Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611: Su Qing

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"I don't know who this disciple is?" Emperor Takong couldn't help looking at Sheri Immortal Emperor, and asked a little nervously.

"My youngest ancestor! Palace owner and his oldest favorite disciple!" Although the Emperor Sheri did not say the name of the other party, the faces of these three people all changed color!

They knew this. Although he became a disciple of Bajing Palace in his early years, Xiu Wei was advancing by leaps and bounds, but they didnt know why Xiu Wei stayed in the fairyland. When everyone felt he had run out of potential, he asked for it. The lower realm is self-styled in a secret realm in the lower realm. This one is tens of thousands of years.

Just when everyone gradually forgot the existence of this person, he suddenly came back after ten thousand years, repaired all the way forward, and even promoted from fairy monarchy to fairy empire in just a few years of practice.

This speed of cultivation is simply appalling. Legend has it that the owners of Bajing Palace personally went out of the gate, and saw that this disciple returned and even said three good words!

This is now the senior of Bajing Palace. He manages the Bajing Palace with several brothers. Before the three aspects of Immortal Demon God, he is a decisive big figure!

In front of me, although the sun-dyeing emperor was cultivated to a higher level, and he controlled the power of all eight-view palaces in a continent of the fairy world, it was almost a heaven and an underground. At least there are more than 20 people!

The little thoughts born in the hearts of the three people were immediately frightened back by this terrible power background!


At this moment, they heard another sound of teeth cracking.

They turned their heads together and found that Zhao Yuande seemed to be an invincible **** of war at this time. At this time, his tall body seemed to be a giant mountain, and he grabbed the scary devil shark with one hand, and then poured heavily on it. On the ground!


The magic shark roared in pain, and the bones of his body did not know how much it had broken. The huge body seemed to become a boneless fish, and it was soft and slumped!

"You are merciful!"

Seeing this situation, the Mogu God suddenly changed his face. This Zorola is the young master of the Devil Shark Clan. Although the Devil Shark Master does not have a master of the Peerless Immortal Emperor level, the fighting power of this family is extremely powerful, they almost occupy One third of the devil's strength.

If Zorola died here, I am afraid that the Devil Shark Clan will be furious, and directly withdrew the Devil Shark Clan's army.

Zhao Yuande understood Mogu God's words, and he was now in a state of mania. Every blow he made was terrifying, and every time he fell on Zorola's body, blood was raging!

Seeing that Sorolla was dying, the breath on his body was getting weaker and weaker, and Mogu God's face was already showing an extremely anxious look.

He couldn't help but want to get started, but when he thought of Zhao Yuande's identity, he could only die hard!

"Master Uncle! Leave him a way to live! Otherwise, Mogu God's face will be lost!" At this time, the voice of the Divine Emperor Sheri came to Zhao Yuande's ears.

Zhao Yuande was just throwing the dying Zorola directly on the ground, and his strength and body slowly walked back to the side of the fairy world!

Everyone in Immortal World looked at him incredulously, and many of them showed respect and worship on their faces!

Others, such as Ji Yun, are filled with raging fighting intent!

"It's amazing! It's amazing! I really want to marry him!" A young girl behind the Sun Emperor Ye stood with Ye Xiaoyu, and the small stars in her eyes flickered.

"Oh..." Ye Xiaoyu's faceless speechlessness actually thought in her mind, but she knew that Brother Zhao already had several wives, and all these wives were beautiful and all were geniuses. Every time Ye Xiaoyu sees these sisters, she feels ashamed.

Everyone saw Zhao Yuande's return, and unconsciously gave way, and Zhao Yuande's expression of reality was shocking.

Sun Yang raised his thumbs to Zhao Yuande from afar, his face showing a look of excitement, as if he was happier than he had defeated a powerful enemy.

A few people in Taishuba also looked at him with a shocked and unbelievable face. His mouth was so big that he had not been awake from the shock for a while.

Mogu stepped forward and hurriedly inspected Zola's injury. After reading it, it was a long breath.

He only had broken bones and internal abdominal trauma. As for the inner world, the sea of blood, and the three places of knowing the sea were basically harmless. It was also Zhao Yuande's mercy.

He took a pill to the opponent and gave it to the others of the Devil Shark clan.

"War demon, go on!" Mogu looked at the remaining twelve people, with a slight worry in his eyes, and finally turned his gaze to a demon tribe with a human head, and nodded to him.

"Demon Lord, please rest assured that I will win this battle!" The young tiger head focused on his head, with unmatched confidence on his face.

Mogu God did not expect to send this person to play so quickly, this person is a black horse in the demon world, he originally wanted to rush to ambush some people in the fairy world, but now he has to send him to fight!

The tiger-headed youth strode up, his eyes burning, and this golden light flashed.

His eyes were always on Zhao Yuande, who was opposite him. The battle of Zhao Yuande just made him feel bloody. He actually wanted to fight Zhao Yuande.

The fairy side is still immersed in joy and shock.

Zhao Yuande occupies three people, wins three battles, two dead and one seriously injured!

This fighter plane can be said to be unprecedented, so that all the people participating in the exhibition can not help but morale soar, as long as they do not make a big appearance, basically this fairy demon war they have won!

"This time the Devil Clan has lost three games in a row, and the people who will be dispatched next will be very powerful. Which of you want to go to a battle?" Emperor Takong looked at the thirteen geniuses in the fairyland.

"Let's go!" At this time, a veiled woman in red slowly opened her mouth, her tone was indifferent, and was one of the few people in the audience who looked at Zhao Yuande full of warfare!

"Su Qing! Are you going?" Emperor Takong saw the masked woman coming out, but couldn't help but stunned slightly.

"Yes! The demon opposite is very powerful. I'm afraid few people except me can win it!" The masked woman's tone was full of strong confidence.

Many people don't know this woman very much, and even have subconsciously ignored this woman. Now that this woman has such a high-profile voice, and said this, everyone can't help but reveal a bit of doubt.

Even Zhao Yuande turned his gaze and showed a little surprise when he looked at the woman.