Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604: Explore The Sea

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"The juniors are entering the Tongtian Tower..." Zhao Yuande moved slightly, but he still didn't conceal what he had said about the first three floors, and the fourth floor met Meng Huanzhen directly. The long-prepared rhetoric has been repeated.

After listening to the Immortal Sword Emperor, he was noncommittal, but nodded faintly.

He then untied the boundary around Meng Huanzhen.

"Stop it! Tell me about what happened after you entered the Tongtian Tower!" Emperor Xingjian looked at her and asked.

"The juniors entered the Tongtian Tower..." Meng Huanzhen will also have spoken good words with Zhao Yuande long ago, and the sky is seamless, without holes.

"Well! The two of you are exactly the same, it seems that there is really nothing to doubt!" Emperor Mingjian could not help but frown slightly, and then said, "It's better to say that since you both said that you haven't seen the two, Dont mind if I search your knowledge! I will explore very carefully and will not cause you any harm!"

"No!" Zhao Yuande didn't even hesitate. This is impossible.

Even if he didnt kill these two people, he cant let anyone search for the sea. There are too many secrets, dont look at each other as a peerless immortal emperor, but as long as you explore your secrets, you will definitely be greedy.

As soon as Zhao Yuande said this, everyone was shocked!

How dare this boy come from, so dare not to give a peerless fairy emperor face!

The other party is Peerless Immortal Emperor, the supreme figure of the entire fairyland, and a little guy like him who cultivates can wipe out hundreds of them with a wave of his hand.

How dare he be so determined, so stiff, is he really a murderer?

"What about you?" Emperor Xingjian was not angry, but turned to look at Meng Huanzhen.

"The juniors are also related to my Meng familys many secrets, and will not let others explore. If the predecessors believe my ancestors, I can let the ancestors investigate!" Meng Huan really is not as determined as Zhao Yuande. With a pleading look.

"I can trust the Master of Lingxiao Palace!" Emperor Xingjian nodded, but then he turned his attention to Zhao Yuande, "but you and I can't believe it, but in front of your grandparents, you can tell! Let me believe you, if I can't convince you, then I'm sorry, I must search for your knowledge!"

"Actually, it is not difficult to persuade you!" Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed a smile, "I don't know if my brother can you believe it?"

"Your brother? Is it one of our eight palace masters? If so, I can believe it! But if it's someone else, it's embarrassing, today you are inevitable!" Ridicule.

"Sir Emperor Xian, you are right, my brother is one of the eight palace masters!" Zhao Yuande did not directly say this time, but preached, "My brother is a Spiritual Emperor!"

The Emperor Ning Jian was shocked in his heart, and there was also a slightly shocked expression on his face. He did not expect that the other party actually had a brother who was one of the eight palace masters, and it was also the most difficult, the most difficult, and the most potential. Enter the palace of the realm king!

Seeing each other was just a voice, and the suspicious nature of the two of them was slightly shocked, and then I thought of it in my heart.

Since this person dared to say that, it was basically right.

You know, in their realm, nothing in the fairy world can stop them.

If they wish, they can directly tear the void and shuttle to any place in the fairy world.

If the other party is lying, he can contact the body far away in the central fairy palace with just one idea, which can be confirmed in an instant.

Yes, this is just an avatar of the Immortal Sword Emperor. These powerful people who have reached the peerless immortal empire are closed in their caves. The body will not appear unless it is a last resort, just a few avatars walk the world.

The Immortal Sword Emperor, the Emperor Sword Emperor, and even the Mogu God opposite are just avatars!

However, although they are avatars, their fighting power is also very powerful, which has far exceeded the early strong of the Xian Emperor, and even comparable to the strong of the middle of the Xian Emperor.

"Oh! Interesting!" Mogu, who had been observing the abnormal development at this time, looked at Zhao Yuande with interest.

Other fairy emperors did not dare to receive the voices of Zhao Yuande and Nether Sword Emperor Emperor, but this one was a demon giant, and he had no scruples at all. He naturally knew that the brother Zhao Yuande said was the Spiritual Emperor.

However, Emperor Takong is not so thick-skinned, and even a junior voice has to eavesdrop, so he is ignorant, and he can only pass on the sound to ask the Sword Emperor.

Immortal Sword Emperor felt a little tricky at first, but if it is true at this time, he can't really move this kid.

The relationship between the Great Peerless Immortal Emperor is subtle, and no one will break the balance between them first, and no one will believe in others. The so-called cooperation is only superficial, in fact, they have always been fighting in the dark, and have been working hard to fight for each other. Finally, the King of Immortal Emperor.

Only when there is a king of immortal emperors will they be truly quiet!

This is also the default situation of the eight.

If you want to compete with other people for a successor, that is definitely not a wise move!

Their successor is not only one, although these can be said to be their strongest successors, but even if they die, they will soon be replaced.

Moreover, this is only the heirs under the fairyland, they also have the heirs of the fairyland, fairyland, fairyland, and even fairyland!

In this way, the descendants under a fairyland are not very valued, and they die when they die!

"Okay! Let's put it down for now!" Emperor Xingjian thought a little. Although he doubted Zhao Yuande in his heart, he couldn't take the other side now.

In particular, the other party was the mans brother. He had already confirmed the other partys identity. Just now he had got some information about Zhao Yuande.

It was passed to him in secret by Zhu Mo Xiandi. Zhao Yuande came from the lower realm, and still came from the beginning!

He knew that the Spiritual Emperor Emperor had soared from the beginning, and in just a few years, he swept through the six continents and successfully reached the summit of the fairy emperor.

The other party also told him some of the information that was secretly explored in the lower realm. Among them, Zhao Yuande was married, and the Emperor Lingxu sent his disciples to send the gift to Heli. This paragraph is particularly clear. Brother of Xuxian Emperor!

Zhao Yuande's trouble in the lower realm is really fierce enough, as long as he can find everything with his heart.

Of course, Zhu Mo Xiandi did not say the relationship between Zhao Yuande and Bajing Palace. He knew that this was the limit.

If you really say this relationship, maybe it will arouse Zhao Yuande's resentment.