Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588: Who Don't Help You

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"Oh! Each other, let's take what we need! You continue to grab your descendants of Golden-winged Dapeng, I will leave with this kid's flesh!" Yao Qianjian shook his head and smiled, "Actually you don't know yet The strength of this kid's flesh is already comparable to the second in the list. Now that his soul is dead, he can sell his flesh to those old antiques whose flesh is going to die. Their prices... Hey! So say, in Of all these things, his physical value is probably the highest!"

"It's really slippery!" Meng Huan stunned slightly, and then nodded with a smile, "You said that, I lost it! But don't forget, this person can cultivate the body to such a point, and there is no reason for it. We are afraid of our identity. What does this mean? It means that the force behind him is probably not worse than ours. Maybe it is also a genius secretly cultivated by the peerless emperor. If you sell its flesh, you are not afraid to invite your ancestors. trouble?"

"Hehe! You don't have to worry about this, do you know the Void Chamber of Commerce? I can send this flesh there to auction, and no one dares to make trouble in them, even if it's our eight central celestial palace peerless Immortal Emperor did not dare!" Yao Qianjian's face showed a slight mocking expression.

"Brother Yao Gaoming! The little girl admires!" Meng Huanzhen saw the expression of Zhizhu in the other person's face, knowing that he could not beat him in any other words, he simply kept silent and began to gradually shrink his hands. Dazhen, intending to imprison the already tired Jin.

At this time, Yao Qianjian looked at the other party helplessly. He also knew that even if he was superior to the other party in words, but it was basically impossible to kill the other party under that big trip!

What's more, this woman has a deep mind, and besides Dading, there must be other life-saving means that she doesn't know!

Therefore, Yao Qianjian could only helplessly walk to Zhao Yuande's corpse at this time. With a single move, Zhao Yuande flew in front of him.

Zhao Yuande was about to act stupidly, Yao Qianjian, but he heard a broken sound not far away.

A shadow brake appeared in front of two people.

"Brother An?" Yao Qianjian saw An Xiaoyun appear, and he couldn't help showing a happy expression on his face, "Brother An, hurry up and take this woman with me. I accepted the gold-winged Dapeng bird, but she refused. Fenrun!"

Meng Huanzhen saw the appearance of An Xiaoyun, and there was a deep worry in the depth of his eyes. If this person joins Yao Qianjian, he may be killed by the two of them!

"Brother An! Little girl..." Meng Huanzhen just about to explain, but heard Yao Qianjian across the street shout loudly, and a beam of sword light flew towards herself!

Yao Qianjian even took the initiative to launch the attack, and he was the heart sword as soon as he came up!

"Haha! Since Brother Yao wants to kill her, then I will help you!" An Xiaoyun's face showed a faint smile, and without a hesitation punched Meng Huan Zhen with a punch!

Although this punch does not have a brilliant brilliance, nor does it have a fierce momentum, but it gives a kind of terror that is about to fall into the abyss of death.

Even Yao Qianjian felt a creepy feeling in his heart!

But at the next moment Yao Qianjian suddenly felt something was not right, he dodged quickly, but it was too late!


Yao Qianjian felt the bones of his whole body shattered instantly. His body was like a rag pocket and fell heavily on the ground. Only a pair of eyes still looked at the other person in disbelief. His eyes were filled with deep shock!

"Why...Why! We are good friends, but we grew up together..." Yao Qianjian found that he hadn't finished his words, and a big foot had stepped **** his face.

"Friend? Hey!" An Xiaoyun's handsome and elegant face showed a greasy expression, "Are you a friend of mine? You have been bullying me since childhood, you will soon be Is it two years older than me? Isn't it better than my origin? What qualifications do you have to bully me and humiliate me! A group of you often make fun of me with my mother's affairs, laughing that I am a wild seed! Secretly made up my mind that one day I will kill all of you and be crushed alive! Did you not realize that those people had disappeared?"

" were just children at that time! How did all died in your hands?" Yao Qianjian's eyes showed an incredible look, and he found himself deceived. Well, cheated for twenty years!

How deep is the other party's scheming, and has been called brother and brother for more than 20 years, and has been friends for more than 20 years. How much patience it takes, how much thought it takes!

In order to kill at this moment, he endured for more than 20 years, but dont forget how serious humiliation he endured when he was only a few years old!

"I want to crush you! A little bit of crushing you to avenge your mother who was forced to death, you are the last one! No... there is that bitch, that **** that I call my aunt! One day she will die in my hands too!" An Xiaoyun's face showed a frantic color and began to frantically crush her feet.

"Ah! Ah! An Xiaoyun, you madman! You are a complete lunatic! Ah... forgive me, forgive me... I'm wrong! Xiao Yun, for our years of friendship, You will spare me..." Yao Qianjian's voice was still very hard at first, but the voice became weaker and weaker, and the more he was filled with fear and begging!

"Hey!" There was an eerie laughter in the entire space.

"Mother! Mother! There is only one left... There is only one left... That **** is an immortal cultivator, I will continue to work hard! Keep working hard!" An Xiaoyun's voice gradually returned to normal , The face also re-exposed the original handsome unparalleled temperament and elegance.

However, there were still tears on his face, which made people want to calm him gently.

"Cousin! Congratulations on your revenge, congratulations!" At this time, Meng Huanzhen, who was on the opposite side, had been quietly looking at An Xiaoyun on the opposite side. Now there is only peace and a touch of comfort!

"Thanks to Sister Meng!" An Xiaoyun smiled sincerely at Meng Huan, "If Sister Meng has been helping me all these years, I can't kill so many enemies, especially the **** Yao Qianjian!"

"Well! Who's calling your mother-in-law is my aunt-in-law, and my dearest aunt-in-law, I won't help you!" Meng Huanzhen's face also showed a smile of relief.