Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1597

Chapter 1597: Indifferent

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"You..." The old man and Shui Aotian saw Zhao Yuande's reaction, and they couldn't help but wonder. Who is this person? Does he have a relationship with the Water Palace?

"I'm from the lower realm, and has a lot of connections with the Water God Palace!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two's puzzled eyes and couldn't help but reveal a faint smile.

The old man with white beards and Shui Aotian looked at each other, his face showing an incredible look.

"How do we believe you!" Or the old whitebeard asked.

"This is actually very simple. The body of the ice emperor is your unique physique, and you also have this physique!" Zhao Yuande pointed to Shui Ao Tiandao.

"This... this doesn't prove anything. This is not the secret of our Water God Palace!" Shui Aotian's eyes stared at Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! My wife is also the body of the ice emperor!" Zhao Yuande waved with his hand, a beautiful and elegant look, a dignified Shuya woman with a trace of ambition appeared in front of everyone.

"Yuande! What is this place?" Shui Juekong felt the air in the fairy world, which seemed a little unaccustomed. She unconsciously took Zhao Yuande's arm and looked at the people around her.

"Juekong, these two are the people of Xianjie Water God Palace, and this is Sun Yang I mentioned to you once!" Zhao Yuande introduced Shuijiekong.

Although Zhao Yuande was busy in the fairyland during this time, he often returned to the other side of the world to reunite with his family, and often told them some of his situation in the outside world.

"Brother Sun!"

"Brother Zhao is really blessed! Blessed!" Sun Yang smiled warmly on his face.

Shui Jukong knew that Sun Yang was Zhao Yuande's best friend in the fairy world, so he fell back slightly to him, and then turned his head curiously to look at Shui Aotian and the old whitebeard!

At this time, Shui Juekong had already practiced in the other side of the world to the early stage of Divine Emperor Realm, and the breath from her was indeed very similar to that of Shui Aotian.

Shui Aotian and the white-beard old man immediately believed that others could be forged, but the ice king's body could not be disguised at all!

Since Shui Juekong appeared, the two have felt a breath of blood.

"I've seen two of them!" Shui Juekong didn't know the other's seniority, so he introduced himself, "I'm a disciple of the Water Realm Palace in the lower realm, Shui Juekong, and my grandpa is a contemporary water god, Shui Hao Qiong!"

"Hao Zi...a generation higher than me!" The old man with white beard heard Shui Haoqiong's three words and couldn't help but stunned for a while, then his face showed excitement.

"My grandfather is the Haozi generation." Shui Aotian's face was obviously stiff. Doesn't this mean that he is the nephew generation of this woman in front of me!

"How about it, believe it now!" Zhao Yuande gently grabbed Shui Juekong's slim waist and smiled slightly at the two.

"Can I... Can my dad come?" Shui Aotian's eyes showed a bit of expectation. If his father knew about this, he would be very happy!

"Yes! I want to inform the palace master when I hear this!" The old man's face also showed excitement.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, and Shui Juekong's clan was his clan. If he could, he wouldn't mind helping each other.

"Brother Zhao, why don't I go back first!" Sun Yang made this request at this time.

He felt that he would explore a lot of secrets of the Water Palace here, which is really not suitable.

"It's okay! We are brothers, and it's no secret." Zhao Yuande kept him, he didn't want to get rid of the other party's heart because of this.

"I know what Brother Zhao means, but I really am not suitable for being here!" Sun Yang also has his own considerations. If he is just himself, he will not mind staying here, but he is representing the Sun family now, he cannot let The Sun family was inexplicably involved in some battles.

And even if he wants to get involved, he has to let his ancestors make the decision!

This is some helplessness in the family, involuntarily!

"Well! Well, then I won't keep you anymore! Be careful when you go back." Zhao Yuande nodded.

He naturally knew Sun Yang's embarrassment, so he just kept it a little.

"You also came back earlier, you can not miss the excitement of the fairy demon war!" Sun Yang smiled and turned to leave.

"Fairy demon war!" Shui Aotian heard these four words, all of them suddenly looked forward to the color, not soon enough to think of something, his face showed a hint of sadness.

"There are no outsiders now, let's talk about the real problem of your Water God Palace!" Zhao Yuande looked at them.

"Actually we..." The old man with white beard just finished speaking these four words, and there was a middle-aged man in the room.

The middle-aged man looks cold and lacks facial expressions, but this person's cultivation behavior is very powerful. Upon entering the room, a powerful momentum was released from his body, blocking the words that the old man with white beard was about to say.

"Nine Uncle! The other party's identity has not been figured out yet, don't be reckless!" The middle-aged man glanced coldly at the old man with white beard, his tone was very harsh.

"Dad! This is..." Shui Aotian saw the middle-aged man, he couldn't help showing a happy face, and hurriedly introduced Shui Jukong.

"Shut up!" The middle-aged man said nothing even in the face of his son, still cold.

"Speak! Who are you? Why are you here? What purpose do you have?" The middle-aged man scolded his son and the white-beard old man, and turned his cold eyes to Zhao Yuande and Shui Juekong.

The kind of indifference and ruthlessness made Shui Juekong's fiery heart suddenly cold.

She flinched back towards Zhao Yuande with some fear.

"Hey! Since people don't want to recognize you, forget it!" Zhao Yuande patted Shui Juekong's shoulder lightly, comforting softly.

"Well! Everything is up to you!" Shui Juekong nodded gently, his face still lost.

With a wave of Zhao Yuande, Shui Juekong returned to the other side of the world.

He seemed to have some difficulty looking at Shui Aotian, looking at Shui Juekong and Lao Shui God's face, he thought he could help, but look at the dead face of the palace owner, and that attitude, he This kind of thought suddenly faded.

He was left alone to face this middle-aged man, and he was no longer so polite!

"Since you don't welcome me, it's my passion. Let me return the deposit! I don't want those materials anymore!" Zhao Yuande waved at the old man with white beards.

The old man with white beard changed his face. What does Zhao Yuande mean? Do you want to leave?

"You still want to go! You have fooled me in front of the water peak, and you still want to go!" The breath of the middle-aged man suddenly increased, and turned out to be a strong man in the fairy realm.

However, his breath is similar to that of the newly promoted fairy.