Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603: Ask

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"Brother Sword Sword? Why are you here?" Emperor Takong looked at this old man and could not help wrinkling slightly. "Did Brother Sword Sword come to cheer for the young people of my fairy world?"

"No! Let me investigate the cause of death of my Yao family Yao Qianjian!" Emperor Xingjian turned his attention to Meng Huanzhen among the thirteen people.

"Brother Sword of Swords! At this time, we will wait until the end of the fairy demon war!" The eyes of the Emperor Takong were suddenly bright, and his body exploded, even overwhelming Sword Sword Emperor!

"No! The people I cultivated are dead like this. I must give me an account today!" The Immortal Sword Emperor did not give up. "And this time, I received the entrustment of the immense Immortal Emperor. Let's arrest the murderer who killed An Xiaoyun together!"

"What! Both of them died in the Tongtian Tower?" At this time, even the Emperor Takakong couldn't help but stunned!

"Really dead? The immortal world has lost a lot! If these two people are not dead, they will become peerless immortal emperors!"

"It's no wonder that obviously Immortal Emperor is so anxious, this matter should be anxious for anyone who falls on his head!"

"Broken! Broken! At this time, it may cause a chaos in the fairy world, and there will be no among the great peerless emperors..."

"Shut up, you don't want to live anymore!"


"Haha! Interesting, really interesting! Immortal Realm is really interesting!" The Mogu God opposite saw this situation, not only not angry, but also showed a look of interest.

"Mogu God! Immortal demon war stops first, I must first find the murderer!" Emperor Xingjian turned to look at Mogu God and nodded slightly to him.

"Okay! I still have to give you a little face, check it! I like to watch the fun!" The silent **** waved his hand, but the gloating in the tone of the voice couldn't hide it!

The fifteen young people of the Devil Realm all started pointing at each other and whispering!

At this time, Emperor Takong was frowning, and he knew that today's things could not be good, and he might also cause a lot of peerless immortal wars.

Especially when there is a strong man in the demon world, he imagines his head is big!

However, he can understand each other, and the successor who has been carefully trained for decades has died so unclearly. It would not be much better if he changed to another one.

Seeing that the Emperor Takong had tacitly acquiesced, the Immortal Sword Emperor immediately turned his head and looked at Meng Huanzhen among the thirteen people.

"Meng Jia girl, how did Yao Qianjian and An Xiaoyun die? Do you know the eyes of Immortal Emperor Xingjian fixed on Meng Huanzhen, trying to see some clues from her face or eyes.

Meng Huan really jumped in his heart, but his face remained the same, but he slowly shook his head and said: "Back to Senior Sword, seniors don't know, we separated after we entered the Tongtian Tower, and I never saw it again. Pass them!"

Meng Huan really secretly called Wan Xing at this time. If Zhao Yuande gave her ten bottles of drunk dream wine, she would not be able to cultivate that kind of supreme mind to perfection. The human heart is like water, so that people can quickly enter the cultivation state no matter when and where.

Just like the Emperor Ningjian asked about this situation just now, he can use this kind of mentality to hold his heart, make his heart like water, and let the other party not see his flaws!

The Immortal Sword Emperor looked at Meng Huanzhen for a while, but did not see any flaws. He couldn't help but ask again: "Where is the man who entered the Tongtian Tower with you?"

"The juniors don't know! We separated after we came out. We all participated in the auction and have our own boxes. When the auction is over, there is no contact anymore!" Meng Huanzhen answered all the truth, so the performance was more calm.

"Oh! What's the name of this person, what does he look like, what family?" Emperor Xingjian continued to ask.

"Seniors don't need to ask Meng Xianzi! Juniors are here!" Zhao Yuande stood out from the crowd at this time and walked out of the crowd directly, facing Emperor Sword Sword!

"You..." Immortal Sword Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande, and suddenly he was slightly surprised.

In front of him, this kid was not able to cultivate until the early Emperor Shen Dynasty, and at first glance, he was in a state just after he was promoted.

But he instantly felt that the other person's body was a bit different. At first glance, it was not very powerful, but the more it looked, the more shocking it seemed, as seemed to be a small waterhole, but the bottom of the waterhole was open. A vast ocean!

But even so, the Sword Sword Emperor does not think that the other party has the strength to kill the two.

"What's your name? Whose disciples are there?" Emperor Xingjian asked lightly.

"The younger generation, Zhao XIV, is a disciple of Baihezhou Sun's family!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hands, indignantly, and did not bow down because the other party was a peerless immortal emperor.

"Zhao XIV? A disciple with a family name other than Sun's family?" Emperor Mingjian naturally knew the Sun's family, and turned to look at the palace, "Zhumo, is this your Sun family?"

Outside the palace, the dark corners of the imperial emperor's heart are not good.

He knows how powerful Zhao Yuande is and knows the other party's true identity, so the other party is really likely to do that kind of thing.

If he really killed the two of them, he may be fine, but their grandchildren may be unlucky!

They can't afford the wrath of the Immortal Sword Emperor and Immortal Emperor!

But at this time, he could only secretly call God to bless, and those two people were not killed by Zhao Yuande.

"Return to the palace lord, this person is my disciple of the surname of Sun's family!" Zhu Mo Xiandi respectfully bowed to salute.

He can't be as unscrupulous as Zhao Yuande, he still has to show great respect to this one!

Central Immortal Palace is divided into eight immortal palaces, which are presided over by eight peerless immortal emperors, each of which is the master of the palace.

The name of the Sword Emperor Ming was obtained because he became the owner of the Sword Sword Palace, so he would call the opponent the palace master.

Of course, only the powerful of the fairy emperor realm is qualified to call the palace master.

"Oh! Your Sun family's method of training disciples is not simple. The talent of this son is good. I am afraid that he can already be ranked in the top 30 of the list!" Emperor Sword Sword nodded, the tone was still plain, it seemed that it was not coming Investigate the cause of death of your own successor, but in the family.

"The Palace Master has won the prize! This son entered my Sun's house halfway through, and was originally a disciple of Xuan Jizong. It should be the skill of Xuan Jizong to train his disciples!" Nor can you let Xuan Jizong get rid of responsibility!

"Oh! Is Xuanji Sect? Still really complicated!" Emperor Sword Sword frowned slightly and continued to ask, "Zhao XIV, please tell me! What did you encounter after you entered Tongtian Tower, did you see it? Yao Qianjian and An Xiaoyun?"

Immortal Emperor Xingjian waved Meng Huanzhen with a wave of his hand, and laid a border around her to isolate the sound, so that he could not hear the conversation of outsiders.