Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587: Not My Favorite Type

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"Well! Your Xiaguang Xianzhiyi is so valuable, but it's not easy to get rid of..." Yao Qianjian's face showed hesitation, and finally nodded, "Forget it, I'll eat a little, just eat a little. !So be it!"

"Brother Yao, can you turn your head?" Meng Huan really showed a bit of shyness on his face, and cautiously said, "Little girl takes off this Xiaguang fairy"

"It's okay! We are all strong at the top of the God Emperor's Peak, and we all have God's eye. I want to see through your clothes. It's actually very simple. So, I don't think you have to worry about it. I want to take the opportunity to attack me. I haven't So silly!" Yao Qianjian's face showed a bit of sarcasm. In the face of absolute interests, a woman only he would not care!

"Hey! Brother Yao, you have wronged your little sister!" Meng Huan said with a bitter smile on his face. "With the little sister's cultivation, I am afraid it is not your opponent at all. I have no use even if it is a sneak attack. If it wasnt because it wasnt your opponent, wouldnt the little girl be so low and low! Forget it, take Brother Yao!"

"Oh!" Yao Qianjian smiled noncommittally.

Meng Huanzhen had untied the outer dress at this time, and gently faded the dress covered in the Xiaguang Xianzhi garment, and then gently pulled the Xiaguang Xianzhi garment from her body.

Suddenly a white and flawless carcass appeared in front of Meng Huanzhen. The perfect and flawless body seemed to have endless magic power, instantly attracting Yao Qianjian's eyes.

His sharp eyes suddenly became hot, his breathing was heavy, his heart was beating fast, his mouth was dry, as if there was a burning flame burning in his body.

At this moment, Meng Huanzhen's eyes suddenly shot a hazy brilliance, and enveloped Yao Qianjian directly.

This glory seems slow, but the speed has exceeded the time, and Yao Qianjian has shrouded it in the next moment.

At the same time, Yao Qianjian's face instantly showed a strange smile. His eyebrows were split at the same time, and two swords were shot out, taking Meng Huanzhen's head straight.

Both of them burst out with the most powerful force at the same time, and they are both incredibly fast and fast.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned. These two guys weren't simple people. Both of them were deeply scheming.

"Bah!" The hazy light from Meng Huan's real eyes was blocked by an ancient mottled copper mirror. The copper mirror was refracted, and the light was reflected back.

The two heart-sword swords that were shot by Yao Qianjian were blocked by a big tripod that appeared in front of Meng Huanzhen, and they couldn't get in.

"Oh! Haha! Really, you are not honest!" Yao Qianjian's two heart paths were unsuccessful, but when he was cold, he laughed.

"Brother Yao's method also admired the little girl, admired it!" Although Meng Huanzhen said so in his mouth, he stared at the bronze mirror in the other person's hand.

She felt a crisis from the bronze mirror, but that thing was her nemesis, and she wanted to use her eyes to sneak attack on her opponent.

Now that she lost the most powerful hole card, she couldn't help but sigh slightly, trying to kill the opponent has become extremely difficult.

The opposite Yao Qianjian looked at the big tripod floating in front of Meng Huanzhen, and also felt a strong breath from it. In his estimation, this big tripod is probably a seventh-grade fairy treasure, which may be the life-saving that the Lingxiao fairy emperor gave to the other party. Hole card.

Now that you have this big tripod and want to kill each other, it is basically a dream!

Two people let go of the idea of killing each other at the same time!

"Brother Yao, how did you see the little girl's flaws?" Meng Huan looked at Yao Qianjian across the street with some curiosity. At this time, her whole body was still naked. The beautiful carcass was shining with holy brilliance. Anyone can't help but see it. Will be drunk!

"Actually, your body is really beautiful!" Yao Qianjian looked at the perfect and flawless body of the opposite woman at this time, but there was a trace of sarcasm in the depths of her eyes. "Women to me though Very attractive, but I am a woman of Chiguo too much! In order to allow me to maintain a calm heart at any time, I stayed in three places for a year, one of which is one Hundreds of beautiful red fruit girls, I am used to eating and drinking with them all day long!"

You look at me, Zhao Yuande and Baibei old man, and I look at you, you can't help but show an incredible expression.

"Damn it! This Emperor Sword Sword is so perverted! It's such a trick to be able to come up with, this kid is...happiness!" The old man with a white beard couldn't help but reveal a deep envy.

"Okay! An immortal sword wants to be like a heart. Although this method is shameless and perverted, it is very practical!" Zhao Yuande also nodded.

"This..." Meng Huanzhen shivered, his face showing shock.

She suddenly felt like she was a clown, her behavior was so ridiculous now!

A little bit of anger appeared on her face, and the Xiaguang fairy ray cloth in her hand was put back on her at once, covering the infinite spring light.

"It's a good figure, but it's a little too small, not the type I like!" But I didn't expect Yao Qianjian's mouth across the corner to comment on Meng Huanzhen's body.

"" Meng Huan's face was ashamed and angry, and he was all red, and he could almost bleed. "Since this, why do you still fight me and want to pursue me!"

"Hey! Since you are all clear, then I will not hide it. Pursuing you is actually the task assigned to me by the ancestors, and I don't want it!" Since everything has been clear, Yao Qianjian will no longer hide, he Laughing, "Actually, you are not the type I like at all, the ambition is too deep, where is too small, especially a face is all smirk! Now it's finally good, and finally I can be myself!"

"You... you really surprised me!" Meng Huan suddenly showed a faint smile on his face. The shame and anger just now disappeared in an instant, as if nothing had happened just now.

"Since things have reached this point, what are you going to do?" Meng Huan looked at Yao Qianjiandao with a smile. "Actually, you don't want to treat me like a fool. Why didn't you open up his inner world, To know that only the inner world is the safest place, the storage ring is just a decoration! His storage ring can have a billion worth of things, and the value of the things in the inner world will inevitably be higher!"