Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584: Oh It's You

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"What! Golden-winged Dapeng? That's the horrible existence that has the hope of being promoted to the King of Immortal Emperor. If it can be captured and raised in the family, the family will inevitably rule the entire heavens and the world for many generations!" Yao Qianjian Endless brilliance is also revealed in his eyes.

"Go! Look over!" They did not hurry to leave the third floor and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

And An Xiaoyun, farther away, naturally saw this scene, and suddenly went in that direction.

"Okay Xiaojin! Let's go! I think there will be a war you want soon!" Zhao Yuande waved at Xiaojin.

Xiao Jin nodded, his body became the size of a slap, and fell back on Zhao Yuande's shoulder.

Zhao Yuande casually looked for a direction and planned to leave the big formation in the simplest and most direct way.

But I felt two powerful breaths coming towards me.

He couldn't help frowning slightly, he knew that the two must be Yao Qianjian and Meng Huanzhen.

The two came together, I am afraid that they just saw the figure of Xiao Jin.

"Xiaojin, it seems that the war will be coming soon!" Zhao Yuande simply stood silently waiting on the spot.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin's eyes showed hope.

But when two or three breathe, two figures have fallen in front of Zhao Yuande at the same time.

It was Yao Qianjian and Meng Huanzhen who saw the slap-sized gold on Zhao Yuande's shoulder.

"Oh! It was just the golden-winged Dapeng young bird, but it was better, easier to cultivate feelings, and easier to communicate!" Meng Huanzhen directly ignored Zhao Yuande's existence, and seemed to have regarded Xiao Jin as her own thing.

"Come on! Little one, come to my sister, there is something delicious for you here!" Meng Huanzhen took out a golden elixir, the elixir of fragrance was overflowing, and a little bit of Jinxia flashed. It turned out to be a third-grade elixir. .

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning slightly, this guy knew too much about the beast.

However, Xiaojin didn't seem to see the elixir at all, and ignored it at all.

Xiaojin just ate a lot of Cang Yu's spirit just now, and he still has some support. This thing is more precious for Xiaojin than the third-grade elixir. Even if this kind of third-grade elixir is all over the ground, it may be too lazy to watch. Glance.

"It turns out to be you!" At this time, Yao Qianjian didn't look at Xiao Jin, but looked at Zhao Yuande coldly. He didn't know when there was an extra golden long sword in his hand, and pointed at Zhao Yuande's eyebrows.

"Today you will die! Your pet will also be mine!" Yao Qianjian's body sharpened sharply at this time.


Zhao Yuande looked at the other party. Although this guy was very arrogant, the power was indeed not weak, even more powerful than An Xiaoyun.

However, Zhao Yuande was not afraid. He was slightly upright, looking at Yao Qianjian opposite, and said lightly: "You are strong, but you are not my opponent!"

"Really? Since then, let's start!" Yao Qianjian's sword territory spread out instantly and enveloped the whole space. A sharp sword light shuttled through the void and shot towards Zhao Yuande.

The strength of the other party aroused Zhao Yuande's fighting intentions. For a long time, there was no evenly matched battle. Today, he seems to enjoy the fun of fighting!

Although Zhao Yuande encountered some so-called geniuses before, they were all overwhelmed by him one by one. He felt that these people and him were not a series at all, and that they had no sense of accomplishment.

In front of him, Yao Qianjian is worth his real battle!

"Xiaojin! You can deal with that woman because you can't overcome it and you can fly into the air. Your Jinpeng Jiuchang should be able to cope with it. Don't fight!" Zhao Yuande whispered to Xiaojin quietly, letting him act carefully.

Xiao Jin got the order, whispered excitedly, and his body suddenly turned into a golden light towards Meng Huanzhen.

The speed was so fast that Meng Huan really didn't expect it, but the golden light cut towards her in a flash.

Meng Huanzhen couldn't care about tempting the other party anymore, but hurriedly sacrificed a side of Xian Pa, blocking himself.

But Xiaojin was not a fool. The powerful breath of Xianpa made him suffocate slightly, and his figure turned in the air, cutting towards Meng Huanzhen's neck.

"What a smart little guy! I like you more and more, and I must grab you!" Meng Huanzhen's body changed position again, raising his hands at the same time.

Suddenly a small tower flashing silver appeared in her hand. The tower exuded terrible coercion, crushing all the four voids, so that the speed of Xiaojin's flight in the void was greatly suppressed.

"Void Light Illusions! Get me sleepy!"

Meng Huanzhen raised his hand again. It seemed that a flooded universe flew out of his hand, directly covering the void, and included Xiaojin all of a sudden!

Zhao Yuande had already opened four stars at this time, fighting with Yao Qianjian.

Although Yao Qianjian has powerful sword-man attacks at all times in the sword domain, Zhao Yuande's physical strength is now comparable to that of the fairyland realm. Although these sword-mansions can cut Zhao Yuande's skin, he cannot effectively hurt him.

And under the powerful resilience of Zhao Yuande, these wounds have healed completely before the blood oozes out!

Zhao Yuande's pair of fists constantly collided with the sword in Yao Qianjian's hand.

But what Zhao Yuande suffers from is that the fairy sword in Yao Qianjian's hand is a sixth-grade fairy sword. Although every collision avoids the sharp edge of the fairy sword, but collides with the sword body, the blood is still flying on the fist that was cut by the terrible sharp edge.

However, Zhao Yuande was not afraid of fear, but danced his fists frantically. Yao Qianjian, who was shaking every fist, repeatedly retreated, and a powerful force poured into his body along the body of the sword, oscillating all of his inner abdomen into cracks!

But this Yao Qianjian is also a bull, and his heart is extremely tough, although every collision is a loss of both sides.

It seems that Zhao Yuande is quite miserable. With few double fists, almost bones are left, but this is just a trauma. If Zhao Yuande urges the undead body, I am afraid that he will heal instantly.

But Yao Qianjian was really hurt to the inner abdomen, but this was an internal injury. At this time, he already felt a huge pain in the inner abdomen, just like turning over the river and the sea.

Yao Qianjian knew in his heart that he had suffered a minor injury before, but now the other party changed the injury with another injury and severely wounded himself again. This injury is aggravated. I am afraid that he cannot fight for a long time!

"Since you are looking for death! Then I can't complain about me!"

Yao Qianjian suddenly blinked, and a cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.