Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574: Chance

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As he expected, the power after opening two stars can completely suppress the eighth-order anti-seismic force, and even reluctantly do not even open the second one, but he still opened it for the sake of insurance!

Stepping onto the eighth world, Zhao Yuande did not rush to start the third star, stepping onto the final ninth floor!

He was carefully feeling the terrifying anti-shock force under his feet. He felt that this kind of anti-shock force seemed to be a little help for his cultivation!

This kind of anti-shock force needs to be suppressed with strength all the time. As long as it is not suppressed, I am afraid that I will fly out!

In this constant confrontation, your own physical body will continue to grow. Although it is not as fast as eating food, it can be much faster than self-cultivation!

And the eighth level already has this effect, what about the ninth level? Will the effect be stronger?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little happy in his heart!

He didn't bother to continue upwards, but stood still in this eighth order, and even closed his eyes directly.

On the seventh level, An Xiaoyun naturally also noticed Zhao Yuande's move, and he couldn't help but move a little in his heart. Does this guy want to use this constant confrontation to temper his own body?

Thinking of this, An Xiaoyun was also slightly anxious.

He stopped breathing a little bit on the seventh floor, and then stepped directly to the eighth level!

The eighth-order anti-shock force made his body shake slightly, but he did not lift him off.

Standing on the eighth level, he also closed his eyes and slowly felt the power from the steps below, and he began to release power to fight against him!

This confrontation is not fierce, but slowly enters a state, a very delicate balance between him and the steps!

He suddenly felt that his body, which had been stuck in the territory for a long time, began to gradually become stronger. Although the speed of this strengthening was very slow, it still clearly existed.

At this point, seeing that both of them stood still on the eighth level, everyone couldn't help but start talking.

"What are the two of them doing? Cultivating on the eighth level?"

"Good! It is said that these thirty-six steps are not only a test, but also a very good place to practice! But unfortunately we don't have this blessing!"

"Don't we go to the eighth floor, can't we practice under the first few floors?"

"No! Didn't you see the predecessor? That was the guardian. His family guarded the infinite sky of the Tiantian Tower. There was nothing on the thirty-six steps. It was their family who arranged this large array on it. !"

"Good! Whether you are qualified to go up, you still need this senior to determine, if he thinks you are not qualified, he will drive you away without hesitation!"


At that moment, the guardian looked at the eyes of the two of them on the eighth level, and he couldn't help showing a bit of relief.

Those who can practice on the eighth floor are definitely the leaders of the younger generation of the whole fairy world!

Especially for the mysterious young man, he has a very strong curiosity. What will the other party do at the ninth level?

Was it to go directly to the tenth floor? Or is it still possible to use the ninth level of cultivation as now?

But soon he knew!

Not knowing how much time passed, Zhao Yuande's body shook slightly, and he opened his eyes at once.

He found that the hardening of the flesh here did not seem to have an obvious effect. He felt that he needed to try the ninth level!

And at this time, there were one young man and two young women among the distant crowd.

The male's heroic force, sword eyebrows and starry eyes, there is a strong sharp breath around him, countless people feel this breath, all can't help but trembling, like the body was stabbed by a needle!

They retreated subconsciously, giving way to a huge space.

The womans voluptuous figure and her looks were unparalleled. She didnt seem to feel this terrible sharpness when she stood by the man. It seemed that there was a circle of invisible water flowing slowly around her. A very soft and refreshing feeling.

"This is... Yao Qianjian ranked fifth in the rankings! Meng Huanzhen ranked tenth in the rankings!"

"The two of them came together, is it between them..."

"It's impossible. The two are just friends! Fairy Fairy has a marriage contract!"

"What... Fairy Fairy has a marriage contract, where did you hear about it?"

"Hey! You dont know! My cousins sister-in-laws sister is a genius disciple in Bajing Palace. I also heard from the little sister a few days ago that the Meng familys fantasy Fairy seems to be marrying the fifth generation of the strongest young disciples in Bajing Palace!"

"Who is the fifth-generation disciple of Bajing Palace? Strong or not? How high does it rank on the list? Can it deserve to be a fairy?"

"Why do you care? The five generations of young disciples in Bajing Palace are not part of our fairyland, so they did not participate in the ranking of people. It is said that their strength is comparable to the top three in the list!"

"So my heart is balanced!"


"Fantasy? Are they all true?" At this time, Yao Qianjian, the star of Jianmei, looked at the woman next to him, and there was a slight tension in his eyes!

"Huh!" Meng Huan nodded gently, and a faint self-channel appeared on her beautiful face. "But that was only a proposal from the family. Now the ancestors are still waiting for my opinion!"

"It turns out so!" Yao Qianjian's eyes flashed with a clear relief, and it seemed that this person really had ideas about this Meng Huanzhen.

Both the Meng family and the Yao family are the families of the eight peerless emperors in the Central Immortal Palace, and there are peerless emperors behind them.

If two people marry, I am afraid that the two peerless emperors will naturally stand on the same front.

The ancestors of the Yao family made it clear many times that if he was to win Meng Huanzhen, as long as he won the two alliances of Meng Huanzhen, no one in the central fairy palace would be able to fight against it!

So he has always been close to Meng Huanzhen, and has shown good times many times, showing the meaning of marriage.

However, Meng Huan's true attitude has always been ambiguous. He did not say objection or agreement, and the relationship between the two has been hanging.

But he didn't expect to hear such rumors today, he couldn't help worrying!

"At this time I haven't decided yet, although Nie Tian in the Eight View Palace is very strong, but I don't know him and I'm not familiar with him. I shouldn't agree to this marriage!" Meng Huanzhen showed a faint smile. Looking at the opposite Yao Qianjian eyes, a little star was shining.

"Good!" Yao Qianjian showed excitement in his eyes, and then said, "I heard the ancestors said that there is a huge opportunity in the Tongtian Tower, but no one has obtained it until now. Let's go to the Tongtian Tower and see Can we get this chance."

"Oh! That's what it is!" Meng Huan's eyes flashed a bright light.