Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580: Gruzu

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A behemoth came out of the darkness, the huge body seemed to be stitched together from the bones of countless beasts, and a drop of miserable green liquid overflowed from the seam, and it fell on the ground, a strong The smell of corpses permeates the air.

Even Zhao Yuande was stunned by the smoked mind at this time, and his heart was also full of misery.

Although this guy is not strong in combat, he can easily beheaded with the power of his body, but close combat will inevitably come into close contact with the mucus and rotten body of those disgusting people!

Although he killed countless people, he also killed countless disgusting demons, but those demons combined did not disgust this guy!

He has this feeling with his heart and tenacity, not to mention other people!


This big guy has discovered Zhao Yuande. Several huge eyeballs have irregular parts in various parts of his body. At this time, they are staring at Zhao Yuande momentarily. The greed projected from his eyes makes people feel the whole body. Creepy.

"Food! Food! Fresh food!" The drool in the big guy's giant mouth seemed to be flooded, and fell on his body.

"Damn it! Is Lao Tzu able to stop your teeth?" Zhao Yuande could not help but scold!

But the other party simply ignored Zhao Yuande's words, but walked away with big feet and rushed towards him frantically.

"I rely on! The hand of the glacier!"

Zhao Yuande's body disappeared in the void in a moment, and next a big frost hand directly appeared in front of the big guy, and slapped **** the big guy's chest.


The big guy's chest suddenly formed a thick layer of ice.

"good chance!"

The three stars in Zhao Yuande's body were bright and bright, and a punch burst out with a force of twelve percent, which bombarded the big guy fiercely.


Under the fist of Zhao Yuande, the body of the frozen big guy broke into pieces at once.

"Roar! hurts! I'm angry!"

When the body fell to the ground, the ice suddenly shattered, and his head rolled a few times on the ground, making a roar!

A dark green brilliance in the roar was suddenly released from his head, and the broken bodies seemed to be pulled at once, and they all returned.

In Zhao Yuande's stunned look, the big guy stood up again!

But this time it was even more disgusting. There were countless odorous mucus flowing out of the original cracked place and landed on the ground.

"Damn, I'm not playing anymore!"

Zhao Yuande could no longer hold on. The four stars on his body lit up at the same time, his figure disappeared instantly, a golden light flashed in the void, and he turned into Kunpeng's true body.

The speed of Kun Peng's real body has exceeded the limit of the naked eye, but just across the head of the big guy in a thousandths, cutting the entire head into two halves.

White brains, dark green blood and water mixed together, and slowly flowed down the cheeks of the big guy.

The big eyeballs finally seemed to lose their brilliance all at once, and they all dimmed at this moment.


The big guy's body crashed to the ground, and the smelly blood instantly stained the entire ground!

The big guy fell down, and a huge portal appeared behind him. A spiral staircase of several steps was faintly visible in the portal, which was extending upward!

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

Just now Kunpeng really cut the head of the big guy, he thought he would be covered with that kind of disgusting liquid, but he did not expect it to be the opposite, the body was very clean!

This made him finally feel relieved.

He walked towards the huge portal without hesitation.

The first layer gave him a sense of gloom and disgust!

As soon as he stepped into the second floor, he immediately saw the scene in the second floor.

This is not the corpse of bones that he imagined, and the stench is everywhere, but it seems to be a real world.

There are mountains, rivers, trees and flowers here, but there is no trace of life fluctuations.

"Why is there such a good place without life?" Zhao Yuande could not help frowning.

But his eyes soon saw the difference between this place and other places!

Around the mountains, rivers, and grasses stood big rocks.

Some of these large stones are about a thousand feet tall, and some are only the size of a slap, but their shape is very smooth, as if they were artificially ground!

"These stones are so strange!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, and his face was puzzled. "They seem to be moving!"

"An intruder broke into our territory, and the Eternal Stone Clan all awakened!" An ancient vicissitudes sounded at the end of the earth, and an incomparable figure of Wei An gradually stood up slowly!

It was a god-like stone man with a body proportion similar to that of human beings, but his skin color was pale, and his thighs stood like two pillars of heaven.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a very unreal feeling, as if he saw the wind and wind in the image, the same towering tall, and it looks like there is still a bit of appearance.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but have such a thought in mind, this guy will not have a relationship with Feng Cang, that is, Chaos Giant Race!

But just when Zhao Yuande gave birth to this kind of thought, all the stones on the floor rolled up and turned into a ridiculous stone man.

However, the eyes of these stone men are indeed very unlovable, cold and merciless, and endless anger, as if Zhao Yuande killed their whole family!


Countless large and small stone men rolled towards Zhao Yuande. The momentum seemed to be assaulted by thousands of horses and horses, and the whole world shaking was trembling madly.

"Haha! Crushed into meat sauce under the anger of Gruzu!" The stone man with tens of thousands of heights seemed to show excitement in his eyes. Screen.

Zhao Yuande saw the swollen stone man from the opposite side, and his blazing fighting intention was revealed in his eyes.

However, he did not dare to carelessly, three stars fully open, a powerful force erupted, and recoiled towards the stone man opposite.

"Boom! Boom!"

Zhao Yuande simply fought fiercely with these stone men directly in flesh.

Those smaller stone men couldn't stand his fists and feet, and they all fell into pieces and fell to the ground.

And those slightly larger stone men, after breaking down, turned into countless small stone men and rushed towards him again.

But after more than ten breathing hours, the whole land seemed to turn into a sea of little men, almost submerging Zhao Yuande in it.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown, so if he splits like this, he has to give himself up to death. He must never go on like this.