Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578: Governing Others With Their Own Way

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To know that his physical strength is even stronger than the mid-century of the fairyland. Although he cant kill the mid-century of the fairyland, he can overcome it with all his strength!

If all this power erupts, it is enough to destroy a big world!

Zhao Yuande took the power of four stars and stepped onto the final nine-step test.

This ninth level is to test a persons soul. Zhao Yuande is not worried about the soul test. He has now trained the Yuanshen Resurrection to the fourth level, and the spirit has reached the early stage of the fairyland.

As soon as Zhao Yuande set foot on this floor, he felt a colossal pressure from the soul.

But he did not care about this coercion, but looked at the figure not far away, that is An Xiaoyun, he seemed to be waiting for himself.

Seeing An Xiaoyun's somewhat surprised eyes, he knew that the other party obviously didn't expect that he could pass the light curtain just now.

But he didn't care, just nodded slightly.

After nodding his head, he began to feel silently how powerful the force of this godly coercion was.

An Xiaoyun was indeed a little shocked that Zhao Yuande was able to come up so quickly, but he was only slightly shocked. Now that Zhao Yuande appears, he seems to have dropped his heart and slowly started to walk towards the next level. go with.

In fact, An Xiaoyun's most powerful is not spiritual power and physical body, but his most powerful is the power of the soul.

In order to cultivate him, the infinite immortal emperor personally spent the power of his own soul to baptize it, strengthen his knowledge of the sea, and found an eight-grade immortal medicine reincarnation holy fruit to help his powerful soul, and now his knowledge of the sea Part of the power of this eight-grade fairy medicine is also sealed.

This part of the medicine is enough for him to practice in the fairyland, and it also makes his soul more than dozens of times that of ordinary people!

Although his soul is now the pinnacle of Divine Emperor, it is a bit more powerful than the early stage of Immortal Realm!

That's why Yao Qianjian, who is familiar with him, can say that.

His speed is very fast, and he is on the 33rd level, and at this time he has seen Yao Qianjian above the 34th level, and his mouth can't help but also shows a smug smile.

But when he was proud, he felt that there was a difference behind him. He turned around in horror, but found that Zhao Yuande also came in step by step, not much slower than his speed!

When he was only slightly stunned, the other party had already passed him and stepped onto the thirty-fourth level!

It was at this time that his face was truly shocked.

You must know that the current coercion of the gods and souls has exceeded the realm of the **** emperor, and reached the point of half-step fairy realm.

As soon as Zhao Yuande set foot on the thirty-fourth floor, he saw Yao Qianjian standing solemnly, seemingly accumulating strength.

"Hey! You walk so slowly!" Zhao Yuande's mouth twitched, with a trace of sarcasm in his tone.

At this time, the other party was holding back, and did not expect anyone to appear beside him, and he would suddenly speak.

Frightened his face changed, and the Lord thought that it was an enemy attack, and several subconscious sword lights appeared in front of him. The sword light sprayed with a sharp golden light, and he would shoot.

But at the moment when he subconsciously wanted to shoot, the spirit that he confronted with the thirty-fourth floor was also taken back at once.


With this withdrawal, he immediately felt that a huge force of gods and spirits came to him in an instant. He could not respond effectively for a while, and his body, which was shocked by the power of gods and souls, retreated.

His face was even white, and a blood arrow spurted from his mouth!

However, after all, Yao Qianjian is the fifth strongest person on the list. Although the power of the soul is not as good as Zhao Yuande and An Xiaoyun, it is also comparable to the half-step fairyland.

Under such a strong impact, I still insisted on it, but my face was completely white!

"You... what are you going to do!" Yao Qianjian looked at Zhao Yuande angrily, his murderous intent in his eyes.

If it is not the site of the Tongtian Tower, if it is not an incontestable rule, he has already rushed to fight Zhao Yuande.

"I don't have much to do!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands and said innocently, "I just think you are walking slowly, just say something, do you have such a big reaction?"

"Don't think I don't know you are intentional!" Yao Qianjian's face was very ugly!

The other party obviously did this because of his own words!

But at that time, he was only when Zhao Yuande was a character he could handle at will, and he did not take it seriously!

In his world, the sword is the most powerful method, and he has now realized the legendary sword domain, the power is simply not ordinary people can imagine!

Therefore, the powerful physical body displayed by Zhao Yuande is nothing to him, just a sword!

That's why he said that to An Xiaoyun, so he didn't shy away and let the other party hear it too!

But now he has tasted the bitter fruit. It is completely forbidden to do anything here. He can't retaliate against the other party and can only look at him coldly.

"Oh! Haha!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and didn't even bother him. Instead, he set his sights on the thirty-fifth floor pretendingly.

"Brother Yao, what's the matter with you?" At this time, An Xiaoyun also stepped up and saw Yao Qianjian pale, staring at Zhao Yuande, and immediately asked with concern.

"It was this kid who deliberately distracted my attention and caused me to be hurt by the power of the soul." Yao Qianjian only felt that his face was hot, but he did not expect that he had lost someone in front of his friend.

Just now he just wanted to frighten Zhao Yuande, but he didn't think he didn't do it, the other party did it first!

This made him look up in front of An Xiaoyun.

An Xiaoyun looked at Zhao Yuande strangely. He was not angry or hated each other.

He is a person with clear grievances and grievances.

Yao Qianjian was wrong first and wanted to put pressure on others, but in the end it was against it.

However, after all, the other party wanted to help himself. This matter is one by one, and he can only start now.

"This brother, what did you mean just now?" This is the first time An Xiaoyun has spoken to Zhao Yuande. He has blame and a hint of gunpowder.

"It's nothing. It's just a matter of governing the person with his own way!" Zhao Yuande replied lightly without concealing it.

"This..." An Xiaoyun didn't expect that Zhao Yuande would admit that he was so happy, and he prepared a lot of words and stuck in his throat for a while, not knowing what to say.

"Okay! If you have any opinions, we can go to the Tongtian Tower and talk again. I'm gone!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and strode to the 35th floor.