Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576: Make Boxing

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However, Zhao Yuande is not arrogant, he has a much lower cultivation level than the other party, and his spiritual strength is naturally not as good as the other party, but he laid the foundation of the endless blood, I believe you can successfully set foot on the eighteenth floor.

An Xiaoyun also clearly felt Zhao Yuande's arrival and couldn't help turning his head to look over.

There was a trace of surprise in An Xiaoyun's eyes, but the surprise quickly dissipated, but he nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande and smiled.

Is this showing something to yourself? Zhao Yuande froze for a moment, but he quickly recovered and nodded at the other party.

But none of them spoke!

They all continue to set foot at their own pace!

Although the strength of the eighteenth step was even more majestic, Zhao Yuande's internal spiritual power was like a river breaking through the river, and he exerted his full power.

He just swayed a little on the eighteenth floor, and he set foot on the nineteenth floor.

And An Xiaoyun, like him, also set foot on the 19th.

As soon as he stepped up to the nineteenth level, Zhao Yuande's voice gradually faded into faintness, and finally the Tao could no longer see it.

At this time, Meng Huanzhen, who was standing behind the crowd like a crane, was also full of curiosity as he watched the disappearance of Zhao Yuande!

She couldn't figure out, where did Zhao Yuande come from, and why he had never heard of it.

Zhao family? There is indeed a Zhao family in Xianjie, and it is still in the central Xianyu, but it is only a third-rate family, and it is impossible to cultivate such characters!

This person must have hidden his name, it must be so!

However, the appearance of this person has affected my position in the top ten of the list of people, I have to find a way!

After thinking about it for a moment, Meng Huanzhen's eyes were cold, and his body shaking came to the thirty-six steps.

"Senior! Meng Huan Meng Zhen came to break the tower!" Meng Huan Zhen looked respectful, a little serious on his face.

"Meng's baby girl!" The old man looked at Meng Huanzhen up and down and waved at her, but did not say anything else.

Meng Huan couldnt help but sigh. Although he was not weak in qualification and extremely clever, he was able to play between Yao Qianjian and several strong men who were interested in himself, but compared with Yao Qianjian and An Xiaoyun, they were greatly Is not as good.

When Yao Qianjian was about to break through, the old man had a happy face, and he also left a good evaluation, but his turn seemed to feel that he was barely qualified for the test!

Between the loss, her heart inevitably gave birth to a faint jealousy!

This is actually a kind of protection for the test person by the formation method, otherwise, if their magical power is exposed to all people, it is a very bad thing.

At this time, the people watching from the outside, looking at the increasingly dim figure of the two, can not help but reveal a feeling of not real on their faces.

They were not surprised that An Xiaoyun was able to successfully reach the nineteenth level, but he knew too little about Zhao Yuande.

"Did you say that Zhao 14 is a pig and a tiger? Could he be the one from the top of the list?"

"Are you as busy as you are? It's impossible to pretend!"

"Good! These people hold their identities, how can they pretend to be others, this makes no sense!"

"In that way, this Zhao XIV is always hidden, want to blockbuster here, shock the world!"

"What a blockbuster, this is just a test, and you can't see the real fighting power!"

"You are jealous! Otherwise, you will go up and test, you may not even be qualified to climb the steps!"

"From today onwards, the name of Zhao 14 is really going to be spread to the whole fairyland! But the name is too common, will it be just a pseudonym?"


"Hey! Let's go..."


The crowd gradually dispersed, the vast majority of people left the outside of the Tiantian Tower, only a few unwilling to stand still waiting outside.

As soon as I stepped up to the nineteenth level, the pressure on my body disappeared, and a sense of unprecedented pleasure came to my mind.

Zhao Yuande let out a long breath before looking forward.

There is no pressure or danger on the nineteenth floor, but there is a thin silver light curtain between the nineteenth and twentyth steps.

If you want to step on the 20th level, you must break through the light curtain. From this level on, you will be tested on your supernatural powers and exercises.

Zhao Yuande did not start, but released the power of the soul to explore the light curtain and wanted to see the intensity of the light curtain.

A moment later, he nodded slightly, his fingers relaxed, and a faint light of sword shot from his fingertips.

This sword light is the sword of time released after he realized the sword intention. It can have a powerful time force, and can accelerate the speed of sword light to a limit through time acceleration!


Zhao Yuande's sword light seemed to be slow and fast, instantly breaking the light curtain blocked in front.

He took his steps and stepped to the next level in one step.

An Xiaoyun on the side did not rush, but watched Zhao Yuande break the light curtain with a sword and nodded slightly.

He only pointed out with a finger, and a tri-color light came out from his fingertips.

The light curtain was also broken at once, looking relaxed and freehand.


Zhao Yuande didn't care about anything else, just broke the light curtain,

From the fourth level of the supernatural power test, his sword intention has gradually lost its effect, and he had to change the attack method to use chemical boxing.

An Xiaoyun, who was constantly breaking through behind him, couldn't help but see that Zhao Yuande abandoned his sword and punched.

He did not expect that the other party was not majoring in swordsmanship, but he clearly felt the existence of swordsmanship in the other party. Those who could cultivate the swordsmanship were all those who had extraordinary comprehension of swordsmanship. , Even the sword world, is foreseeable, why did he use his fist again?

Is his fist better than a sword?

If An Xiaoyun knew that Zhao Yuande was just to teach his apprentice to take the sword of temporary sentiment, would he be shocked and speechless.

However, Zhao Yuande punched out, the wind and thunder rolled, and a six-color skywheel roared out of the void, cutting directly towards the light curtain.

This punch is more powerful than Zhao Yuande's before, but I don't know how many times it is stronger, but compared to his physical strength, it is still much worse!

Of course, when Zhao Yuande is less than a last resort, he will not turn on the four stars to show his most powerful power. This is his card.

"This is! The Boxing Boxing!" An Xiaoyun could see the mystery of Zhao Yuande's boxing at a glance, knowing that this is Boxing Boxing!

Although the Boxing Boxing is a peerless kill in the lower realm, not many people have learned it.

However, in Immortal Realm, almost every major force has a cultivation method.

However, because no one has a method of cultivation in the final skill of Kabuki, the final power is not as powerful as some supernatural powers.