Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1596

Chapter 1596: Water Palace

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"This is no problem, you talk about the price of these materials!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"These materials... are worth 783 million in total. According to my authority, I can drop you up to 750 million. If you are convenient, you should pay us 75 million!" Said cautiously.

Zhao Yuande throws out a storage ring, which is 75 million!

As soon as the number in the mouth of the old man came out, the young man's body that had stood up was shaking.

He turned his head involuntarily and looked at Zhao Yuande, unable to hide his face when he was shocked!

"How much?" the young man asked with excitement, turning his head to the old man with white beards.

"750 million!" The old man with white beard saw the light on the young man's face, and he was shocked in his heart. He hurried forward and stood in front of the young man. "Young... Young Master, don't be excited, you can't do this! "

"Why can't it be done? Seven hundred and fifty million is enough for me to enter the Holy Light Immortal Mansion. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" The young man's face expressed excitement.

"However, this matter needs to be reported to the Lord Master. Without the Lord Lord's hand, I will not lend the Immortal Jade to the Young Master!" The shopkeeper's face was bitter. Although he was a cultivator in the fairyland, this one in front of him was The young master of Qingyun Tower is also the young master of Qingyun City!

"My father has been closed for many days, and this time is imminent, I can't delay it anymore!" The young man's face showed some anxiety.

"The lord of the city doesn't want you to enter the Holy Light Fairy Mansion, so he retreat and practice. Young Master, don't embarrass me!" The old man with white beard stopped the young man and persuaded with painstaking efforts.

"No! I will never give up on this matter! I must enter the Holy Light Immortal Mansion. I must get that thing out of it. I want to let the white-eyed wolves in the Immortal Emperor Palace look. My Shui Aotian is not a waste!" The youth was very excited, and his face showed a **** red.

When Zhao Yuande heard the dialogue between the two, he became somewhat interested in the Shui Aotian. The other party was obviously an arrogant person, and it seemed that there had been ups and downs!

"Shui Aotian, a disciple of the Shui family, the body of the ice emperor, the early stage of the Divine Emperor Realm..."

what! It turned out to be the body of the ice king!

After Zhao Yuande's identification, he couldn't help but stunned for a while, this guy turned out to be the body of the ice emperor.

You should know that in the lower realm, Shui Jukong is this kind of physique, and according to the old water god, this kind of physique is their unique constitution.

And this guy named Shui Aotian even has the body of the ice emperor, do they have some kind of origin?

He knows that the Water God Palace also has ascendants in the Immortal Realm, and it is said that it has quite a bit of power. Is this Qingyun City controlled by the power of the Water God Palace?

Zhao Yuande's thoughts fluttered, but the old man with white beard had already quarreled with the youth, and the two men could not argue with each other!

"I said two, we are here to buy the material, this material has not yet been bought, you are here, you fight for me, what the **** does that mean?" Sun Yang at the side finally couldn't help it, there was a trace in his voice Anger.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry two people! I'm instructed to go and get the materials for the two people!" The old whitebeard remembered that there were two other dignitaries here, afraid that they wouldn't buy here because of their own neglect, and quickly gave up The dispute with the young people is ordered to make people ready to go!

The young man also knew that these two were the God of Wealth. In case they angered others, they wouldnt buy it at Qingyun Tower. His plan would be defeated!

So the youth also shut up in a hurry, and there was a bitter smile on the proud face.

"This senior, I want to ask something!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with white beards.

"Oh, distinguished guests, please." The old man with white beards would not dare to neglect.

Young people who can buy 750 million materials are probably not many in the entire fairyland. There must be a huge force behind them. This is what Qingyun City cannot afford to provoke.

So even if the old man's cultivation reached the fairyland, he did not dare to take it lightly, and he still had to be respectful.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Shui Aotian, and said lightly, "I don't know if my predecessors have heard of the Water God Palace?"

"Water God Palace!" When the old man with white beard heard the name, he suddenly showed an incredible look on his face, and then revealed a killer, deeply hidden in the eyes.

When Shui Aotian heard the name, his face also changed greatly. A pair of eyes stared at Zhao Yuande, and his face also showed a murderous intent.

"It's just a name. Are the two of you that way?" Zhao Yuande's face instead showed a faint smile, and looked at them with a relief.

It seems that these two people are definitely related to the Water Palace, but why did they react so intensely.

"Where have you heard the name of the Water God Palace?" The old man took two steps forward, forcing Zhao Yuande, his face even more nervous.

"Speak! Otherwise, you two can't get out of Qingyun Tower, and you can't get out of Qingyun City!" Shui Aotian was standing behind the two at this time, and his voice became very cold.

"Don't be nervous! Answer me a question first, as long as I answer, I will tell you everything!" Zhao Yuande waved to the two, ignoring the murderous eyes of the two, and said, "What is the situation of the Water God Palace in the fairy world? "

Zhao Yuande didn't seem to be hostile. He looked at them with clear eyes and no fear at all.

Old Whitebeard and Shui Aotian looked at each other, and they both saw a shock in their eyes.

"How do you know the Water Palace?" Finally, the old man with white beard asked slowly.

"Answer me first!" Zhao Yuande insisted, "You have also seen that the two of us are only the early cultivation of God Emperor Realm, and there is no threat to you!" Zhao Yuande spread his hands.

"Okay!" The old man nodded, he also saw the depth of the two clearly, knowing that in their hands, the two of them had absolutely no possibility of escaping, and then took a long breath and said, "We are indeed the Water God's Palace People. However, in order to escape the chase, the Water God Palace is now incognito, and the owner of the Qingyun City is the current Palace Master of my Water God Palace!"

"Who chased the Water God Palace?" Zhao Yuande's face showed a bit of anger!

"It's the Han Family in the Central Immortal Territory!" The old whitebeard continued, "The Han Family took a fancy to my Water God Palace, so...

"It's Han Family again! This family is really **** it!" Zhao Yuande heard the word Han Family, the cold light flashed in his eyes, and his body showed a thick murderous opportunity.