Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609: I'll Know If You Look Down

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The Mogu Gods on the opposite side naturally have the same idea as the Nether Sword Emperor. They all feared the power of Bajing Palace and did not dare to commit evil with Bajing Palace!

"Brother Mogu, thank you! I'll just talk to Brother Takong here! I will visit Mogu Palace in person another day!" Sheri Xiandi arched his hand.

"Then I'm going to greet the couch!" Mogu said with a chill, and then returned to his place with interest.

"Does anyone in the Devil Realm dare to come out to fight?" Zhao Yuande's voice rang out at this time, breaking the calm atmosphere in the field.

Several young people brought by the Sun Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande in the field curiously. They did not know what had happened before.

"Brother Takakong, what happened?" The Emperor Sheri was actually very curious. He stared at the Emperor Takakong. He wanted to know what strange things this little uncle had done. Come.

Dong Haichuan on the side was able to guess a few points. Zhao Yuande was most familiar with his character. Knowing that this uncle Xiaoshi often made people unexpected.

"Oh! This little guy is very interesting, he..." The Emperor Takong briefly told everything that happened at the scene to Sheri Immortal and others.

But he did not find out that when he said the little guy in his mouth, the corner of the mouth of the Sun Emperor She couldn't help but smoke!

You old guy actually said that my uncle is a little guy, so what am I, little guy?

Of course, the Emperor Sheri thought this in his heart, but he could not say it in his mouth.

Several young disciples heard Zhao Yuande's actions and couldn't help turning their eyes to him. Some eyes were full of ardent warfare, some eyes were full of admiration, and others had a hint of admiration!

Especially Ye Xiaoyu, I cant wait to scream with excitement at this time, Brother Zhao is really awesome!

Do not! It's not Brother Zhao anymore, it's Zhao Shizu...

Thinking of the words Shizu, Ye Xiaoyu's face could not help revealing a bit of bitterness!

"Master Lord, let me kill him!" At this time, a tall man walked out of the Devil's camp. This man was almost the same as the human race, but a pair of eyes flashed with black light, and his mouth opened in the mouth. , Showing a pair of white fangs!

"You? Sorolla?" Mogu looked at the tall man and couldn't help but wrinkle slightly. He didn't intend to let him play.

This is the seventh strongest man in the Devil's List. He originally wanted to use him to deal with another person in Immortal Realm, but he did not expect Zhao Yuande to kill it out of thin air, so that Demon Realm almost lost the square!

Now I am afraid that only a few of them can firmly suppress each other! And this Zorola is one of them!

"Good! Lord Demon Master, I'm going to fight, take off this kid's head, I want to reverse the situation!" Sorolla said confidently.

"Okay! You go! You must kill the other party, and the hotter the scene, the better!" Mogu nodded.

"Follow your orders!" Sorolla strode out of the Demon camp and walked towards Zhao Yuande on the field!

Seeing this person appear, many people's faces change!

"What! The other party sent one of the strongest people in Demon World this time!"

"Who is this person? Why does it look like us?"

"He is not a person! It is a peerless genius of the sea monster, the most powerful shark among the demons, Zorola! He is ranked seventh on the list of demons, and the fighting power is very powerful!"

"He is the genius Zorola of the shark family! Sure enough, the breath is huge, it seems that Zhao XIV is not good this time!"

"Good! The opponent is incredible with a flesh as a weapon, and the flesh is powerful. It is said that this person can already use the flesh to kill the powerful in the early stages of the fairyland!"

"Yes! No matter how fast he is, he can't break people's defenses. What's the use?"

"The Demon Race is really playing this time..."


Zhao Yuande looked at the opposite side of Zorola with interest at the moment, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Feeling the majestic blood in the other person's body, he felt a burst of blood in his body.

The other party turned out to be a strong physical body, so he would compare with the other body physically!

See if the other party's physical body has its own chaotic body plus the powerful body of the heavenly body!

The more powerful Zollola walked, the more violent blood almost covered the sky. The sky that was originally dark and clouded at this time appeared a blue sky, and a huge fireball burned in the sky!

The thirteen geniuses of Immortal Realm felt this kind of breath, and they could not help changing their colors slightly, and some of them even dared to fight!

But now the protagonist in the battlefield is not theirs. Zhao Yuande's face is ancient, and he walks towards the other party step by step.

The vitality of his body was not obvious, and the violent blood in his body was also suppressed by him, but he walked towards the other side so lightly!

At this time, Zhao Yuande seemed to be a small boat in the storm, and it seemed that he could capsize at any time.


Sorolla roared fiercely, his body leaped high and blasted towards Zhao Yuande.

"Click!" The world and earth violently oscillated, and a huge shadow of the magic shark rose behind Zorola's back, and the fierce big mouth bite towards Zhao Yuande at the same time!

All the celestial geniuses were a thousand feet away from Sorolla at this time, and they still felt an irresistible terror and fierce air, as if the magic shark was about to bite them. Several people were surprised. Back and forth!

Many genius disciples in Immortal World are so unbearable, let alone other disciples.

Some of them were even scared to sit on the ground with horrified expression on their faces!

If these people play against Zorola, I am afraid that this kind of power will only scare them to surrender!

"What a terrible momentum, what a terrifying punch, what a powerful move! Almost invincible under the fairy realm!" The Emperor Takakong's face also changed slightly, he couldn't help sighing, he felt that Zhao Yuande was going to lose !

"I don't think so, I think he's going to lose!" The opposite Emperor Sheri said lightly this time.

"Huh? Brother Sunri, how confident you are about this kid?" Emperor Takong couldn't help but wonder.

"Brother Takong will not know if I look down!" Sheri Xiandi just smiled faintly.

Although the voice of Immortal Emperor Sheri was not loud, the two realms of Immortal and Demon were clearly heard.

Ninety percent of the people do not believe the words of Emperor Sheri, Zhao Yuande will certainly be defeated by the opponent under this blow!