Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598: Stop

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"You dare to do it!" Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly calmed down and said lightly, "The one who left just now is the young master of the Sun family. If I have something wrong, he will soon know that your water **** palace will be afraid by then. Its really going to go nowhere!"

"What!" The middle-aged man's face changed slightly, turning his head toward the old man with white beard. "Nine Uncle, take the kid back to me. The matter of our Water God Palace must never be known to outsiders!"

"I advise you not to do stupid things, the Emperor Zhumo Xiandi of the Sun family is also in Xifengzhou. As long as you dare to chase him, I believe that the Emperor Zhumoxian will appear in front of you at the next moment. The Han family will start, you will be destroyed by the Zhumo Xiandi!" Zhao Yuande is not worried, but his face is full of ridicule.

"Don't listen to him talking nonsense, I will take care of anything!" The middle-aged man sneered coldly.

"That's free!" Zhao Yuande was too lazy to ignore each other. The middle-aged man's attitude had made him feel disgusted.

"Palace Master, you... hey!" The old man with white beard also looked a little unsightly. The palace lord's arbitrariness did not show any affection. He even scolded his own uncle.

I didn't support him to become the palace master, but I didn't expect the yin and yang that he supported. When the Han family pursued, they gave up their lives and let them go. Eventually they were seriously injured, and they have not yet returned!

The younger generation of the Water God Palace respects his forehead, so he can only be elected as the master of the palace.

The palace owner ruled out the dissidents on weekdays, and it was enough to monopolize the power. Unexpectedly, he would do such a thing today!

At first glance, the girl was the body of the ice emperor. It was absolutely impossible for someone to be a fake. Why...


The old man with white beard walked out of the treasure building and did not pursue it at all. Instead, he returned directly to the Water God Palace, looking for the ancestor who could not get out of the way.

"Children! Don't be so naive, there is no free lunch under the sky. Although the girl is a descendant of our water **** palace, but she is a person in the lower realm, now this time there is a delusion!" Seeing the old whitebeard hurried away, medium The young people pass on the sound to their sons.

"Dad! This..." Shui Aotian looked at his father with an unbelievable look in his eyes, and asked inexplicably, "Dad, you know, now the Water God Palace is at the juncture of life and death. Someone helps us why should we Harm them?"

"Silly boy, this girl has better qualifications than you, and has greater potential than you. If she appears in front of those few old things, your young master's status is no longer guaranteed!" , Very straightforwardly told his son about this problem.

"This..." Shui Aotian looked at his father silly.

"Your father and son's eyebrows come and go, have you finished the negotiation?" Zhao Yuande looked at the two of them, showing a bit of sarcasm on his face.

"Dare to die if you are dead!" The middle-aged man gave Zhao Yuande a cold glance, his body exploded, and he suddenly rushed to Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! If you don't die, you won't die! Your son should have inherited the scenery of the water palace, and the crux of his body will disappear, but it has changed because of you!" Zhao Yuande looked at him with Ke Ling's eyes. other side.

He can guess a little bit, what the other party thinks, the other party obviously sees that Shui Jukong has good qualifications, and fears that he will take Shui Jukong to compete for power in the Water God Palace, so he is so indifferent, as if See the general enemy.

"Humph! You can't change the destiny of the checkmate. Whatever your ants dare to talk to me like this, it's just heartbroken!" The middle-aged man's expression was indifferent, and the murderous eyes had already appeared in his eyes.

He now only waits for the old white-beard to take down Sun Yang, and then directly kills Zhao Yuande.

Although the other party is a disciple of the Sun family, he cannot scare him. This is the site of the Xiandi Palace, which is the largest city of the Xiandi Palace. Although there is no Xiandi Palace, the Xiandi Palace sits in town, but if the Xiandi Xiandi appears to want Killing this city owner, the Immortal Emperor Palace will certainly not sit idly by.

What immortal palace said is also the master on the surface of the entire Xifengzhou!

"You don't have to wait! If you want to kill Brother Sun, even if you send an immortal emperor to go out! He is the only young master of the Sun family. The eyes of the demon immortal emperor are watching him all the time." Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"Dad! You do this..." Shui Aotian looked at his father with a hesitant look on his face.

"Shut up! Dad does things decently, for the Water God Palace, for you and I at all costs." The middle-aged man snorted and glanced coldly at his son.

"Dad..." Shui Aotian's face showed some disappointment.


The whole Qingyun Tower was trembling slightly, and the man walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step, his body bursting into force and locked the other side.

"Don't resist, it will make you more painful!" The middle-aged man seems to be pressing toward Zhao Yuande like a mountain, and the momentum makes the whole space tremble.

"Is that just a little bit of power? It really disappoints me!" Although Zhao Yuande's realm is not as good as the other's, but he is not afraid of the other's momentum, his physical training has reached the limit, and the stars in his body are rising. The whole space shining is bright.

The middle-aged people felt a very unpleasant feeling, the other party was only the cultivation of God Emperor Realm, but they were able to stand upright under their terrifying momentum.

Moreover, the pressure of his gods and souls fell on the other person's body as if he were a mud bull entering the sea, and he had no effect at all.


The middle-aged man took a closer look and caught Zhao Yuande in the first place. He had to control the situation first.

"Stop it!" Just at this moment a sudden slam came from the space!

A thin old man with white hair and a slight rickety body, the torn void appeared in front of everyone.

As the old man appeared, there was the old man with white beard!

"Three grandpas!"

When the middle-aged man saw the skinny old man, his face suddenly appeared horrified, and then looked at the white-bearded old man behind the skinny old man full of resentment.

"Absolute Peak! You are crazy! For your own little benefit, you gave up the entire Water God Palace. Do you still have the face to be the palace master?" the old man shouted sharply.

"Three Grandpas, don't listen to the false accusations. I just want to cut off the sprout of the destruction of the Water Shrine. I do this for the future of the Water Shrine!" The face of the middle-aged man Shui Juefeng showed some fear, But it is still sophistry.

The slender old man was too lazy to ignore each other, but turned his attention to Zhao Yuande with a somewhat apologetic smile on his face.

"This little friend, please don't be angry. Shui Haocang will make you guilty!" The old man bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, with a very sincere attitude.