Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594: On Purpose

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"This depends on your qualifications! I know that the wife of the Emperor Jiuyao used eight bottles to get a promotion, but her mother-in-law was 20 years old because she was too old! After that, you can go back and try it out, and you should know what you need!" Feng Feng looked at those ardent eyes, but her heart was dark.

It seems that today these ten bottles of drunk dream wine will shoot a sky-high price!


Then several people asked about their concerns, and finally the final auction began!

"Everyone is only allowed to bid on one bottle, and you can buy the drunk dream wine you need at the bid price!" The woman Feng Feng took a bottle and put it in his hand, looking at the Quartet, "The first bottle of drunk dream wine, The base price is 50 million, you can increase the price at will!"

"What! Fifty million! This... this is too expensive!"

"If you need ten bottles, it would be 500 million! It's too dark, too dark!"

"It's too expensive. Let's talk to them. Doesn't Mother-in-law spend billions of top-grade fairy jade? Does the Fan family have so many fairy jade?"


Hearing the crowd shouting for expensive, the Fengfeng woman was not in a hurry, but just quietly voiced several people.

These are the trusts arranged by the auction house among the crowd. Of course, their role is not to deceive everyone, but to guide everyone's thinking.

"All right! Save it! It's too expensive. You don't need to shoot. There are too many people waiting to shoot!"

"Hey! Don't be too expensive. I heard that this kind of wine needs five or even six grades of fairy medicine as the main ingredient, and there are as many as 1,000 kinds of auxiliary materials. Store in a space with time acceleration!"

"Not bad! The training space of our uncle's house was rented, and the price was ridiculously expensive!"

"I heard that the cost of a bottle of wine is 30-40 million yuan, and auctioning 50 million yuan is already the price of conscience!"

"Otherwise do you think there will be such a magical effect?"

"I also heard that after drinking the drunk dream wine, someone successfully cultivated a supernatural power into the state of great success!"

"What! Drunk Dream Wine also has this effect, which is incredible!"

"If this is the case, 50 million is definitely very cheap!"

"Yes! Yes!"


The voices of these people gradually caused many people who were too expensive to shut up!

These expensive people are actually just talking, they are basically unaffordable.

"I'm out of fifty-five million!" Finally, an old head came out of a box and greeted everyone. "All of you are the same, I'm Zifenglei of Ziyunzong. Today, you will let the first bottle of drunk dream wine. What about old age?"

"It turns out to be Brother Zi! Now that Brother Zi has spoken, then I won't bid anymore! It's a face for you!" The old man in the other box saw the sound of Zi Fenglei and sat back in his seat again.

Although this purple wind thunder is just the pinnacle of your fairy land, but there is a son of the pinnacle of fairy land, and two grandsons of fairy land, in Ziyun Sect is also an old man with a strong voice!

Anyway, there are still nine bottles, and he will simply sell him a face, and will remember how he loves himself.

"Thank you Brother Zhu! Thank you Brother Zhu!" Zi Fenglei arched his hand at the old man, his face showing a bit of gratitude.

Many people also saw Zi Fenglei talking, and more or less gave him some face, they all gave up the first bottle of bidding.

"Thank you! Thank you! After the auction, I will invite everyone to drink and go to the Emerald Restaurant. We are not drunk!" Zifeng Lei was very happy to see that everyone was giving his face, and he was very proud of his big hand!

"Girl, since all of us are not arguing with Zi Lao, please announce the result as soon as possible!" An old man looked at the Feng Feng woman on the stage and couldn't help but urge it.

Zhao Yuande in the box saw this situation and couldn't help frowning slightly.

What this old guy wanted to do, he wanted to get the first bottle at the price of 55 million at the beginning, which was a bad start.

If everyone else is like this one, his drunk dream wine should be sold!

Uncle Tai and the black-faced old man were also a little unhappy, which had already upset the rules of the auction house.

"Purple man, don't be too premature!" Just when everyone was anxious and Zhao Yuande wanted to bid in person, a vague voice echoed in the auction.

"It's you! Feng Wubo! What do you want to do? Haven't you been promoted to Fairy King Realm? Can't you still **** me?" Zi Fenglei's pupil shrank slightly when he heard this voice, and his face was also There was a look of anger.

"Even if I am the Immortal Emperor, I am eligible to participate in the auction. I will sell 60 million!" A middle-aged man with a cold smile on his face slowly raised his palm.

" are intentional! You are intentional at all!" Zi Fenglei's face sank, his heart was rushing to kill, if he could beat the opponent, he would have rushed to fight the opponent!

"Yes! I did it on purpose. I want to buy and drink to see how different this kind of wine is! And it can disgust you hypocrite, why not do it!" The indifferent middleman smiled, but his voice seemed like The cold wind swept through everyone's mind.

"I'm out of 61 million!" Zifeng Lei felt that he was going to be blown up. At this time, the other party was obviously targeting himself.

"65 million!" There was a cold smile on Feng Wubo's face.

"Sixty-six million!" Zifenglei continued to increase prices.

"70 million! Purple old man, you're bored! So, as long as you bid more than 70 million, I will give up immediately!" Feng Wubo looked at the angry purple wind thunder, his lips showed a mockery.

"Seventeen million!" Zifeng Lei knew that this was already his limit, and even higher, he could not afford it.

"Okay! Here you are!" Feng Wubo is also simply, when it comes to doing, no longer bid with the other party.

"You... you are the trust of the auction!" Zi Fenglei looked at the wind without waves, and his anger could not be concealed.

This guy didn't come out to spoil the game, he won 55 million, but didn't expect to take another 16 million now!

And this is the first bottle. If, as the auction house says, it takes ten bottles to be promoted, it is 160 million more!

This figure has made his heart feel blood.

"No... The Qian family's face is not that big, I just look at you as being unsightly!" Feng Wubo opened his mouth contemptuously, "This is just an appetizer!"

"You..." Zifenglei naturally knows what the other party is saying, but he simply can't imagine how the other party will deal with himself!