Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Barren City

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He learned the language all the way while listening to Zhao Yuande's story about the world's best food. He also knew that he would meet new friends soon. He only listened to the unreliable things of the black wind, and his heart was looking forward to.

What Zhao Yuande doesnt know is that the deeds of the Black Wind are a kind of encouragement to listen to the ears of the sky, and the sky decided to follow the example of the Black Wind...

Before noon, the figure of the horn was not far from the Barren Tower. At this time, the Barren Tower can be seen standing in a majestic city.

And at this time, the powerhouses of the Desolate City were shocked to find that the ground under their feet began to shake violently and regularly. When they were unable to find the reason, someone suddenly saw the huge figure in the corner of the sky.

"What kind of monster is that!" The strong men flew up into the sky, and when they saw the true face of the horn, they were all terrified and shivered. Several people fell timidly and fell directly from the air.

"The whole city is evacuated, the whole city is evacuated! There are inestimable strongmen who will pass through our desolate city!" The owner of the desolate city is a strong man in the realm of triple destiny, and is urging all the practitioners in the city.

And at this time, Zhao Yuande halted the corner.

"Senior Horn, just stop here! You should go back!"

"No! I don't want to stay in that boring place anymore. I want to go through the entire world of the East Emperor and walk up all the places I have missed!" The corner voice was rumbled with excitement in his words.

"But your body is too big, and it may cause incalculable consequences in densely populated areas!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly persuaded.

"No! I won't go to those places, I'm going down this ancient mountain!" Jiao heard Zhao Yuande's words, and obviously shivered.

The reason why he was permanently sealed was because he trampled Wa's house. Now even if he is actively stepped on, he dare not, Wa planted a trace in his heart that will never be destroyed!

"Then I wish Senior Mr. Jiao to travel around the world of the East Emperor as early as possible!" Zhao Yuande patted the sky, "You also say a few words!"

"Angle... Goodbye!" Broken Angels had been fighting for a long time, and finally said a goodbye.

"Goodbye two little guys!" The horn put them on the ground and strode away in the direction of the wild ancient mountains!

The whole earth was shaking with the footsteps of the horn. Zhao Yuande waved toward the back of the horn.

"Corner... one day we will see you again!"

With the departure of the horn, the alarm of the Desolate City was lifted, and Zhao Yuande walked into the Desolate City with the sky.

As a boundary city between the extreme north of the Northern Territory and the Central Territory, the Barren City is also a distribution center for the exchange of cultivating materials between the two domains. There are many strong shops here, and almost all the large commercial chambers and sect gates that can be hanged are here. There are Baolou shops, one is to help your ancestors collect materials from the Northern Territory, and the other is to sell some of the specialty elixir spirit materials of Zhongyu to the practitioners in the Northern Territory.

Zhao Yuande felt the prosperity as soon as he entered the city. At the request of breaking the sky, the two entered a luxurious restaurant.

This restaurant is called Wanxiang Restaurant. The guys are all cultivators who are not low. Seeing Zhao Yuande and a strangely dressed monkey entering the restaurant, it is not strange that they are invited to the second floor.

"This guest official, I don't know what you want to eat?" The guy warmly introduced them to some of our specialty dishes, and looked at Zhao Yuande waiting for his reply.

"The ones you just introduced give me the same dish! Plus two jars of the best wine!"

Zhao Yuande's boldness was immediately greeted by the enthusiasm of the buddy. The buddy helped them pour the tea diligently and waited quietly.

Soon a variety of delicious dishes were served, and the guys enthusiastically helped them pour wine.

They wandered along the Nether Blood River for so long, they were frozen by the icy river water for half a day, and now they are very satisfied with eating delicious food.

"Yes, the things in your shop are good!" Zhao Yuande threw a piece of top-grade Lingyu as a tip without hesitation.

Buddies are happy, thank you again and again!

The two were full and drunk, waiting for the guys to clean up, and ordered a pot of good tea to taste while watching the cultivators on the street.

"Hey! After eating the world's first food, it's really impossible to come here again!" An exclamation directly attracted Zhao Yuande's attention. He turned to look at the person who had just spoken.

The speaker is a middle-aged man in Tsing Yi, with two pairs of ba Zihu, who looks like a scholar.

"Zhang Tianjia, the mid-born of the Blood Poseidon, hopes the patriarchal protection...the flesh will be..."

Seeing this message, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smile, hoping that Zong was really hard-working, and now he sent people to publicize. It seems that in the future he will help them a little more, and it is not easy for these loose repairs to get together.

"Brother Zhang, have you been to Shenxu City? Have you eaten the world's first gourmet food? Come and tell us what magic is there?" There are four people at this table. A small team who went out to practice together.

"Yes, Brother Zhang talk!" The people around were also coaxing, but he didn't seem to believe his expression.

"Cough!" Zhang Tianjia coughed lightly, "Don't believe the brothers, I didn't believe it at the time like you! I went to the queue, and after three days in a row, it was my turn..."

Zhang Tianjia's eloquence was really good. He described the situation at that time as extremely exciting and well-founded. He also mentioned the shocking auction of the auction house and the perfect completion of the three packages, as if he was by Zhao Yuande's side.

Even Zhao Yuande was almost attracted by what he said, and he couldn't help laughing, this guy really wasted his eloquence if he didn't talk.

Several of his companions listened passionately, and wished to go directly to the world's first gourmet meal in Shenxu City.

"However, this price is too expensive. I'm afraid our brothers may not be able to eat a meal for half a year!" Some people objected.

"Hey! Can you afford the elixir of advancement after half a year of struggle? The elixir is not insured!" Zhang Tianjia replied with a smile. "Anyway, I'm saving money. I'm going to eat another meal six months later. I Maybe you will be promoted to Lingtai Pregnancy Realm! Which brother would like to join me?"

"I! I'm going. The big deal is that I haven't struggled for half a year!" Someone responded immediately, his face flushed with excitement, "Maybe I can really improve my luck!"

Everyone spoke out, and Zhang Tianjia was so blushed that he finally started a business for the world's best food.


Zhao Yuande sighed secretly that he was already in the **** ruin half a year later. These people are destined to be disappointed!

"Well? I don't know if there is any time limit for the food I make. If not, I will cook more..."

Zhao Yuande shook his head reluctantly. How many copies can be made only after two or three hours? Do you have so much energy?