Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591: Welfare

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"Don't try to look for the peerless emperor behind you, even if he can't check it out, and as long as someone forcibly checks that your soul will blow up instantly, then you really have to regret it!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold , As if coming from the Nine Nether Hell.

"Don't dare! Don't dare! The slave-maid absolutely dare not!" Meng Huanzhen was really scared to death at this time!

"Well! It's about the same! As long as you perform well, maybe I will give you back in the future, maybe I will be happy to make your cultivation progress by leaps and bounds, and it is not impossible to enter the top five positions in the list of people to replace Yao Qianjian!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"This...but I only have my head left, and I'm afraid I will be without the body..." Meng Huan looked at his perfect body with some reluctance.

"It's okay! I can help you reconnect your flesh and make sure you have no worries!" Zhao Yuande waved her hand and interrupted her!

He photographed Meng Huanzhen's body in his hands, and then placed her head on the still bleeding bleeding wound!

Then the undead body in the body was running wildly, and a powerful life energy and a mysterious undead substance passed along the palm of Zhao Yuande to the wound on Meng Huanzhen's neck.

Meng Huanzhen instantly felt a trace of coolness and felt the flow around the neck, she instantly felt that her body was back!

"Thank you Master!" Meng Huanzhen saw Zhao Yuande stop, and she would like to thank Xie Yingying.

"Don't move, you have too much blood loss in the body now, adjust the interest rate for a while, and I will make a delicious food for you!"

He took out the gluttonous true spirit tripod, as well as a whole lot of various immortal elixir, and began to get busy.

"Master, are you?" Meng Huan really looked at Zhao Yuande, who was making food?

"Shut up! Breath yours, don't ask what you don't know!" Zhao Yuande glanced at her coldly.

Meng Huan really only felt his body tremble, as if he had fallen into the abyss of ice, the whole body was cold.

She dared not talk much anymore, honestly according to Zhao Yuande's interest rate adjustment.

Soon the fragrance flew out from Dingzhong, Zhao Yuan Desheng handed Meng Huanzhen a bowl!

At this time, Meng Huan has already been hooked by this kind of fragrance, and he can't help himself.

"Drink it! Then guide the power in it, and wait until the recovery is complete!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and woke up Xiao Jin, who had gradually recovered, before he walked towards the stall.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin opened his eyes, and immediately excitedly circled around Zhao Yuande, all eyes were intimate.

"Fine! Xiaojin, come here!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to Xiaojin.

Xiao Jin came to Zhao Yuande before discovering the deliciousness in front of Zhao Yuande.


Xiao Jin looked at Zhao Yuande with longing.

"Well! I have a bowl, and the rest is yours!" Zhao Yuandesheng filled the bowl, and then pushed the gluttonous Zhen Ling Ding to Xiaojin.

Xiao Jin is also polite, just rushed up and started to enjoy!

Although these soups are only made of some fairy medicine, Zhao Yuande has absorbed all the impurities. Now it is just pure essence, which is delicious!

After not knowing how long, Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes.

These soups have little effect on him, but they are better than nothing, and cultivation is accumulated little by little!

At this time, Meng Huanzhen was overjoyed and opened her eyes!

At this time, not only did she recover from all her injuries, but she also improved slightly. If it was said that he was only one step away from entering the fairyland, now it is only half a step away!

As long as she wants, she can be promoted to fairyland at any time!

At this time, Xiao Jin was injured because of being too heavy, so he is still recovering.

"Thank you Master!" Meng Huan bowed, showing awe in his face.

She saw it all. Although the fairy medicines are still precious, the total value is less than a million high-grade fairy jade, but this effect is indeed enough to match the fourth-grade or even fifth-grade elixir!

"Well! Don't talk nonsense at this time, otherwise I will never be lighthearted!" Zhao Yuande looked serious.

"Yes! Master is assured that this matter will always remain in the mind of slave-servants!" Meng Huan nodded in a hurry.

"Okay! Next, let's go to the next few levels to see!" Zhao Yuande waved away the things on the ground and looked towards the distant fog, "You should be able to crack this formation!"

"Yes master!" Meng Huan really nodded. "Slave slaves have been trained in formation since they were young. There are almost no formations in this world that I don't know, nor can I unlock them!"

Meng Huan really showed a proud look on her face. Since she was a child, her talents in the formation have been very against the sky. After being known by the fairy emperor Ling Xiao, she began to focus on training and took her to walk among the major ruins in search of some ancients. The formation method allows it to learn to crack!

Therefore, Meng Huan really has all the nine things above the formation, but she has not yet reached the point where the Soul Void is formed. Now she still needs to catch various tricks and tricks to arrange the battle.

Otherwise, even if Zhao Yuande just cut her head, as long as she can set up the array in a void, she will immediately arrange a heavy array to trap Zhao Yuande, and then Zhao Yuande will be trapped in the array. Scene.

Meng Huanzhen's attainments are definitely not blown, but only a dozen breathing time, she appeared with Zhao Yuande before the spiral staircase on the third floor.

"Master! From the fourth floor, there have been many terrible ghosts, we must be careful! Otherwise, if one fails, he will be attacked by ghosts or even take the house!" Meng Huanzhen seems very familiar with this place.

"Well! We went to the fourth floor to catch a few ghosts, and then left! There have been a lot of time here, and my auction may be about to start soon!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Auction! I almost forgot this auction!" Speaking of the auction, Meng Huan's eyes suddenly lighted up, "We are all here for the last drunk dream wine, don't delay it!"

"Hehe! Drunk Dream Wine, that's what I sent, you don't want to participate!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face showing a non-smiling expression.

"Why! The slave-maid wants..." Meng Huanzhen's voice began to increase suddenly, but instantly thought of his identity, immediately lowered his head and pleaded in a low voice.

"I am so drunk about drunk dream wine. Since you are already my slave-servant, then I will give you a few bottles, so you dont have to waste so much jade!" Zhao Yuande threw the other party a storage ring. Among them are ten bottles of drunk dream wine, "This is a benefit I give you! As long as you do things for me, the benefits will definitely be more than your ancestors gave you!"