Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1572

Chapter 1572: Order 36

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The old man's eyes suddenly shot a sharp brilliance, which fell on Zhao Yuande's body and wanted to see through Zhao Yuande.

Their family, the times guard the Tongtian Tower, and there is a mysterious pupil technique in the blood lineage inheritance, which can see through the nature of people!

But when he landed on Zhao Yuande, he just felt gray in front of him, and vaguely he saw a horrible figure higher than the sky...

But at the next moment, a sudden pain came from his eyes, and a line of blood and tears came out of his eyes!

"Ah? Why is this happening?"

The old man quickly evaporated his blood and tears, but his heart seemed to set off a huge wave!

Before, he read countless people, even the fairy emperor he could see through, but did not expect to see this terrible scene in a little guy in the Divine Realm today.

There was some panic in his heart, but there was no change in his face!

When facing the old man, An Xiaoyun was very respectful and showed awe. He didn't dare to look up at the other person's eyes.

So he did not find the abnormality of the old man!

But Zhao Yuande is the ignorant and fearless, but he has been staring at the old man. He naturally sees the brilliance in the old man's eyes and the blood and tears in the corner of the old man's eyes!

He could not help frowning, what is this old guy doing? Does it have some kind of magical appraisal just like himself?

The other party will not see through his identity!

However, Zhao Yuande's worries were obviously superfluous. The old man just glanced at himself deeply and waved at the two of them.

"Go! As long as you can climb the thirty-six steps, you can enter the Tongtian Tower! But I want to warn you that you can only go to the tenth floor!" The old man's voice was indifferent.

"Yes! Thank you, Senior!" An Xiaoyun bowed respectfully and performed very well.

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande just arched slightly.

He felt that An Xiaoyun was over, but he was just a strong man guarding the Tongtian Tower. Was he so careful? You are the descendants of the immortal immortal emperor, but a person who is valued by the peerless immortal emperor!

At this time, An Xiaoyun was dissatisfied with Zhao Yuande.

This person is too ignorant of the heights of the earth, maybe this person is not a member of the big family at all, otherwise how could he not know the identity of this old man!

Don't look at this person's cultivation base is just the pinnacle of the fairy monarch, but the forces behind him make the central fairy palace a bit scared!

If Anjia alone confronted the force behind the old man, he would hit the stone with eggs!

Otherwise, how could he behave so respectfully in his identity, he walks out but represents his home and represents the infinite immortal emperor!

At this point, the two had reached the first step, and Zhao Yuande stepped up the step without any scruples!

He didn't even know what the mystery of this step was, and he didn't know what to pay attention to. He just ignored it and went directly!

Anyway, his strength is not weaker than that of An Xiaoyun. An Xiaoyun is confident that he can step onto these steps and enter the Eternal Tower, so he can naturally!

An Xiaoyun watched Zhao Yuande's reckless step to the first level, and his face could not help showing a weird look.

At this time, people who were watching from a distance could not help but boo!

They seem to have seen a fool. Although they havent entered the Tongtian Tower, they havent eaten pork and have seen pigs run, but they have seen many people enter the Tongtian Tower, knowing that they want to step on these thirty-six steps. It is easy to enter the tenth floor of Tongtian Tower!

In fact, the 36-story steps didn't have any special effect at all, only the steps!

However, in order to prevent some people from entering the Tiantian Tower, the family who guarded the Tongtian Tower later set a heavy test on these thirty-six steps.

Only those who can successfully climb the thirty-six steps are eligible to enter the Tower of Eternity!

Every ninth floor is a test, a test of four kinds, young people who can easily pass through, I am afraid that it is not the number of palms!

"Haha! Then there is such a strong first-class, this guy is probably going to be lifted off!" Someone suddenly couldn't help laughing.

"Yes, he gets on fast, I'm afraid he will get off faster!"

"He is simply a dumbfounder. The first nine steps are a kind of extreme challenge to physical strength. Each layer will improve a lot. If you don't know if you step on it, I am afraid..."

"I'm afraid it will fly out!"

"Haha! Yes, I'm afraid it will fly out of Tongtian City!"



Listening to the laughter of everyone, Sun Yang frowned.

He also knew the thirty-six stairs of the Eternal Tower, he thought that Zhao Yuande would also know, but did not expect the other party to not even know!

And now its obviously too late to remind, lets wait until he gets to the first level!

However, he is not very worried. Zhao Yuande's physical strength is beyond his imagination!

But I hope he doesn't take it too carelessly!

Zhao Yuande stepped on the first step, and immediately felt a huge anti-seismic force striking at himself. The strength of this force has far exceeded the range that ordinary practitioners can bear.

If this kind of power had been prepared for a long time, it would not affect him at all, but now it suddenly appeared and almost flew him out.

He also immediately understood why An Xiaoyun was so cautious, and knew why the boos behind him were!

But after all, he was Zhao Yuande, who practiced the holy celestial body, and itself is the chaotic holiness. Two powerful physiques superimposed together, even a fool can explode terror!

And after Zhao Yuande's cultivation of the Huntian Eucharist, not only did the physical strength increase more than ten times, even the weight of the physical body did not know how much.

His body is now heavy like a giant mountain, although that kind of strength is very strong, but such a heavy body is enough to resist most of the power!

So Zhao Yuande's figure was only on the steps, shaking slightly, and then stood still!

All the onlookers couldn't help but froze at this time. They didn't expect the result. The scene they flew out of their imagination not only didn't appear, but they seemed relaxed and comfortable.

Although Sun Yang had expected this result long ago, his heart was still loose, as if he had put down a huge stone.

He hurriedly relayed everything he knew to Zhao Yuande.

At this time, the fat man named Qian Hao looked at Zhao Yuande with infinite panic.

He still felt a little afraid at this time, he was okay to pretend to be prestige, but he did not expect that the other party did not exaggerate or brag, but only in ordinary chat.

The fool himself rushed up and was beaten!