Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607: Suck To Dry

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Sun Yang, Meng Huanzhen, Taishuba, Zhumo Xiandi, and others who knew Zhao Yuande, this time was a matter of course!

Zhao Yuande has this expression to be true!

When Sword Emperor Xing looked at Zhao Yuande, there was a hint of killing in his eyes. This boy's strength was beyond his imagination. Just this move was enough to make him among the top fifteen!

And he found that Meng Huanzhen seemed very confident in this kid, even if they joined forces on the fourth floor of Tongtian Tower, they should not have such confidence!

With such speculation, he paid more attention to Meng Huanzhen's look at Zhao Yuande!

It was a very complicated look, with fear, hope, hatred, and a trace of helplessness!

He had previously concluded that there might be an untold secret between the two. Now, basically, five or six points have determined that the deaths of Yao Qianjian and An Xiaoyun are related to them!

"Haha! Good! This guy is really hidden!"

"The hand he revealed just now includes Void Avenue, Kunpeng's real body, and two envious magical powers, but with this hand he can be famous all over the world!"

"However, Kunpeng's speed and the shuttle to the sky, there are not many people who can kill him under the fairyland!"

"It seems that this kid really has arrogant capital..."

"The first game won, and it will be easy to play in the future..."


"Fuck! Fuck!" Mogu could not help seeing this situation, his face was extremely angry, he did not expect such a disrespectful enemy, and even failed to persevere!

Not only defeated, but also soul-stirring!

Many geniuses in the demon world, and then the look of Zhao Yuande has changed from disdain to dignity.

Now that they know that Zhao Yuande's advantage is speed, they can prevent what happened just now, and they even have many ways to fight back!

But they also know that the other party has this terrifying speed, and it is almost impossible to kill him!

Moreover, after the opponent has won a game, he has completed his mission, and it is basically impossible to meet in the fairy demon war!

"I want to fight another battle!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at the Emperor of the Sky Emperor, "Senior Emperor, we are one less, I will fight another battle, let this situation be balanced!"

"This is up to you!" Emperor Takong took a deep look at Zhao Yuande and nodded slightly to him!

"Who will die?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and looked back at the fourteen people of the Demon Race, with a cold and confident smile on the corner of his mouth.

He is already provoking Mozu in Chiguo Guo!

"Which of you went out and beheaded this kid!" Mogu looked around the fourteen people and spoke lightly.

Although his tone became more and more dull, but those who knew him knew that he was already irritated!

"Ancestor! I'm coming!" Mo Qing stood up again, with a thick murderous expression on his face!

"No! You are overkill, your goal is Ji Yun!" Mogu waved his hand again, and there was an undoubted look on his face.

"Master Lord! Let me go! I can restrain his speed!" At this time, a small dwarf-like dwarf woman came out.

This dwarf-like Demon woman, with an ugly appearance, showed a trace of disdain in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"Oh! Are you called Spider Orchid! Can you restrain his speed?" Mogu looked at the Mozu woman, but she did not look down on her because of her shortness and ugliness.

"Good!" The demon woman named Spider Orchid grinned, revealing two rows of **** teeth.

"Okay! Since you are so sure, it is difficult for you to go! As long as you can defeat each other, I am rewarded!" Mogu nodded.

"Thank you Lord Lord!" Nebula's eyes jumped with excited flames, and turned and jumped towards the field.

Her figure slightly bowed forward, and this jump was like a big spider, directly falling across from Zhao Yuande.

"Boy! I want to **** your blood, I want you to..." Spider Lan's eyes jumped with excited flames, staring at the opposite Zhao Yuande!

"It's just a spider, don't run wild in front of me, otherwise I don't mind eating you like a crab!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other side, and he saw the details of the other side.

"I killed you!" When Orchid heard that the other party said he was a spider, he suddenly jumped like thunder, and his mouth sprayed a white beam of light towards Zhao Yuande!

The white beam of light is very fast, and it is a thick spider thread across the void.

"Spiders just spit silk!" Zhao Yuande shrank away from the attack of the silk with a flash of sarcasm on his face.

"Roar..." Spider Orchid did not speak at this time, but a roar from his throat.

Her body suddenly swelled, exploding all the flashes, revealing a furry body, and eight long legs protruding from the body.


At the next moment, the spider's eight long legs kicked the ground and jumped towards Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande's figure suddenly turned into a golden shadow, and he cut across the spider orchid.


The sound of a huge spider exploded in the void, and countless white silk threads instantly formed a large net covering the entire void!

"Hey! You're fooled!"

The voice of Spider Orchid sounded in place, and a vague figure slowly became an entity in place!

Spider Orchid had just created an illusion just now, but in fact just sprayed a giant web that could cover the world.

The golden figure was instantly captured by the giant net. After the golden figure was captured, the giant net began to shrink a few words, but in a moment the golden figure was wrapped into a white big dumpling, and suddenly from the void. Fell down.

Sun Yang and Meng Huanzhen also showed dignified expression on their faces.

However, they did know Zhao Yuande's power and knew that Zhao Yuande would not fail so easily, but they could not think of any way to break this situation!

I am afraid that the tenacity of that kind of spider silk must be tied even if it is a Sipin Xianbao!

"Broken! Broken!" All the immortal world's faces could not help changing at this time, he didn't want to see Zhao Yuande lose here.

"Is it really that simple to lose? It's a little unreal!"

"Hey! Le Ji is sad!"

"Unfortunately such a genius is about to fall here!"



No one in Xianjie understands Zhao Yuande, so they think that Zhao Yuande will die!

"Good! Spider Orchid is good! We are proud of you!"

"Destroy this kid and **** him up!"

"Sister Orchid, I think this person is still handsome. It would be better if you just collected it! You have a long stream of water!"

"Hey! Not bad!"