Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612: Dengxiandao

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Just as Su Qing, a masked woman in red, strode toward the center of the battlefield under everyone's attention, when everyone's eyes were on her, a few people flew in the distance.

They are just a few people from Shui Haocang, Shui Peifeng and Shui Aotian who hurried from Qingyun City.

They naturally also have a few familiar people in the fairyland, and soon they will know what happened just now.

Hearing Zhao Yuande slashing two demons and maiming a genius just now, Shui Haocang's old face could not help but pump.


Shui Haocang's backhand without hesitation was that a slapped child pumped fiercely on Shui Juefeng's face and turned him around a few times.

"Three grandpas! You..."

Shui Juefeng, the owner of Qingyun City, was slapped in the face of so many channels. He couldn't help being ashamed, annoyed, angry, and regretful. He wished he could find a hole in it!

Shui Aotian next to him heard Zhao Yuande's record, but he couldn't help but also reveal the color of infinite worship!

Looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes is also a little more anticipating!

"Humph! You bastard, now you know! People are just too lazy to care about you, otherwise you might be dead!" Shui Haocang saw Shui Juefeng still dare not be convinced, and gave him a slap again.

"I'm wrong, Grandpa Three!"

There is no way Shui Juefeng knows his three grandpa's bad temper, if he dares to continue to harden, I am afraid he will be slapped!

"I will honestly admit my mistakes for a while, and if people don't forgive you, you will wait for me to go back and clean up you!" Shui Haocang left a word, a disappointed look in his eyes.

"Yes! Three Grandpas are assured, I even ask for forgiveness even if I spare my life!" Shui Juefeng gritted his teeth and secretly determined in his heart, if the other party can really solve the problem of his son, he would even kneel What about begging him!

"It's almost the same, you are waiting here!" Shui Haocang nodded with satisfaction, and flew in the direction of Zhao Yuande not far away.

Although Zhao Yuande was fighting fiercely just now, he did not spend much energy.

Although the Shark of the Devil Sharks has different talents, at most it can only barely fight against the mid-term strong in the fairyland, and after Zhao Yuande's precipitation, after the realization of drunk dream wine, the combat power has increased to a new level, and now he defeats the fairy It is not difficult to be strong in the mid-term!

In particular, the other party still confronts him physically, which is even more disadvantageous!

His physical body was originally the second of the four holy bodies, and no one could compete with him.

In particular, he also cultivated the Huntian sacred body of the Huntian fairy country, and the Huntian sacred body has also been cultivated to the fifth level. The two add up to each other. Now I am afraid that the source body is not necessarily stronger than him. !

In this case, Zoroola can only be defeated even if he is more powerful. Although there are still people who can confront him with flesh under the fairy realm, they will not exceed the number of palms!

So Zhao Yuande seems to be practicing with his eyes closed at this time, but in fact it is how to go after the silent thinking!

Now his identity has been known to these two peerless emperors and Mogu gods, they can be said to be safe for the time being, they absolutely dare not face up to their own hands.

So safety is not a problem now. What he needs to do now is to go to the Central Fairyland. He is going to see Yimenggui.

It is best to help her recover. You can also look for some materials in the Central Fairyland and find some people by the way!

For example, Zhao Yixin, who soared into the upper realm, and his own brother, the Emperor Lingxu!

Then enter the Twelve Ascension City!

The key now is how to get the quota to enter the Twelve Census City!

Do you want to find the Emperor? This doesn't seem to be good...

While he was thinking left and right, he suddenly felt someone peeping at him.

He couldn't help turning his head to look in that direction, and suddenly saw an old man nodding slightly to himself.

Zhao Yuande moved in his heart and couldn't help but walk past.

"Senior!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand.

Although he doesn't have a good impression of Xianjie Water God Palace, but the grandfather who counts as Shui Juekong in front of him, he can't be too much.

"Hey!" Shui Haocang looked at Zhao Yuande and sighed slightly, "I apologized with that unscrupulous descendant this time, and I hope Xiaoyou can give a face to the old!"

"Seniors don't ever call me a friend, An's seniority counts me as a junior!" Zhao Yuande waved, "Also, an apology is not necessary, although you don't want to see me, but I didn't ask you, we will be Qiaoguiqiao Road is the way back!"

"This..." Shui Haocang's face sagged slightly, and he couldn't help revealing sadness.

"You want to find a future for Shui Aotian!" Zhao Yuande knew the other party's thoughts after thinking a little, he nodded, "I originally wanted to help him, but his father let him I am very disappointed. Now that you have found it, I am not good enough to refuse it! Then lets make a deal! You can get me a place to enter the Twelve Census City, and I will help Shui Aotian!"

"Twelve places in the fairy city?" Shui Haocang slightly stunned.

"Good! Whenever you helped me get the quota, just take Shui Aotian to see me!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"This... quota is not difficult, only the twelfth ascendant fairy city will open at the entrance of fairy world for three months, so..." Shui Haocang some support.

"Where is the entrance to the Twelve Ascension City?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"In the endless void of the south of Xifengzhou, there is an island called Dengxian! The island is about 30,000 miles away from Xifengzhou!" Shui Haocang replied.

"That's good! We will see you on Dengxian Island three months later. At that time, you will give me the quota, and I will help Shui Aotian and let him restore his original talent!" Zhao Yuande said.

Speaking of restoring the original talent, Shui Haocang was slightly surprised.

He originally thought that Zhao Yuande said to help him means... but he did not expect it to be this kind of help, which made his face ecstatic!

The biggest problem with their Water Palace now is that the Water Palace is unsuccessful!

Shui Aotian was originally a peerless genius, always occupying the top spot in the Immortal Emperor's Palace, but was brutally attacked by a man who was secretly attacked, causing the realm to stand still for a few years. Seeing nowhere, seeing that many people had already surpassed him before, which made everyone in the Water God Palace feel disappointed.

However, no matter what kind of panacea they find, looking for the treatment of the strong, his cultivation is simply unable to get in!

They were already a bit disappointed, but now Zhao Yuande even said that he could restore his original talent, and he almost shed two lines of old tears.

"I must be waiting on Dengxiandao with Aotian!" Shui Haocang bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, then left with a excited face!