Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599: Animal Husbandry

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Please don't do this to this senior! "Zhao Yuande saw the old man's words and deeds, and the anger in his heart had gone to half.

A strong man at the pinnacle of the fairy monarch can indemnify himself in such a low voice like a small person in the Divine Realm, which is something many people dare not think about.

Based on this alone, Zhao Yuande knew that he had no way to continue to be angry, at least he would not involve the Water God Palace because of it, at most it was only annoyed and angry at the middle-aged man Shui Juefeng.

"I know everything about Xiaoyou. I blamed me for not being strict in this matter, and taught such a grandiose grandson. I also asked Xiaoyou to let the disciple of the Water God Palace come out to meet me!" The old man said sincerely. , But his face is full of expectations.

"Senior! Shui Juekong is my wife. I won't let her stay in the Water Palace. I originally had trouble seeing the Water Palace. I wanted to give you some help because of Juekong, but I didn't expect to change it. Here comes this situation! Forget it, seeing is not upset, I dont want to blend in the right and wrong of your Water God Palace!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, his face showing a slight disappointment.

"This..." The thin old man's face was slightly stiff, but he was bitterly smiling!

"Three grandpas don't listen to his nonsense, he just has ulterior motives, but don't let him go, otherwise our water palace will be dangerous..." Shui Juefeng on the side saw this situation, and his face suddenly appeared A trace of killing intent.

"Shut up for me!" The slender old man sneered and interrupted the other's words.

He heard, however, that the young man in front of him threw up 7.8 billion high-grade immortal jade to buy materials. I am afraid that even the young master of the Immortal Emperor Palace did not have such a generous effort.

Their water shrine is now in danger and crumbling, they were originally staring at the cold family, now they can't stand any wind and rain anymore!

"Three grandpas, don't be soft-hearted, or my water **** palace will be in danger!" Shui Juefeng still didn't give up, and his words were confusing.

He thinks that the other party is just acting, he wants more!

"Hey! I don't know anything about life and death!" The thin old man slapped on Shui Juefeng's face with a slap, pumping him one by one and almost fell to the ground.

"You beast, what do you know! A young man who can freely give out 7.8 billion top grade immortal jade, will be greedy for the benefits of my water **** palace? I think your brain is flooding!" Scolded.

"This... where did 7.8 billion come from?" Shui Juefeng's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Fuck! You haven't figured this out, and you dare to be so arrogant! People bought 750 million fairy medicine materials in our Qingyun Building. I am afraid that even an old guy like me might not be able to come up with so much. Xianyu comes!" The thin old man is almost going to be mad at this grandson!

"This..." Shui Juefeng was dumbfounded. He never dreamed that the other party would be so rich!

Just now the other party said that he wanted to return to the list, not to buy the materials of Qingyun Building. He didn't even think that the amount would be so huge. If he knew it already, he would definitely not have this attitude!

You have to know that the Water God Palace has escaped, and the palace is already stretched at this time. If it had not fled here and became the owner of the Qingyun City, they might not be able to support the Water God Palace!

Although the Water Shrine has gradually come slowly, but the total assets are only more than one billion!

Otherwise, how could you not let your son enter the Holy Light Immortal Mansion because of the lack of immortal jade, you must know that there is a huge opportunity in this Holy Light Immortal Mansion, especially this peerless immortal emperor known as Holy Light There is an eight-pin Xianbao Hanguang Shuitian Banner, if this baby can get it, it is enough to suppress the luck of the Water God Palace and let the Water God Palace prosper slowly.

But it is because the qualification to enter it requires 500 million high-grade fairy jade, because this fairy palace was discovered by the fairy palace.

Because no one in the Immortal Emperor Palace has been able to inherit it for hundreds of years, but just get some ordinary treasures on the periphery of the Immortal Mansion.

Later, the descendant of the Holy Light Fairy Emperor appeared and asked the Immortal Emperor Palace to return to the Immortal Mansion. How could the Immortal Emperor Palace spit out the fat from the mouth, and it conflicted with the descendants of the Holy Light Immortal Emperor.

However, Xian Emperor Palace obviously did not expect that the descendants of the Holy Light Immortal Emperor were very powerful.

In desperation, Immortal Emperor Palace thought of this method, so that the entire Xifengzhou people would face the descendants of Shenguang Immortal Emperor together!

In the end, many forces from Xifengzhou joined forces to kill the descendants of the Holy Light Immortal Emperor, but it also exposed the Holy Light Immortal Mansion.

Finally, the Immortal Emperor Palace opened the Holy Light Immortal Mansion every five years, and there was only one condition to enter the Holy Light Immortal Mansion, that is, take out 500 million top-grade immortal jade!

However, this Holy Light Immortal Mansion still has its own restrictions, only talents under the fairy land are eligible to enter.

The Water Palace is known from an ancient secret, there is an eight-grade fairy treasure Hanguang Shuitian flag in the Shenguang Immortal Mansion, this eight-grade fairy treasure is actually a supernatural power of the water palace, so Only the hands of the people of the Water God Palace can release the greatest power.

If the Water Palace can control this flag, it can almost be compared to a nine-grade fairy treasure!

Just when Shui Juefeng was full of thoughts, Zhao Yuande waved his hand and said, "Senior, I really have no intention to intervene in your Water God Palace. Hurry up and prepare the following materials for the people I need. The war!"

"Fairy demon war!" The thin old man shivered and looked at Zhao Yuande again and again.

He naturally knows what the fairy demon war is, that is the battle between the fairy genius and the devil genius.

The young man in front of him was able to participate in the fairy demon war. Doesn't it mean that he ranks highly on the list of people? Isn't he a genius secretly cultivated by several peerless fairy emperors in the Central Immortal Palace?

Only this explanation, and only young people of this identity will have so many fairy jade, in order to be able to show no fear in front of Shui Jufeng!

Shui Juefeng is not a fool. When he heard the fairy demon war, his body suddenly shivered for a while. He also thought of the same problem as the three grandpas!

"Yes! It's the fairy demon war!" Zhao Yuande nodded lightly.

Although he used the fairy demon war to misunderstand each other, but it was also true. An Xiaoyun and Yao Qianjian died in the Tongtian Tower, and the number of people who originally planned to participate in the fairy demon war burned two.

If he does not go up, I am afraid that the fairy world will be defeated!

Although he is a disciple of Bajing Palace, he still feels that he should stand on the side of Immortal Realm, because no matter from family, origin, morality, he can't leave the relationship with Immortal Realm!