Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573: Guess

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Thinking of this, he couldn't help shivering, and kept thinking about how to remedy the matter.

He saw Sun Yang in his eyes at once, and he was very happy in his heart. He hurried forward and got close to Sun Yang.

What a coincidence, Sun Yang heard the other party's explanation and found that the fat man was really an acquaintance, turned out to be the grandson of the black-faced old man!

Anyway, this guy really ridiculed a few words at random, because Zhao Yuande's character will not care about him at all, and there is the relationship between the black-faced old man, and he will not blame the other party immediately.

But when the fat man knew that Zhao Yuande was the benefactor said in his grandfather's mouth, he couldn't help scaring a trembling whole body!

He couldn't help but his face became extremely wonderful, and if Grandpa knew that it would be impossible to kill him!

"All right! Brother Zhao is not a stingy person, as long as you sincerely admit a mistake with him, plus seniors' relationship, there will be no problems!" Sun Yang couldn't help but comfort each other with laughter.

"Hey! Good! Good!" Qian Hao touched his sweat, his whole body was trembling with fear.

At this time, An Xiaoyun looked at Zhao Yuande's performance, and his face was slightly surprised.

In the situation just now, even you can't do better!

What is the origin of the other party?

But An Xiaoyun did not watch Zhao Yuande perform, but came to Tongtian Tower to have important things to do!

He did not hesitate to start his own steps towards the first stage!

At this time, Zhao Yuande had received the voice of Sun Yang, and he knew that he knew the mystery of the thirty-six steps.

The first six layers are to test your physical strength. The first-order is stronger than the first-order anti-seismic force. At the ninth level, I am afraid that even the strongman who has just entered the fairyland will have a headache!

The next ninth level is to test your spiritual power or fairy power! Afterwards, they are the supernatural power test and the supernatural power test!

Only those who can really step onto the 36th rank are eligible to enter the Tower of Eternity!

After receiving these news, Zhao Yuande couldn't help smiling, and these four tests were not difficult for himself!

"Huh? This guy is catching up?" Zhao Yuande felt a figure passing by him. The next moment had appeared on the second level, and then he was shaking again and again, and reached the third level, the fourth level... At the sixth level!

After reaching the sixth level, An Xiaoyun's body swayed slightly, and then standing on the sixth level seemed to be sensing something.

At this time, the people watching around couldn't help but applaud.

Some women even screamed!

Zhao Yuande's fighting intention was suddenly inspired by the other party. After he was familiar with the power of the first order, he jumped to the second order without stopping. He felt the power of the second order and immediately made it with the first order. Compared!

The second order is twice that of the first order and has almost no effect on him.

He did not hesitate to step on to the third stage, the third-stage anti-seismic force is twice that of the second stage, which is four times the first stage!

When Zhao Yuande reached the third level, it was roughly understood that the next level should be eight times, sixteen times, thirty-two times...

The anti-seismic power of the last order is 256 times that of the first order!

Zhao Yuande, who had reached this conclusion, couldn't help but frown. If it was 256 times, he might have to open three stars to be able to bear it!

No wonder so few people can enter the Tongtian Tower. No wonder Sun Yang said that the younger generation should be able to enter the Tongtian Tower no more than ten fingers. It turned out that it was so difficult!

After getting this conclusion, Zhao Yuande also began to become very cautious. His speed was so fast that he continued to cross continuously, only to the seventh floor before he stopped!

And this time he has opened the first star!

He felt the powerful anti-shock force transmitted from the steps all the time, and his face was dignified!

At this time, An Xiaoyun on the sixth level was looking at Zhao Yuande with shocked eyes. With his true yang fairy body on the sixth floor, he began to feel a bit of effort. I did not expect the other party to reach the seventh in one breath. Floor!

You know, he reached the peak of the Divine Emperor as early as two years ago, but he never broke through the fairyland!

Because when you are promoted to the fairyland, your body will be infused with fairy power, and there will be another huge transformation process.

He wants to continuously improve his physical body and continue to be strong until he can no longer improve and then go to the fairyland!

He has now reached the fifth weight of Zhenyang fairy body, only one step away from the sixth weight!

As long as he is promoted to the sixth level, he will consider starting promotion to fairyland!

After reaching the fairyland, his physical body will usher in a qualitative leap, maybe he will be directly promoted from the sixth level to the seventh level, and then his combat power will skyrocket, maybe he can fight the strong in the fairyland!

Once in the fairyland, you can cross the ranks and fight against the early strong in the fairyland. Although this can not be said that there are no ancients and no comers, it is enough to shock the world!

He feels that even if he is the fifth in the list, Yao's Yao Qianjian, or even the fourth in the list, Ji Yun's Ji Yun may not be able to do it!

Therefore, he actually has a meaning in breaking through the Tongtian Tower, that is, relying on this first nine steps to give himself physical pressure, he must rely on this layer of pressure to break through the current shackles of the true Yang fairy body!

However, this little-known character in front of him has already stood in front of himself, and has reached the seventh floor. Does the other party's physical body exceed his own?

Do not!

An Xiaoyun shook his head gently, he saw the bright stars in Zhao Yuande's body, and suddenly a thought came into his mind. The other party was relying on some kind of treasure...

However, this thought was only a flash, he remembered one thing, these thirty-six steps, four kinds of tests can not use any external force at all, can only rely on his own strength!

Is his body sealed with the power given to him by his elders?

Maybe only this explanation!

An Xiaoyun suddenly thought of this possibility, and only in this way can the past be said!

He exhaled a little, poured power into his feet, and took a step toward the seventh step!

The strong anti-shock force came, and An Xiaoyun's body shook slightly, but it only stabilized within a blink of an eye.

An Xiaoyun breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the anti-seismic force coming from time to time.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande beside him was adapted to this kind of anti-seismic force, and suddenly a starlight rose again, and his figure flew towards the eighth order!

The height of each step is ten feet, but the following anti-shock force can easily send you up.

However, after going up by this kind of anti-seismic force, you have to seize the opportunity to exert your own strength and suppress the upper-level anti-seismic force, which makes it difficult!

However, Zhao Yuande's body shook, and the next moment had reached the eighth level!