Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600: Forgive

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"Now that's the case..." The thin old man's mouth was full of bitterness, and there was nothing but anger in his eyes looking towards Shui Juefeng.

He knew that the young man might be the savior of the Water Palace, but he was forced to live away by this selfish and selfish man.


At this time, there was a knock on the door suddenly!

"The materials of the shopkeeper are all ready!" A voice came in.

Soon a storage ring appeared in Zhao Yuande's hands. He swept his mind at random, suddenly saw that he had a lot of materials, and nodded with satisfaction.

"This is the fairy jade needed for the purchase of materials!" Zhao Yuande dropped a storage ring.

The slender old man hurried to catch it, and seeing that it was indeed 750 million neatly arranged, a bit of bitterness appeared again on his face.

"Leave!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and turned to leave.

The original good mood was a little depressed by the self-intelligent Shui Juefeng, at this time I am afraid that even if there is some small pimples in the hollow!

Everyone watched Zhao Yuande's figure disappear in front of him, and they all shook their heads in disappointment.

Especially the old man who was riding the third uncle, looking at Shui Juefeng's face is full of anger!

"Aotian's great chance was lost by your fatherly life!"

"You are telling me again from the beginning, don't miss anything!" The thin old man was even more angry when he heard the words.

"Things are like this..." The old man detailed the things carefully from beginning to end, and did not pull them down at all. Even the expressions of Zhao Yuande and Shui Jukong were described in great detail.

The leaner the older, the more unsightly the face becomes, and the tighter the fist is, the tighter the fist.

"Your unworthy son, the old man killed you!"

After listening to the last sentence, the thin old man couldn't bear it anymore. He punched Shui Juefeng's face with one punch, hit him directly through the wall, flew out of Qingyun Tower, and even flew all the time. Between the white clouds in Qingyun City.

The slender old man also felt uneasy, chased out of the body, chased towards the peak of water flying in the sky.

Then another sound of a slap in the face hitting the face came from the sky.

Many strongmen of Qingyun City flew up, looking in the direction of the sound in the sky.

They suddenly saw an incredible scene, the dignified city owner on weekdays, now holding his head and being beaten by a thin old man.

"I'll kill you, my unworthy son! I'll kill you, this villain! I'll kill you..." The thin old man scolded fiercely as he shot.

"Three grandpas spared their lives! Three grandpas spared their lives!" Shui Juefeng was watched by countless people, and he only felt that his face was hot. Now if he is on the ground, he must find a ground seam to drill in.

"Humph!" The thin old man beat up with hundreds of slaps, and was also tired. Then he stopped.

Grievingly holding the dying water, Juefeng returned to Qingyun City again.

Many strong people in the city looked at this scene and couldn't help but shivered. The master of the city was beaten up by his grandfather. This really makes people feel speechless!

"You, me, and Aotian, the three of them immediately set off for the city of the fairy demon war, and then I have to forgive each other regardless of your lifespan method. Aotian's things might fall on him! "The thin old man looked at the water collapsed on the ground and ordered it."

"This..." Shui Juefeng's face suddenly changed.

"Why? Disagree, don't you want to kill the young master of Sun's family in order to keep Aotian's position? Can't I ask someone for the future of my son?" The thin old man once again violently kicked the belly of Shuifengfeng. .

"Three Grandpas! I promised, I promised!" Shui Juefeng was depressed!

In the face of everyone in Qingyun City, the old man was beaten up, how could he still have a face in Qingyun City, this must not be laughed at!

"It's almost the same! I want to forgive me no matter whether you kneel or kowtow!" The thin old man's face showed a little tiredness, and his heart sighed slightly.

If the Water God Palace is not in desperation now, if it is not a successor, how could he do this!

He didn't even know if the other party could help Shui Aotian. He could only guess from the other's words that the other party did have this meaning.

Zhao Yuande quickly left Qingyun City and returned to Tongtian City.

He found Sun Yang in Tongtian City, and the two returned to the warship of Taishuba.

At this time there are not many cultivators on the battleship, and now there are still days before the fairy demon war, they have to go out to relax the tension in these days.

Uncle Tai is not here either. I heard that I went to Fuze, the Emperor Jiuyao!

Without any hesitation, Zhao Yuande entered Taishu Pa's palace and started preparing to make drunk dream wine!

Under the acceleration of the time immortal palace two hundred times, he soon produced two hundred bottles of drunk dream wine!

And soon someone came to the door.

The black-faced old man knocked excitedly on the gate of the palace and handed Zhao Yuande a storage ring filled with 7.2 billion top-grade fairy jade.

"this is"

Even Zhao Yuande was almost dazzled by the top-grade fairy jade in the storage ring. What is the concept of 7.2 billion top-grade fairy jade!

"The number of drunk dream wines needed by those ten people was 118 bottles, and a total of more than 7.9 billion was paid. Our Chamber of Commerce deducted it..." The black-faced old man said that it was a little embarrassing here, "Neither did I Way, this is the rules of the Chamber of Commerce!"

"Oh, anyway! This is also the fee I should pay!" Zhao Yuande is overwhelmed with 7.2 billion in hand!

Without the help of the other party's chamber of commerce, he could not turn the drunk dream wine into fairy jade so quickly!

The black-faced old man also sighed in their hearts. Their Chamber of Commerce has been operating for hundreds of thousands of years. This is also the first time such a big deal has been handled.

The immortal jade earned by the opponent this time is probably more than the entire net worth of a fairy emperor!

With Xianyu, Zhao Yuande's mind became active again, and he felt he was going to the Central Xianyu again!

The Central Fairyland is vast in area, rich in fairy gas compared to the other four continents, and its products are richer. Various merchants and merchants gather, and even I heard that there is a very mysterious market.

Only in the central fairy field will there be more fairy medicine fairy materials, so that he can grow up faster.

But all this must wait until the fairy demon war, it is best to wait until he came out of the twelve ascendant fairy city!

"Senior! I still have a few bottles of drunk dream wine here. If there is an auction, you can continue to help me auction. The rules are the same as before!" Zhao Yuande took out ten bottles of drunk dream wine again and handed it to the other party.

"Good! Good!" The black-faced old man saw ten bottles of drunk dream wine, and his face suddenly showed ecstasy.