Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592: Out Of The Tower

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"This...this...!" Meng Huan looked at the ten bottles of wine in the storage ring incredulously and asked, "Master... is this really... drunk dream wine?"

"Good! It's drunk dream wine! But now it's not time to drink, you can try it when we get out of the Tongtian Tower!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and stepped on the spiral staircase.

On the fourth floor, as Meng Huanzhen said, ghosts began to appear!

And these ghosts are very powerful, and each end is not weaker than a strong man in a fairyland.

However, under Meng Huanzhen's formation and Zhao Yuande's terrifying power, these ghosts could not pose any threat at all. Instead, Zhao Yuande grabbed several heads in a row and threw them into the void of the trial space.

It is enough to treat these ghosts for Yi Menggui!

At this time, Meng Huanzhen's gaze became different when she looked at Zhao Yuande again.

Zhao Yuande's pure flesh power has really reached the point where he can kill ordinary powerhouses in ordinary fairyland, and the force is surging, the soul of the gods is not weak, and there is the guardian spirit of the fairy treasure, this is definitely an invulnerable strongman!

According to her estimate, Zhao Yuande's strength should be able to compete with Zhang Daoxu, the third in the ranking!

And Zhao Yuande's current state is only the early stage of the Divine Emperor. If he is promoted to the pinnacle of the Divine Soul one day, can he contend with the mysterious man in the top of the list?

If this is really the case, it is really not wronged to follow yourself by your side!

Zhao Yuande doesn't care if Meng Huan really dreams, since he has got what he wants, he will leave!

"Do we need to return the same way?" Zhao Yuande looked at Meng Huanzhen.

"No! Master, there is a teleportation array on each floor. We can teleport as long as we find it!" Meng Huanzhen shook his head and pointed not far away. "I feel there is a vacant vibration over there. The teleportation array should be there. direction!"

"let's go!"

The two quickly found a teleportation array in a corner and successfully teleported out of the tower.

As soon as he reached the Tongtian Tower, Zhao Yuande felt a pair of eyes looking up and down on his body!

"Senior!" Zhao Yuande slightly arched his hand.

The man in front of him was the old man in the fairyland that guarded the tower.

"Why did you two come out?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande somewhat puzzled, with a trace of disappointment deep in his eyes.

"Senior! We came to Tongtian City this time, there are actually more important things, to participate in the genius battle between immortals, if the war is over, we will definitely come to the Tongtian Tower again!" Meng Huan really came out of the Tongtian Tower, suddenly I felt a sense of relief.

Because in front of everyone, I no longer need to call the word master! You don't have to show respect!

"Senior! We still have something to do, let's go!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand to the old man, and he turned and left.

"Have you seen the other two?" the old man suddenly asked.

"No! I met Meng Meng, and joined forces to the fourth floor, but we came out because of the time! As for the others, we didn't see it!" Zhao Yuande shook his headband, "What happened to Brother Yao and Brother An? Alright?"

"It's okay!" The old man gave Zhao Yuande a deep look and waved his hand.

"Then let's go first!" Zhao Yuande nodded and turned to the auction house in Tongtian City to radio away!

"Goodbye Senior!" Meng Huanzhen also nodded to the old man, his figure disappeared in an instant.

"Well! Interesting, interesting! The two died in the tower, but the two of them came out! Although I don't know what happened in the middle, I couldn't get rid of them!" The old man frowned. The direction in which the two disappeared.

"But it seems that you don't do anything to me!" The old man shook his head immediately. "What I need to look for now is the man with great chances, and the two dead people cannot have great chances. Come on, I'll pay close attention to these two little guys!"

Seeing the direction of Zhao Yuande's disappearance, the old man could not help revealing the look of expectation.

Zhao Yuande had been flying away for a long time, and he always felt that the old man behind him was staring at himself.

Obviously, this old man guarding the Tongtian Tower may already know the death of the two!

Will he know that he did it himself?

No matter, I have to inform Dong Haichuan to let him pave the way for me first, otherwise the matter will be affected by the peerless emperor behind those two people.

"Master! The old guy may have some guesses, the master has to guard against it!" Meng Huanzhen, who has been following behind, quietly passed on to Zhao Yuande at this time.

"Relax! I'm fine! Even the people behind them can't move me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his voice full of confidence.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Meng Huanzhen couldn't help but gleam a strange light in his eyes. He seemed to look forward to seeing what means Zhao Yuande had!

The two figures soon disappeared at the end of a street.

"Hey! It's never too late!" Zhao Yuande looked at the various auction treasures that were in full swing in the auction house.

"You should participate in the auction in your own way! I will contact you if there is something!" Zhao Yuande secretly passed the message to Meng Huan Zhendao behind him.

"Yes! Master!" Meng Huanzhen showed a respectful look on his face, and his body disappeared quietly before a box. He pushed open the door and walked in.

There are two rows of seats in the box, and four beautiful and charming little girls are chattering about what they are talking about.

Hearing the box door open, they turned around and looked at the door.

When they saw Meng Huanzhen's figure appear, they couldn't help but show surprise on their faces.

"Yeah! It's Sister Zhenzhen, have you come out of the Tongtian Tower?" A red skirt girl jumped up from your seat, rushed to the side of Dream Real, and took her arm by surprise.

"Well, Sister Rouer, how can I miss this auction, even in the Tiantian Tower, I can't feel at ease, so I came out with a friend early!" Meng Huanzhen rubbed the girl's hair, and then She took her to the chair and sat down comfortably.

"Friend? Wouldn't it be Yao Gongzi!" A young girl with pony tails winked at Meng Huan mysteriously.

"Must be Yao Gongzi! Recently, Yao Gongzi launched a full offensive against her sister. Sister won't fall!" A green-dressed girl came up close to Meng Huanzhen, blowing in her ear gently, "Sister At that step with Mr. Yao, is it still..."

"You little Nizi, have you talked to your sister so much!" This girl is called Meng Huanling and she is Meng Huan's real sister!