Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610: You Can Try

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The genius strongmen of Immortals and Demon Realms, and even the level of Peerless Immortal Emperor, all turned their eyes to the field at this time!

They want to see what is unique about this fairy emperor's vision!

It was at this time that Zorola's fist, and the huge ghost shark behind him, had reached Zhao Yuande's head!

"Haha! Good!"

Zhao Yuande laughed loudly, and three bright stars burst into his body.

Zhao Yuande was like a star erupting with endless light at this time, his body stretched and fought back with a punch towards Sorolla!

At the same time, behind him, a huge phantom of the ancient world rumbling rushed out, striking towards the magic shark phantom!


The ancient world first collided with the phantom of the magic shark, and the two moments shattered.

Immediately after is the picture where the two punches intersect!

In just a short moment, the speed of the two people's punches reached an unimaginable speed. The speed of terror plus the power that can destroy the world and ignite the void!

The two were like two huge fireballs colliding together.


At the moment when the two figures double-clicked together, one vaguely saw a figure going backwards and backwards. It took seven or eight steps to stand up, and the other person did not retreat. Instead, the figure followed immediately after. Fist bombarded the opponent.

After the first punch hit, a huge flame shock wave was formed, which instantly swept the world and spread endlessly towards the two realms of fairy and demon!

Many disciples were too late to dodge, and dozens of people on both sides were torn to pieces by this terrifying shock wave!

"Okay! Terrible power! Are they still the flesh of God's Realm? This is just so perverted!"

"Fortunately, I was far away, otherwise I will die!"

"Can you see who is going backwards? Is it Zhao Zhao?"

"No! Zhao XIV is now in the upper hand. It was the other party who just stepped back!"

"How is this possible! This Zhao Shizi is too awesome!"

"No wonder the Emperor Sheri had just said that kind of thing. It turned out that he had long noticed the extraordinaryness of Zhao Shisi!"

"Senior Emperor Xiandi is Lord Xiandi!"


The face of the demon world has all changed at this time, especially the eyes of Mogu God are almost killing.

Although he knew that Zhao Yuande was difficult, with speed and power, he did not expect that even the talented demon clan genius such as Solora could do nothing with him. Is it really necessary to send the magic green?

The two figures are constantly intertwined, and a terrifying collision erupts from the middle of the two. Countless terrifying forces spread around, so that the strong people of the two circles of immortals and demons watching around can't help but retreat!

"Good! Your strength has been respected by me. Now I am going to lift my seal and burst out the most powerful force. It is your pleasure to die in my hands!" Zorola was in battle Suppressed again and again, the blood at the corners of the mouth was a direct blow to Gudongdong.

He knew that if he continued, he would die here today!

So he opened his last seal without hesitation!

That was the seal his father imposed on him, which blocked 70% of his power, so that he could only use 30%!

His father made him less than a last resort, and he could never undo the seal until he survived!

But now he has reached the point of life and death.


There seemed to be an angry roar in his body, and then a deep and crisp click. A breath that was several times larger than the original burst out at once, and Zhao Yuande, who was hit with a punch, gave a living shock. Go out!

Zorola's body swelled violently, and turned into a huge giant shark, who opened his blood basin and flew towards Zhao Yuande, who flew out!

"Good! Good!" Seeing this situation, the Demon side clenched their fists in excitement!

They have been silent for too long! If there is no change in the war situation, their confidence will collapse!

Now, Zorola suddenly burst out, and all the people's spirits were suddenly lifted, and an angry roar cheered for Zorola!

"You guys are too happy!" Zhao Yuande was still not in a hurry at this time.

Suddenly there was a ray of light in the body again, the four stars were shining brightly, and Zhao Yuande's power suddenly did not know how many times it increased!

"This is... it seems to be the Chaos Eucharist!" The three peerless emperors opened their eyes almost at the same time. They all looked at Zhao Yuande's bright stars and the arrangement of the stars!

"It seems to be a chaotic holy body! Why does this physique appear here?" Emperor Takong looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

"Chaotic Eucharist!" The Immortal Sword Emperor suddenly shot golden light in his eyes, which is one of the most powerful physiques in the heavens and the world. If he can get this kind of Eucharist, he will not be a king of Immortal Emperor. Difficult!

"Chaotic Eucharist! Why does this physique appear in Immortal Realm! Why is it not in Demon Realm! This child..." Mogu God suddenly showed a killing intention in his eyes, but he did not know what he thought of, and this killing intention quickly converged. !

Immortal Emperor Sheri couldn't help but sigh in his heart. It seems that if he doesn't speak anymore, this young uncle is probably in danger!

No one can bear the temptation of the Chaos Eucharist, even if he has some urges at this time to want to use it as his own!

But the identity of the other party is his uncle, the apprentice of the old master of Bajing Palace!

Although the old master of Bajing Palace never exits, it is said that his realm has long been beyond the scope that ordinary people can imagine!

The master of Zhao Yuande is this old master's favorite disciple, who loves the house and the dark, I am afraid that anyone who dares to fight Zhao Yuande's idea will definitely stir up the anger of his old man!

And if anyone knows Zhao Yuande's true identity, that is, give them 10,000 guts, they will not dare to think of Zhao Yuande indifferently!

"The three of you don't want to think about it! This person is my little uncle! It is the real high-level of my Bajing Palace. If you want our Bajing Palace to help the Pantheon to destroy the fairy and the two realms, you can try it!" Immortal Emperor's voice burst into the ears of the three people.

The three of them stunned at the same time, and looked at the Sun Emperor She incredible!

They all understood at once that why the Emperor Sunri appeared here!

This is escort!

They never dreamed that this Zhao Shisi turned out to be a disciple of Bajing Palace, and that his seniority was the uncle of the sun-immortal emperor... Wasn't his master the old master of the legendary Bajing Palace...

The eyes of several people were also suffocated at the same time. Even if they were so bold, they would not dare to hit the old palace master and grandson!