Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Unlucky Horn

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He turned his head to look in the direction of the sound, and was shocked to find that he was held in the hand by a huge stone, who was observing him carefully with hundreds of feet of eyes.

This huge stone man has basically the same appearance as humans, but his forehead has two curved corners.

"Endless years, I finally saw human beings again. I don't know what kind of surprise this time will bring me?" The huge stone man seemed a little excited, breathing like a gust of wind.

"How did you enter the Nether Cold Lake?"

"This predecessor, we entered the Nether Blood River by mistake and came here along the footsteps of an ancestor!" Zhao Yuande knew that there was no need to lie in front of this existence, and the other party had many means to probe your soul and let you have all your secrets Exposed.

"Nether Blood River...a ancestor..." The stone man seemed to be caught in ancient memories.

"You... can you promise me a condition!" The stone man seemed to see the relationship between Zhao Yuande and Po Tian, and just spoke to Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, please say, as long as I can do it, Zhao Yuande will do it!" Zhao Yuande would not dare to say half a word, otherwise the other party would be angry and they might become two swells in two minutes.

"I want you to send a letter to Zhang Jiyang, and ask him when he promises me what will be completed!" Shiren's words thundered like thunder, and it seemed as if a thunder burst in Zhao Yuande's heart.

"Zhang...Zhang Jiyang! What did he promise to his senior?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"He promised me to help me get out of this land. I have been waiting here for a long time!" The stone man raised his legs a little irritably, and the earth rumbling.

Upon looking at it, Zhao Yuande discovered that the stone man's legs were connected to the earth, and he could not take a half step!

"I must bring the words to me!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly assured that this Zhang Jiyang might have forgotten this promise, otherwise how would he become a fairy.

Immortal Emperor Lingxu in the fairy field saw this scene, and suddenly a trace of redness appeared on his face, but he really forgot this promise.

When he came out of the nether cold lake, his whole body was frozen. If it were not for the stone man who rescued him, maybe there would be no such thing as the Spiritual Emperor Emperor. At that time, he did promise that the other party would help him to restore his freedom.

"Hey! The glory of the fairy world has covered my eyes, and I have forgotten even my promise!" Lingxian fairy emperor sighed, and then gently pointed into the void.

In the Eastern Emperor Great World, Zhao Yuande wanted to say something, but he suddenly saw a white light in the sky, and a vast energy was emitted from the white light, directly hitting the stone man.


The stone man roared in pain!

The endless snowy mountains all collapsed at this moment, and the entire extreme north fell into a violent shaking.

Fortunately, the entire North Pole is sparsely populated, and even fierce beasts don't often make ends meet. This will not cause a terrible catastrophe.

Countless powerhouses of the East Emperor and Great World have set their sights on the extreme north, because they also all saw a white light and felt the terrifying and terrible power!

Zhao Yuande and Po Tian were instantly stunned by the shouting of the stone men. Their seven tricks were bleeding. If they were not physically strong to a certain extent, they might have become two bodies at this moment.

I dont know how long afterwards, Zhao Yuande woke up slowly, and then he found that he was still caught in the hands of the stone man, and the side of the sky was not awake at this time, his head was still pulling, but Zhao Yuande could feel it did not What a big deal.

"Ah! You're awake! I'm sorry, I was so hurt just now!" Shi Ren's sorry voice rang in his ears, "Thank you Zhao Yuande, you helped me, and now I can do something for you?"

Zhao Yuande felt the stone man's sincere apology and felt the simplicity of the stone man.

"Can I know the name of my predecessor?" Zhao Yuande was very curious about this existence. Although his previous life was utterly ridiculous, he had never seen a similar life.

"My name is Jiao! I was born in chaos. I accidentally trampled Wa's house and was punished by him for being unable to move it!" The stone man called Jiao sighed. This long memory made him fall into silence again.

A creature born in chaos? Isn't this a congenital demon?

What is the existence of Wa, and the ability to permanently seal the horn on the earth is bound to be a congenital **** and devil. Perhaps it is the supreme existence of the congenital **** and demon.

"Senior horn, actually I don't have any requirements, I just want to return to Zhongyu." Zhao Yuande estimated that it is only more than a month since the opening of the Shenxu. If I have been unable to get out of this barren and deserted place, I am afraid It will delay major events.

"Zhongyu? I've been there before, so I'll take you back! Come, you sit on my shoulders, and I will take you away!" Jiao gently placed Zhao Yuande and the unconscious sky With his broad shoulders, he made a stride and walked toward the south.

The height of the horn is very high, and every time he falls, he is thousands of feet away. This speed is appalling.

The shoulder of the horn is wide, which is bigger than a football field, Zhao Yuande kicked it lightly and was still in a coma.

"Hey, wake up! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked at the sky with a ignorant face and couldn't help but smile, pointing to the mountains that were constantly receding in the distance, and the blossoming white clouds passing by.

"Oh!" Po Tian's happy face flushed, which was the excitement after the disaster, and the joy after seeing the sun.

"I think so! It's really uncomfortable for you to not speak human language. It's better for me to teach you how to speak!" Zhao Yuande was also idle, anyway, even the whimsical teacher began to speak.

Po Tian was very excited. Although he could understand Zhao Yuande's meaning, he was so depressed that he couldn't express it, which made him very depressed. With this opportunity today, how can he let it go.

Zhu Yan is a very clever beast. Under Zhao Yuande's tireless teaching, he can finally speak some simple words and communicate with him.

At a speed of more than two million miles an hour, when they were shining in the red sun on the fourth day, they had already walked out of the endless ice fields and came to the huge mountains.

"The wild mountains here are almost entering the realm of the middle region!" Zhao Yuande stood on the shoulder of the corner and looked at the distant sky.

There was a high tower towering into the sky.

"That is the demarcation line between the Central and Northern Territories. The Barren Tower. As long as we get there, we can take the teleportation array and return to the Divine Ruins!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the high tower facing the Heaven-Breaking Road.

"Go back..." Po Tian said in his own tone, "I want to eat... good food!"

"Hey, rest assured! Good things are indispensable to you, but there will be two guys robbing you!" Zhao Yuande teased.

"They... snatch...but!" Po Tian waved his fists, his face showing confidence.