"Okay! Rest assured! I won't delay the auction!" Zhao Yuande waved at him and strode toward the entrance of Tongtian Tower.

As soon as his powerful breath was released, the people in front of him were shocked.

In two or three steps, Zhao Yuande caught up with An Xiaoyun who was walking in the court.

Seeing Zhao Yuande rushing out of the crowd, everyone's eyes suddenly focused on him,

"What is that man going to do? Do we have to enter the Tongtian Tower?"

"Wouldn't he be crazy! Want to grab the limelight with An Gongzi?"

"I see him as a talented person, it seems that his breath is also very strong, could it be other masters in the list?"

"There is no such person in the first fifty, this person must be a sensation..."

"I think I'm going to die... and walk side by side with An Gongzi, will An Gongzi spare him?"

"Let's watch the show! See how he was killed by An Gongzi..."


Sure enough, as everyone thought, An Xiaoyun saw Zhao Yuande dare to appear beside him, and walked side by side with himself, suddenly burst into anger!

The powerful force that had been dormant in his body suddenly rushed towards Zhao Yuande as if the river had broken the bank, and he wanted to suppress him to the ground.

But immediately An Xiaoyun felt something was wrong, and that huge force fell on the other side, just like a mud bull entering the sea, and there was no response at all.

He even felt that his own strength seemed to be absorbed by the other party and became the other party's power!

This discovery made him frown slightly, he knew that the person around him was not simple.

Since he can take his own blow, he is also qualified to walk side by side with himself.

An Xiaoyun didn't want to fight at this time. Although he was very confident, he entered the Eternal Tower with many crises. Even if he didn't dare to carelessly, he had to enter in the highest state.

He didn't want to delay his entry into the Eternal Tower because of this time, so he didn't continue the temptation, but let Zhao Yuande and himself walk side by side to the entrance to the Eternal Tower.

But at this time, he also divided a part of the soul, to pay attention to this sudden person, wanting to know what the other party wants to do.

Everyone naturally felt the terrible power that broke out in An Xiaoyun just now. They thought they wanted to watch a good show!

The result was that everyone was shocked. Zhao Yuande took over the other party's power easily!

"Who the **** is this person? It looks like he is only about twenty years old, why is he so strong?"

"No wonder he dares to go out and walk side by side with An Xiaoyun, it turns out that he has strong confidence!"

"This person... this person is familiar to me... it seems to be... that person who cut Ling Tianxiao!"

"Ling Tianxiao, the 62nd person in the list? That's also a personal thing, but it's still worse than Anko!"

"Well! This person can kill Ling Tianxiao, which is also a personal thing!"

"Although Ling Tianxiao is second-rate in the list of people, but he can defeat and behead him, at least in the top 50!"

"This person is that powerful person? What is it called?"

"This person seems to be called Zhao Shixi, it seems to be a person from the Sun family of Baihezhou, even the young master of the Sun family followed him, and I heard that Zhumo Xiandi was all over him!"

"No wonder..."


Someone recognized Zhao Yuande and naturally discussed him.

And Zhao Yuande's name also came suddenly.

And An Xiaoyun naturally heard these discussions, and his face also appeared suddenly.

But for Zhao Yuande, he hasn't paid attention!

He just used 50% of his strength just now. The opponent can kill Ling Tianxiao, and it is not unusual to catch the 50% of his strength.

But soon they came to the front of the tower!

In front of the Tongtian Tower there are layers of tall stairs, carefully counted there are 36 steps, each step is ten feet high and one hundred feet wide!

It is difficult for Zhao Yuande to imagine how tall people were in the ancient kingdom of heaven. Are they also giants?

According to the calculation of the steps, the height of these people in the heavenly kingdom is at least 40 to 50 feet tall, just like the descendants of Baidi in the Baidi Palace!

On these steps, a kind of terrifying power loomed out at this time, as if a terrifying beast was lying on the ground!

Feeling the breath on these steps, Zhao Yuande couldn't help being slightly surprised. It seems that he still needs to pass a lot of tests to enter the Tongtian Tower. Ordinary people might not even dare to approach the first level!

Under the steps of the Tongtian Tower, an old man with white beards is sitting cross-legged.

The old man felt the arrival of the two, and his closed eyes opened at once, and a golden light flashed in the cloudy eyes.

"Are you going to the Tongtian Tower?" The old man's voice was low, but it gave a strong sense of oppression.

Immediately, Zhao Yuande realized that this person's cultivation should be a fairyland, and the pinnacle of fairyland!

How could such a powerful presence come here to guard the gate of Tongtian Tower?

"Senior is the tower guard! The younger Anjia Yun Xiao has seen the senior!" An Xiaoyun's face was very respectful. Obviously he knew what Zhao Yuande did not know.

"The juniors have also seen the seniors!" Zhao Yuande felt the strength of the other party. In the face of the strong men of this level, it is not bad to see them.

"Well! Both of you are good!" The old man's eyes swept back on the two of them, and there was a trace of surprise in the muddy old eyes.

An Xiaoyun of Anjia naturally heard about it, and the sixth person in the list can have this performance, which he felt was expected.

But it was Zhao Yuande who surprised him. This person's name is unknown, but he only killed a genius with a list of 62. But he didn't expect his body to be weaker than An Xiaoyun, and even more powerful!

Who is this man?