Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579: Level One

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He paused a bit at the thirty-fifth floor, and then arrived at the thirty-sixth floor!

As soon as he stepped on the thirty-sixth floor, he saw the old man looking at himself with a smile.

"Senior!" Zhao Yuande slightly arched his hand.

"Well! Yes, very good! Your performance is beyond my imagination, go!" The old man pointed to a metal gate up to a thousand feet behind him.

The door opened with a bang, revealing the space inside the black hole, which was the first floor of the Tongtian Tower!

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande did not hesitate and entered the first floor of Tongtian Tower with a flash.

"Peerless genius!" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande's back with a satisfied smile on his face, "The combination of Chaos Eucharist and Huntian Eucharist, this kid is absolutely a peerless genius, who can already be with those people..."

The old man's words fell slowly.

At this time, there was another figure on the thirty-fourth floor, Meng Huanzhen.


Seeing Meng Huanzhen, Yao Qianjian couldn't help but his face became paler. He originally wanted to show his strength in front of Meng Huanzhen, but he didn't expect to let her see the scene of her injury.

"What are you?" Meng Huanzhen looked at the pale Yao Qianjian and couldn't help but reveal a difference in his face.

Even if he can come up easily, why is Yao Qianjian injured?

Although she is only ranked tenth, but she is famous, and there are countless powerful young geniuses who admire her. The young geniuses are not rich, and the gifts given to her are all real treasures.

And Yao Qianjian is naturally one of these people.

By virtue of her own means, she was able to handle these people in front of them and collected countless treasures, so she is now a little rich woman, and her net worth is comparable to a medium-sized family!

When the last one or two steps that cant be spent are directly thrown away, a few treasures will be thrown out, and its solved!

However, she did not become the tenth in the list of people by virtue of beauty and countless treasures. She also has a powerful force!

Although her physical body is not strong, her spiritual power, magical powers and spirits are not weak.

So they can come later and catch up with them so quickly.

"I let that kid be overcast!" Yao Qianjian blushed and looked at each other with embarrassment.

"What! He is so shameless! Really damn, if we enter the Tongtian Tower together to kill him in a while!" Meng Huanzhen heard the other party's words and couldn't help but feel happy in her heart. She didn't know what excuse to find for the two to kill Where is Zhao Yuande?

"This... this seems a bit wrong!" An Xiaoyun looked a little embarrassed. "It's because you have the mistake first, others will do it. Although the other party is doing too much, they will not be guilty to death, or else ..."

"Ok Brother An! You don't have to deal with those avenues. If you don't help me, it's enough for me and Huanzhen to join hands!" Yao Qianjian interrupted An Xiaoyun's face with a wave of his hand.

"If Brother An doesn't want to do anything, it doesn't matter, the younger sister can trap him and kill him with Brother Yao's means!" Meng Huan really nodded.

"Since you don't listen to me, then forget it!" An Xiaoyun shook his head helplessly and walked toward the thirty-fifth step. His figure soon disappeared in the sight of the two.

"Brother Yao, would you like to take a break?" Meng Huan really looked at Yao Qianjian with some concern.

"It doesn't matter that this minor injury can't help me, let's go up! I cut the man early, and I am at ease!" Yao Qianjian's eyebrow shot out with a sword light, and the power of the thirty-fourth layer of the spirit was split by a sword. .

"Is this brother Brother Yao's Soul Sword? Good and sharp, if attacked, it will definitely be able to kill opponents of the same order in an instant!" Although Meng Huanzhen was excited, but there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

"Let's go!" Yao Qianjian saw Meng Huan really excited, and couldn't help but rejoice in his heart, and strode toward the 35th floor!

The power of the thirty-fifth order spirit is even more powerful, but Yao Qianjian once again shoots a lightsaber, which is still a sword split!

In fact, Heart Sword consumes the power of the Soul very much. If Meng Huan was not here, he would not use it so often!

After that, his soul will be weak for a while, and he needs to be well reared.

However, he felt that it was very worthwhile. If he could get Meng Huans true heart, the ancestors might be more happy if he was happy!

At the thirty-sixth level, Yao Qianjian performed two consecutive heart swords to break the power of the soul, and they successfully came to the first floor entrance of the Tongtian Tower.

Yao Qianjian's face was even paler, and he lost the powerful pressure of the soul. He hurriedly escaped the entrance of an elixir and restored his loss!

At this time, the old man had already disappeared, and only An Xiaoyun sat silently on the ground cross-legged to adjust himself to the huge consumption in this thirty-six test!

The two also sat down cross-legged in a hurry and began to recover.

Soon the three of them all stood up, and their eyes were all looking towards the entrance of the first floor, with slight excitement and anticipation in their eyes.

"Let's go! I heard that every layer of the Eternal Tower is a huge independent world, which may not be all spooky ghosts, maybe a lot of evil spirits, zombies, skeletons! We must be careful!" An Xiao Yun glanced at the two people around him, especially Yao Qianjian, knowing that they would not be on the same path as themselves.

So with just a little reminder, I stepped into the first floor of Tongtian Tower!

Zhao Yuande has been walking on the first floor for a long time at this time. He dare not fly, because there are sticky spider webs in the air, there are green hair spiders that make people feel sick, and there is a huge body with nausea and liquid bat.

Compared with them, those slow-moving skeletons and zombies are much more cute!

Zhao Yuande doesnt know why there are so many corpses in it, are they all the practitioners who died in the tower after the completion of the Tongtian Tower?

However, this is too much. You can see mountains of bones piles everywhere in the tower, and you can see groups of unconscious skeletons wandering everywhere.

There are probably hundreds of millions of dead bones here. Could there be so many people to cross the tower? This is simply impossible!

And these dead bones are obviously not very powerful, and do not exceed the existence of the fairyland.

Could it be the people who built this high-rise tower? After the completion of these people were all killed here?

Zhao Yuande thought of it here, but couldn't help feeling a little creepy.

The height of this tower is not known to be hundreds of thousands of feet, nor how many people are needed to build it, nor is it the same for the second floor?


Zhao Yuande thought about it, and suddenly felt a strong breath coming from the front.