Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583: Cangyu Spirit

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He reached out his hand, scratched the book against the void, and then turned the first page, and he was instantly stunned by the theory of kendo contained in the first page.

His hand grabbed the book involuntarily.

The next moment, when his fingertips touched the book, he seemed to feel himself appearing in a golden world.

A giant sword with a handle over his head was a waste above his head, and countless bright golden swords flew in the air. He knew instantly that this was his great chance, and definitely his own great chance.

He immediately began to appreciate these sword lights, the kind of mysterious sword potential sword moves carried in the sword light.

But what puzzled him was that no matter how he felt, there was no trace of achievement.

Instead, he felt his body became more and more sleepy and weaker.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a crisp cry, a golden light crossed the void, and then disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, he seemed to be awake all at once, staggering backwards, sitting on the ground with one buttocks, and didn't get up for a long time.

But his eyes had disappeared from the sea of books, but appeared in a gray space.

"This... what's wrong!" Yao Qianjian felt his body weak, as if he was dry and happy all at once, his skin was loose, and a deep sense of weakness came to his mind.

He seemed to be an old man in his seventies or eighties at once, and he suddenly felt that the world was filled with a gloomy atmosphere.

"You were bitten by a strange little snake! But this little snake seems to be called the spirit of Cangyu, which is not poisonous, but just absorbs all kinds of powers in your body!" Suddenly appeared in Meng Huanzhen Figure. Meng Huan looked at each other with a smile.

"It's my care! Careful!" Yao Qianjian hurriedly swallowed a few pills, and looked at the other party awkwardly.

"It's a fool! This kind of person is also trying to be my husband. It's a joke!" Meng Huan sneered in his heart, but he said again, "It's okay, Brother Yao has a solid foundation in your body and a powerful fairy. Bao Shou Shou, there is no danger at all in such a place."

"Fantasy Thank you!" Yao Qianjian looked at Meng Huanzhen gratefully, his face showing sincerity.

"Let me take you out of this big array first!" Meng Huanzhen showed a faint confident smile on his face. After waiting for Yao Qianjian to recover a little, he took him through the gray mist.

At this time, An Xiaoyun had reached the third level. He was cautious. He felt wrong when he saw the bookshelf at first glance. How could there be so many books here? This is totally unreasonable.

However, this large array was too evil, and he did not resist the temptation to open a book.

After seeing the content, he and the other two were sucked away with a lot of blood and spiritual power.

But before he felt anything wrong, he saw a golden light flash in front of him, and the next moment he found that the void was changing, and he appeared in a gray world.

Xiaojin shuttled through the void repeatedly, grabbing the spirits of Cangyu.

Of course, without Xiao Jin, An Xiaoyun and Yao Qianjian might lose more blood and spiritual power.


Just as Xiaojin devoured the ninth Cangyu spirit, a sound of thunder burst came from the sky.

Pieces of golden flames rose from Xiaojin's body, like a phoenix bathing in fire.

Xiaojin seemed to feel something, his body disappeared into the void in an instant, and it appeared on Zhao Yuan's shoulder next moment.

Strangely, the scary flame on Xiao Jin's body seemed to be virtual, and Zhao Yuande didn't feel a trace of burning at all.


It seemed as if the river was breaking the embankment, and it seemed that there was a sky river hanging in nine days. Some place in Xiao Jin's body seemed to be opened in an instant, and a magnificent message rushed into Xiao Jin's mind.


Xiao Jin hissed as if he was experiencing endless violent suffering.

Seeing the pain in Xiaojin's eyes, Zhao Yuande didn't know what to do, but just gently stroked the feathers on his head with his hands.


What Zhao Yuande didn't expect was that Xiao Jin opened the inheritance of two memories at once.

It simply cannot withstand the impact of this huge amount of information, and if it is allowed to continue to develop like this, it may be necessary to directly explode and die.

And Zhao Yuande's wipe, just gave this information a breakthrough, directly into the vast ocean of Zhao Yuande's knowledge.

Zhao Yuande was shocked and hurriedly sat down cross-legged and began to receive this huge information.

This information is all-encompassing, with all kinds of topography and landforms, information about the demon clan demon clan, various gold-winged Dapeng clan skills, and all kinds of terrifying magical powers.

Zhao Yuande suddenly got the treasure, the light of excitement flashed in his eyes, and he began to slowly absorb the information, and planned to pass on the information to Xiaojin.

Not knowing how much time passed, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes at once, and Xiao Jin also opened his eyes at the same time.

However, Xiao Jin's eyes flashed with excitement at this time. The memory inheritance he just obtained made him instantly grasp a variety of magical means. He now has an urge to find an opponent to fight a battle.

Although Zhao Yuande has inherited a part of Golden Wing Dapeng, it is basically a magical skill that can only be practiced by Golden Wing Dapeng tribe.

There is only one method of Jinpengs nine changes, and he can barely rely on Kunpengs physical training.

However, this kind of Jinpeng nine changes, it is very difficult to practice, Zhao Yuande now has no time, he can only give up temporarily.

"Xiaojin, just now I got a set of Jinpeng nine changes, which has a huge effect on the improvement of combat effectiveness. I will pass it on to you!" Zhao Yuande passed this set of Jinpeng nine changes to the other party, but other inheritances did. It will be impossible to pass in a while, because it is too vast to accept Xiao Jin's current cultivation.

But what surprised Zhao Yuande was that Xiao Jin immediately accepted Dao Jinpeng's nine changes and immediately showed up with excitement.

The golden figure shuttled through the void, making Zhao Yuande stunned.

Where did he know that Xiao Jin already had this inheritance in his bloodline, but he just needed to stimulate it, and now Zhao Yuande passed it to Xiao Jin as if it were the exciting medicine spoon, and Xiao Xiao learned it all at once.

"What is the golden sparkle in front? Is it some kind of treasure?" Meng Huanzhen and Yao Qianjian in the distance are about to step out of the formation. At this time, they saw the changing shape of Xiaojin in the sky and couldn't help but stop. .

"That seems to be a big bird! No! It's gold-winged Dapeng!" Meng Huanzhen exclaimed when she saw Xiaojin's figure.