Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590: Subdued

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But the other side solved the battle with just a slight sword. How strong is this person?

Is he really the first mysterious person in the list that has never appeared?

No... impossible!

Suddenly she thought that Zhao Yuande was still from the lower realm. How could a kid in the lower realm be the first in the list?

"What are you thinking about again and again? Don't beg for mercy when you die?" Zhao Yuande looked at Meng Huanzhen and gave her a little curiosity.

"Is it useful to ask for mercy? Will it spare me?" Meng Huan couldn't help but whispered.

"No! You must die!" Zhao Yuande shook his head indifferently.

"Since that is the case, what am I to ask for mercy? And my life-saving means are not as powerful as the immortal Emperor's avatar. There is no chance in front of you! I'm afraid I will die under your sword in an instant! No pain Im already satisfied with my death!" Meng Huan Zhendao.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with interest. "You must have something to tell me!"

"Yes! I will not beg for mercy, but I will cooperate with you!" Meng Huanzhen looked at Zhao Yuande, "and you have to work with me all the way!"

"Oh! Let's hear it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party. He wanted to hear what the other party could say to impress him.

"Know that all four of us enter the Tongtian Tower. Everyone can see it for yourself. If only you walk out of the Tongtian Tower, all three of us are dead inside. What do you think the people outside think? The three peers behind us What would the Immortal Emperor think? Will they think you are the murderer? Will they immediately cross many planes and appear directly in front of you? No matter how powerful you are, you dont want to face three peerless Immortal Emperors at the same time "!" Meng Huanzhen analyzed, "If you don't kill me, if the two of us walked out of the Tongtian Tower together, that would be another scene. I can help you lie and testify..."

"Okay! Miss Meng, do you think I am a three-year-old child? If you go out and accuse me, I am not dying faster? Whats more, even if I walk out of the Tongtian Tower, the three peerless emperors behind you are not Will come to me because there is a guardian family!" Zhao Yuande carefully observed Meng Huan's complexion and found that when she heard the four words of the guardian family, her face changed slightly.

He knew it in an instant, and he guessed right. This guardian family is not simple, it can definitely deter the three peerless emperors!

"You... can't you really leave me a way to live?" Meng Huan suddenly felt a sense of despair. The other party was even more evil than An Xiaoyun, and he could be tolerant and difficult!

"It's not impossible to leave you alive, but..." Zhao Yuande deliberately dragged his tone long.

"But nothing! As long as you say, I promise you everything! It's no problem to be a slave-servant and even contribute everything to me!" Meng Huan heard the other party's words, and his eyes lit up!

"I want you to be my servant, and I will plant a soul for you!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smiley expression on his face.

"No... this won't work! I don't have the freedom to plant the soul, and I really lost everything. What else do I have to live..." Meng Huanzhen's face suddenly turned pale, and he shook his head desperately.

"Okay! Now, you die!" Zhao Yuande wasn't wordy either, and Heiyan Jian split toward Meng Huanzhen's head without hesitation.

"Slow down... I... I promise you!" Feeling the coming of death, Meng Huan woke up suddenly and agreed quickly.

I promised that there might be a chance to turn over, but if I didnt agree, I would die immediately, even the chance of reincarnation is gone!

"Early!" Zhao Yuande withdrew the Heiyan sword with a smile.

"Hello, brother, is there any kind of slavery that the peerless immortal can't see through?" Zhao Yuande could only ask the old man with a white beard at this time.

"Yes! And it's not difficult! But it's a bit of trouble!" The old man with a white beard said with certainty, "It's just because your present soul is still a little weak, and it is still a bit laborious to manipulate. It would be better for me to help you control this woman, and No problem if I come to show!"

"Brother! Don't you want to be crooked, this woman is one of my important chess pieces, don't come here!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with white beard and saw that the other person's eyes were full of burning, and always thought this guy was very Not reliable!

"Bah! Brother, I'm a lot of people! And I don't have a body yet, how can I come here, you tell me!" The old man with a white beard rolled his eyes and gave Zhao Yuande a white look.

"Brother! Brother! The younger brother is just..." Zhao Yuande smiled a little embarrassedly, and he also felt that he was unreliable at all!

"Okay! Let's go! Let her completely let go of the soul, and I will control her!" The old man with a white beard waved his hand.

"You let go of the soul, I'll control you, you must not play tricks on me, otherwise..." Zhao Yuande has put the Black Rock Sword in her eyebrows.

A force of terror followed the place touched by the Black Rock Sword, and instantly rushed into Meng Huan's real knowledge of the sea. As long as the other party moved slightly, it would hang its soul!

The spirit of the old man with white beard quickly controlled the other party and planted a slightly invisible soul into the depth of Meng Huan's true spirit!

Even Meng Huanzhen can't feel anything special in the soul!

"Okay!" the old man with a white beard laughed. "You can let her do whatever you want. If he is disobedient, I won't let her walk around!"

"She has only one head left, what else can she do! Hey! I still have to waste my fairy medicine to cure her!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

"Now that you are my servant, you will call me master when no one is in front of us, and we are friends in front of someone!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a faint smile on his face.

Meng Huanzhen felt carefully in the soul of God, and found nothing special at all. He couldn't help looking at Zhao Yuande suspiciously: " wouldn't lie to me? I didn't feel anything?"

"Since that is the case, I will let you feel it, otherwise how would you know how powerful I am!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly.

"Ah!" As soon as Zhao Yuande's words fell, Meng Huan felt that her soul was being cut by thousands of knives, and that kind of pain made her want to die immediately!

"The master spares his life! The master spares his life!" Meng Huan was full of pain and begged in a low voice.

"Well! Got it!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "This is a little punishment to question your master!"

"Thank you Master! Thank you Master! The slave-servant never dare again!" Meng Huan really nodded his head, his face full of fear, just like that feeling she really didn't want to feel anymore.