Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586: Kill Each Other

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Meng Huanzhen could not help seeing what was in the ring, but his face changed. All the items in it were worth at least one billion! I am afraid that even a strong man in the fairy realm, it is very difficult to take out so many fairy jade!

This is enough to buy a sixth-grade fairy sword, or even an ordinary seventh-grade fairy treasure!

"This... this guy is afraid that he won the cave of a fairy king!" Meng Huanzhen's face was shocked!

Her entire net worth is only a little over 300 million. This time, it is said that there is a powerful Xianjiu at the auction. This Xianjiu has a magical effect. It is said that it can enter the dream and can perform any exercises and realm breakthroughs. He It was from this fairy wine.

She also worried that her fairy jade was not enough at all. She didn't expect so many fairy jades to appear in front of her.

More importantly, although this person's soul is annihilated, the inner world will still be there. I don't know what kind of surprise will be hidden in his inner world!

One of her hearts couldn't help but started jumping up and down, if she could get these...

"Well!" Yao Qianjian nodded. "This time there are many loot, a billion worth of property, and a beast suspected of a gold-winged Dapeng bird. Really you say how should we allocate it!"

"Although the value of the golden-winged Dapeng bird is very high, but it is still in its infancy, it also needs a huge amount of fairy jade to cultivate it. Its value should be six to seven billion high-grade fairy jade! And catch this golden wing When Dapeng bird, I wasted a set of flags with a large array of illusions and illusions, and also consumed an illusion of illusory and virtual eyes, and this consumption was as much as 500 million! So, that one billion You take 600 million for the top grade Xianyu, and I take 400 million!" Meng Huanzhen looked at the other person's face with a faint smile.

"This... You really don't think I'm a fool!" Yao Qianjian was obviously dissatisfied.

Zhao Yuande was killed by his shot, and the thing is also his combat power! What's more, the value of the golden-winged Dapeng bird is more than 6.7 billion. In his opinion, it is at least 2.6-7 billion. It must be known that this is a powerful existence that can grow into a king of immortal emperor. This kind of existence Value is incalculable!

He knew that a white tiger cub was born in the central fairy field. At that time, many explanations for the fairy emperor bidding, and finally the price reached more than 3 billion!

Although the golden-winged Dapeng is not as good as the Four Spirits and Beasts, it is also a true descendant of ancient beasts, at least worth 26.7 billion!

With 2 billion less out of thin air, is Meng Huan really a fool?

Or is he someone who can't move his legs when he sees beauty?

"Brother Yao, sometimes it's better to be stupid!" Meng Huan looked at each other with a smiley expression on his face.

"Meng Huanzhen, you don't have the right to say this kind of words!" Yao Qianjian looked cold, and in front of the huge interests of more than a billion, he could give up even the woman he admired. The original fantasy has now become Meng. Fantasy, the tone has become extremely cold.

As soon as these words were spoken, there was already a feeling of arrogance at the scene, and both of them felt a burst of cold murderous intentions coming from each other.

"Giggle!" Meng Huan suddenly smiled, as if the flowers opened, her beautiful eyes swept Yao Qianjian, and some of them complained, "People just tried you, otherwise you think they really don't know the gold wings. Is the value of Dapeng descendants?"

"Really? That's why I misunderstood you!" Yao Qianjian's powerful sword domain slowly dissipated, and his face showed a smile instead of a smile. "Since that is the case, let's divide it! You take it out! Give me one billion, and then the descendants of Golden Wings are yours!"

"There is not one billion yuan on the little girl, only these!" Meng Huanzhen threw a storage ring at Yao Qianjian.

Yao Qianjian shot a golden awn directly on the storage ring and took the storage ring back into his hands.

A glance at his soul revealed that there were about 300 million top-grade fairy jade, as well as a few good treasures, some materials, but the total value was not more than 600 million.

"No! Too few!" Yao Qianjian didn't mean to give in at all. You must know that the 500 million top grade immortal jade is already a huge sum of money. The purchased medicine is enough for them to break through the level of the fairyland!

Of course, they will not use elixir to break through the current state, they will only use their own efforts to break through!

It is better to use panacea, because no matter how it is refined, there will be impurities in it. It is a three-point poison. The poison is the impurity. The higher the rank of panacea, the more impurities, so like them This peerless genius can take no medicine without taking the panacea.

"Otherwise, there is also a superb six-tier defensive fairy treasure, Xiaguang Immortal Clothes, which is worth at least about 400 million!" Meng Huan really pointed to the beautiful colorful Xiayi clothes on his body, and his face was slightly exposed. A bit of perseverance.

"Hey! It's a good show!" At this time, in the world of Zhao Yuande's other side, the old man with a white beard pinched a piece of crystal jade and was watching the events outside without blinking.

"Brother, what are you doing?" Zhao Yuande asked a ray of soul.

"Brother, I am the evidence that they left each other killing each other! You will know soon!" The old man with a white beard waved his hand, his face showing a look of interest.

"Kill each other?" Zhao Yuande said a little bit, "They are the top ten geniuses in the list, but behind them are peerless immortal emperors, and they are all disciples of the Central Immortal Palace. If they kill each other, if they kill each other, If you go out... I am afraid that the two Peerless Immortal Emperors will start immediately! What kind of consequences cannot be estimated!"

"Brother! You are too tender. You need to know that now in the Tiantian Tower, anyone can fall in it. They just need to push the other party's death to the danger of the Tongtian Tower!" The old man with white beard continued Tao, "And I also feel that the Tongtian Pagoda is completely isolated from the outside world, it is completely two spaces, even if the several peerless immortal emperors no matter how to calculate, I am afraid that it cannot be calculated unless unless..."

"Unless what?" Zhao Yuande heard the other person say that his heart was also put down.

He had originally planned to wait for the opportunity. Hearing the other person said this, it felt the same reason. Even if he killed the two of them, it didnt matter. Even if there was no evidence, even the Peerless Immortal Emperor couldnt take him!

"Unless there is an immortal king of the eternal level, you can go back in time and go to the other side of the long river to see what happened, otherwise there is no solution!" Old White Beard said.

"It turns out like this!" Zhao Yuande nodded and started thinking.