Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615: Snob

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Farewell to everyone, Zhao Yuande set foot on the teleportation alone, and the figure soon disappeared!

Soon, Zhao Yuande's figure appeared in an ancient and grand city!

Before this city, the so-called giant cities and big cities of Baihezhou and Xifengzhou were simply pediatrics!

This big city is vast and huge, with thousands of miles in the sky, countless huge palaces stand, towering tall buildings lined in the sky, countless powerful people in the fairyland above them fly around, and the streets are crowded!

Zhao Yuande was instantly shocked by this vast city!

Taking a breath of the more intense fairy spirit in the air, he protruded for a long time, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face!

This is the real fairyland, what Baihezhou, Xifengzhou compared with here, it has become a barbaric land!

Looking at those great palaces, if you can buy a palace here and place all your family here, the speed of cultivation will increase by not knowing how many times!

But he just thought about it, but he didn't dare to do it!

And here is the site of Anjia, he just slaughtered An Xiaoyun, if the immortal Emperor knows it, he will not kill himself!

He walked aimlessly on the bustling street and saw the shops on the street, he walked in and looked at it!

It's just an ordinary small shop, and the richness of the goods makes Zhao Yuande feel a little moved.

But things here are indeed more expensive than Baihezhou in Xifengzhou!

He entered a treasure building called Fengshen Tower, and as soon as he entered, a beautiful maid greeted him.

"This son does not know what goods you need? Our Fengshen Building is an immense immortal city. The Elders of Fengshen opened. The goods are complete..." The beautiful maid maid introduced the background of Fengshen Building and then introduced the various floors. goods.

Zhao Yuande listened carefully. After listening, he nodded and said, "Please take me to the third floor to see! I need some fairy medicine!"

"Third floor? The young man is only a strong person above the fairyland, or someone with identity can go up, you young man..." The beautiful maid looked at Zhao Yuande up and down.

It was found that his cultivation base was only the early stage of the Divine Emperor, and the dress was not like those of the young men in the status of the fairy city, so his face was somewhat embarrassed.

"Why? Can't I go up to the third floor?" Zhao Yuande's face sank slightly, with a trace of displeasure in his voice.

"Master! The third floor still needs verification of funds. If you have a hundred million immortals on your body!" The beautiful maid saw Zhao Yuande unhappy and suddenly jumped in her heart, hurriedly said.

"Lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand!

"Okay!" The beautiful maid shook her head helplessly, twisting the water snake-like waist and took Zhao Yuande to the third floor.

On the staircase of the third floor, a middle-aged man stood quietly. He saw the beautiful maid walk with Zhao Yuande and immediately looked up and down Zhao Yuande!

After looking around, he couldn't help but frown slightly!

"Little Butterfly! Have you forgotten the rules of our Fengshen Building? Why did anyone bring me the evening!" The middle-aged man did not say anything to Zhao Yuande, but questioned the beautiful maid Xiaodie's words, but it was in Chiguoguo. Looked down on Zhao Yuande.

"Liu Guanshi, it's not that I forgot the rules, but that the young man asked me to bring him up... I already said the rules!" Xiaodie's face showed grievances, and she couldn't help turning her head to look at Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the middle-aged man and threw a storage ring.

The middle-aged man was surprised and took a look at the storage ring. He was shocked in his heart, and his face was only smiling.

He respectfully handed back the storage ring to Zhao Yuande, and the disdain on his face had become flattered.

"Why didn't you say that Fluttershy, I was misunderstood this son!" The middle-aged man first reprimanded Fluttershy before he turned around and turned to Zhao Yuande's attitude!

"Son, what do you need, the little one will take you in person!" The middle-aged man's face was flattering, and he claimed to be small!

Fluttershy was a little dull looking at the side. When she saw this Liu Guanshi looks like this, a pair of beautiful eyes couldn't help but looked at Zhao Yuande without blinking.

She wanted to know how much fairy jade was contained in Zhao Yuande's storage ring. Why would Liu Guanshi, who looked at people on his neck on a weekday, look like a pug!

"It's really dog eyes to look down on people!" Zhao Yuande sneered, winked at the beautiful maid Xiaodie, and threw her a storage ring, and then walked in!

Liu Guanshi didn't seem to hear Zhao Yuande say he was a dog at all. He still followed Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face.

But Fluttershy took the storage ring and looked inwards, suddenly showing shock in his face.

She subconsciously covered her mouth, and then carefully put the storage ring into the body world to hide it, and then the whole body trembled down the third floor!

This young man is so generous, and he is always enjoying thousands of top-grade fairy jade! This is almost comparable to his income for a year!

Could it be that this young man took a fancy to himself, would he wait for him at the door for a while?

In case he really wants to look at himself, wouldn't he fly to the branch and become a phoenix, never again...

No... impossible, what is the status of others, and what is their status!

What do people do, and what do they do!

"Hey..." Fluttershy immediately understood, and sighed down the stairs.

Zhao Yuande strode into the third floor, turned his head to look at the middleman behind him, and waved his hand: "Don't follow me, I will call you if I choose the underground for a while!"

"Yes!" The middle-aged man nodded cautiously and returned to the stairs respectfully.

The storage ring that Zhao Yuande showed him just now contains 2 billion top-grade fairy jade!

At that time, the middle-aged man almost scared to the ground!

So young, and able to come up with 2 billion top-grade fairy jade, what does this represent?

Representing his huge financial resources, in the central fairyland, what family can take out 2 billion fairy jade for a young man to carry?

Not the son of a big chamber of commerce, or the huge power of the level of the Eight Great Immortals!

You must know that all the property of a strong man in the fairy realm is only about one billion!

What exactly does 2 billion mean? He is very clear!

Maybe beside this son, there are powerful immortals and even immortal emperors guarding!

Otherwise, how could he dare to show him 2 billion top-grade fairy jade so casually?

If you look at people low again with dog's eyes, I am afraid that they will be directly killed by the secret powerhouse and no one will dare to control it!