Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Ice Biting

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In the end, the flames seemed to have lost their vitality, and suddenly went out!

"Ignite without success!"

Zhao Yuande picked up the second bowl and looked up again to drink!

"Just a little bit!"

When he picked up the bowl for the third time, his hands were shaking. This was the last chance and he failed...


Zhao Yuande threw away those unthinkable thoughts and drank directly up!

"Yes! That's it...quick...don't turn off...ignite..."

Zhao Yuande's desperate roar in his heart, his mood fluctuated as the flame lighted and darkened!

"Haha! Successful! I finally succeeded!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his eyes and opened his palms slightly, and one of the green flames was burning!

"Okay! The first step of making Qinglian is finally completed! It seems that my luck is not as bad as I expected, shout!"

Zhao Yuande calmed down his inner agitation slowly.

He felt that his recent heart was a bit impetuous indeed!

You know, he used to be a high **** emperor who has been killed and killed. He has done everything in the dead body. How did he become so after rebirth?

Is it really the environment that changes people, the environment they are in, the friends around them, their own realm that limits their mindset?

Do you want to try to change?

What happens if it changes? Can you still fight with the black wind? Can I still be with Ji Yulingqingqing? Can you still keep this ignorant heart?

Do not! I don't want to change, this is the meaning of really living!

Zhao Yuande shook his head heavily and threw out those unrealistic ideas!

"Let's go now! Return to the Eastern Emperor Great World!"

Zhao Yuande rushed out of the grotto, with a blood full of blood, following Zhang Jiyang... No... It should be the path that the Spiritual Emperor Emperor once walked, climbing upwards continuously!

The Emperor Lingxu touched his three strands of long beard with satisfaction, watching Zhao Yuande's figure climbing higher and higher, and a smile of satisfaction appeared on the corner of his mouth.

I don't know how long I climbed. Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a rumbling sound from above, as if there was a big river flowing.

"We are about to break the sky! We must pay attention to whether there is any danger!" Zhao Yuande reminded him of the sky breaking around him.

The sky nodded silently.

"Zhang Jiyang actually dug a hole here! There seems to be a river in it!" After climbing again for a while, Zhao Yuande saw a deep hole in the rock wall, and rumbling water came from inside.

And the excavated marks disappeared here. Obviously Zhang Jiyang entered the hole,

"Let's go in!" Zhao Yuande drilled directly into the hole. He saw that the hole was not very deep, and a **** river was running immortal in it.

"Why is the river here black? And the outside is red?" Zhao Yuande scratched his head puzzled, but he believed Zhang Jiyang's judgment and plunged into the black river water.

"'s so cold!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande was in the setting sun, he felt a icy cold all over his body, as if standing naked in the snow and ice.


Broken Sky followed and jumped in. The frozen body shuddered and growled.

"What river is this? Why is it so cold!"

You should know that Zhao Yuande and Po Tians physical strength are almost the same as those of the worlds strong. Now they feel the cold biting, which is really shocking. If ordinary cultivators fall into this river, I am afraid that they will be frozen in an instant. Ice sculpture!

The two of them had fallen into the water and were washed away by the rushing river. They were taken away before they even reacted. The running speed of the river was not weaker than their running speed.


Zhao Yuande groaned painfully. Just now he wanted to use the soul to explore what is under the water. As a result, he suddenly felt a terrible chill that followed his spirit into the sea of knowledge.

If it were not for him to cut off the connection between the soul and the soul in time, his consciousness of sea might have been frozen by this chill and became an unconscious corpse.

In desperation, the river can only let them run forward.

I don't know how long it took, they suddenly felt the speed of the river slowed down, and they found themselves sinking into a vast underground lake.

The water in the lake was even colder, making them tremble.

"I'm afraid I will die here if I go on like this!" Zhao Yuande grinned from his frozen teeth and began to think, "How did Zhang Jiyang escape from here?"


Po Tian suddenly cried out.


A black strange fish imagined Zhao Yuande's head like an arrow.

The black monster fish only had the length of chopsticks, and the speed was very fast. Two rows of white teeth flashed with cold light, and blinked in front of Zhao Yuande.

"court death!"

Zhao Yuande grabbed the black monster fish and pinched it in his hand.

"The sharp tooth ice spirit contains a lot of heat in the flesh and blood. It uses air-conditioning that can withstand the nether cold lake, intermediate ingredients, and no matching recipes!"

"This is a ghostly cold lake?" Zhao Yuande saw the name obviously stupefied, "How could we come here? This is a Jedi in the northern ice and snow world! Do we walk so far underground?"

"Catch the fish and eat!"

Zhao Yuande opened his mouth and stuffed the fish into his mouth, chewing on it.

At the entrance of this fish, there was no fishy smell but a fiery energy burst into his body, which made his body warmer a lot at once.

There are a lot of black strange fish in the water, and the two guys quickly caught some and found the way out while eating.

"There is light in that direction!"

The two guys searched for a long time in the nether cold lake, and finally found a light.

Above their head was a cave. A beam of light shot down from above the cave. The cave was very close to the water. They easily climbed into the cave. Sure enough, the trace left by Zhang Jiyang was again found on the cave.

They climbed all the way up the cave and crawled for half an hour before they came out of the hole.

Just when they took a breath and wanted to see where the surroundings were, they suddenly felt an extremely strong breath.

This breath is a few points stronger than the old water god, the early strong of the Divine Emperor. Before they could find the source of the breath, they were pinched by a huge palm.

"Hey! Another human and a little monkey!"

A thunderous rumbling sound rang in the ears of both of them, upsetting their direct blood.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his body strength could not be exerted at all in this palm. He was like a lamb staying on the sticky board at the moment.