Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595: Qingyun City

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Zifeng Lei said nothing, silently handing over to the auction house, picked up a bottle of drunk dream wine and turned to leave the box.

However, he felt a dark feeling always wrapped around his body.

With a move in his heart, he sat down again and began secretly communicating to his son.

Not to mention Zifenglei, the next nine bottles of drunk dream wine were finally sold at a price of 60-70 million, and the last bottle even reached a high price of 78 million.

Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, the result of this auction can make his pockets quickly filled.

"Still need to make more drunk dream wine!"

After the auction, Zhao Yuande went to the major pharmacies in Tongtian City, but in the end, he still didn't have the materials to make the drunk dream wine, but only an important accessory called Yunmeng Teng.

"Brother Sun! Where will Yunmeng Teng be?" Zhao Yuande frowned and asked Sun Yang around him.

"Brother Zhao! This Yunmeng Teng is produced in Baihe Daze of Baihezhou, and the price is not expensive in Baihe Daze. I really dont know where to grow in other places. But it should also be It is in Daze!" Sun Yang said.

"I have asked Qian Qian to help me pay attention to the treasure shops in various places, but it is far from being able to resolve the thirst. We still have to go out and go by ourselves. Do you know any very large cities in Xifengzhou?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The largest in Xifengzhou is Qingyun City, which is a huge city under the rule of the Immortal Emperor Palace. It is said that it was also built from Taikoo!" Sun Yang thought for a moment.

"Go! Let's go to Qingyun City!" Zhao Yuande did not hesitate.

"Will not delay the time for the later sales of drunk dream wine!" Sun Yang was worried.

"If Qingyun City doesn't have it, it's better to go back to Baihezhou!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

"But it takes a long time to go back and forth once, I am afraid it will delay the fairy demon war!"

"Why, it's more important to earn fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande will naturally not delay the fairy war!

Strictly speaking, he did not lose to the two realms of Immortals and Demons, but a disciple of Bajing Palace!

"Then let's go!"


Zhao Yuande was in a hurry, but he just greeted Uncle Pa and went straight to Sun Yang.

Qingyun City is built on a majestic giant mountain, and Qingyun is floating in the city as if it is a fairyland in painting!

The two hurried out of the teleportation array. After a little inquiries, they walked towards the largest treasure house in the city.

This treasure building is magnificent, hundreds of feet high, and the top floor has been deeply inserted into the white clouds.

"The two sons came here and didn't know what treasures were needed. We included all the fairy medicine materials in the five continents of Immortal Realm in our Qingyun Tower, and there was a Qipin Xianbao Qingyangding on the top floor to suppress the luck..." Approaching Baolou, he immediately joined a young man and kept introducing Qingyunlou to the two.

"Okay! That's good! Since you Qingyunlou are so full of things, then prepare 100 copies of me according to the materials on this list!" Zhao Yuande was also welcome and didn't want to delay the time. He handed over a list directly other side.

The list lists hundreds of kinds of elixir, which are the materials needed for drunk dream wine.

"These..." When the little boy saw the dense name on the list, he suddenly felt a big head, but he subconsciously felt that he might have encountered a big customer. He hurriedly bowed to the two. "The two VIPs are not enough for the small level. If the small takes the two to the shopkeeper, please follow me!"

"Lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

Soon the two followed the young man into the second floor of the Baolou and into a quaint room.

There were two people chatting in the room at this time. A white-bearded old man was slightly bowed, and his face smiled a little flattering.

In front of the white-bearded old man, there is a young man standing with a negative hand!

The young man did not turn around. Although he turned his back on the crowd, there was still a strong majesty passed on.

"The shopkeeper!" the little man shouted quietly at the old man with white beards.

The old man with white beard turned his head to see that the young man came in with two young men, and his face suddenly looked pretty.

"What's the matter?" Senior Whitebeard's voice was impatient.

"The shopkeeper, these two dignitaries need you to entertain yourself." The little man respectfully handed Zhao Yuande's list to a white-bearded old man.

The old man glanced at the young man first, his face slightly impatient.

"Okay! Zhang Lao, you're busy with you first!" The voice of the young man standing on his shoulders came lightly, seeming to reveal a high atmosphere.

"Thank you, son!" The old white-bearded man, who was called Zhang Lao, bowed his head in a respectful reply.

He looked at Zhao Yuande and found out that their cultivation was not the first thing of God Emperor, and he didn't care too much, but looked at the list in his hand.

At this look, his face suddenly showed a very shocked look.

"This... these are all what you need?" The old man with white beard shuddered slightly.

"Good! Ten copies of each of the materials on the list! If your treasure building can't get it together, then I won't delay your time!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with white beard, and he had a somewhat attitude towards him Dissatisfied, so the tone is also very polite.

"Ten copies!" The old man with white beards shook his body.

He roughly calculated just now that the value of this copy is around 70-80 million, 10 copies... that is 780-800 million!

If you can really make a cover business, your position in Qingyun Tower will be greatly improved in the future, and you will no longer have to look at the face of some people to do things!

"Good! Ten copies, don't delay time!" Zhao Yuande said coldly.

"The two of you please sit down, and Yu Tong doesn't hurry to serve me tea, and ask for the best spirit tea! Go!" The shopkeeper had already very politely transferred the two to their seats at this time, and let the young man drink tea.

At this time, he took out an account book and compared it with the materials on Zhao Yuande's list one by one!

After the effort of tea, the old man took a breath.

"Do not hide two people. There is a kind of Lingguang grass in our Qingyun Building that is not stocked. The others can be put together, but it is only seven points. Lingguang grass is not rare. I can go to other treasure buildings to mobilize. Some come over, as long as you wait for a long time, no! I will be able to help you pack all these things in two hours and put them into different categories." The old man answered carefully, constantly observing Zhao Yuande's face.

"Oh! Two hours! We can wait for this!" Zhao Yuande nodded when he heard the other party saying this.

"But shouldn't the two of you pay some deposit in advance!" The old man with a white beard slightly embarrassed, "This is the rule of our Qingyun Tower, you see..."