Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616: Yi Mengzhu

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Although Zhao Yuande's appearance attracted the attention of some people on the third floor, the attention of these people quickly moved away from him.

Because there are two bidding voices on the third floor at this time!

Zhao Yuande was also attracted to these two voices, and one of them seemed familiar!

He took two quick steps, and soon saw that in front of a crystal counter, the two women were tit-for-tat, fierce bidding!

Zhao Yuande saw a smile on one of the women.

That woman was Yi Mengzhu, who had seen him in Xuanji Zongfang City, and he was looking at a woman opposite him with an angry face!

It's really no effort to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere. I wanted to find the Yi family and didn't expect her to appear in front of me.

He secretly rejoiced that he had entered this treasure building.

"An Qiuyan, what do you mean?" Yi Mengzhu's voice was full of anger and helplessness.

"It doesn't mean anything! I just want to buy this lotus lotus!" The woman on the opposite side, Yun Lan, looks a bit graceful, but she has a thick fat powder on her face. People feel a pungent aroma!

"You did it on purpose! Knowing clearly..." Yi Mengzhu gritted his teeth, and more in his heart was helpless!

"I just did it on purpose. The price has already reached 20 million. You have the ability to add it!" The woman named An Qiuyan sneered at her, pinching her waist like a proud little cock.

"You..." Yimeng Zhuqi's whole body trembled, pointing at the other party for a long time without speaking!

"If you have the ability to increase the price, if you don't have the ability, you can get out of my sight!"

"I'm giving out 50 million!" A voice came out from the crowd at this time.

Everyone was shocked and turned their heads to look behind them.

They saw a handsome young man with a unique temperament slowly walked over.

The corners of the young man's mouth were slightly curved, and he looked at An Qiuyan feeling tall.

"It's you?" Yimeng Zhu recognized Zhao Yuande at a glance, and his face suddenly showed surprise!

"Yes! It's me. It's not too late!" Zhao Yuande blinked at her.

"It's not too late! Is that one here? Come back to the family with me!" Yi Mengzhu no longer cares about this An Qiuyan, he will leave Zhao Yuande!

"Don't worry, I haven't got my stuff yet!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the soul-cultivating lotus in the counter, and there was a faint smile on his face.

"50 million is too high, this price has exceeded too much!" Yi Mengzhu said anxiously.

"It's okay, isn't it the Immortal Jade? I have so many!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and looked at An Qiuyan opposite, smiling. "If you can, the price will come out. If you can't, go quickly!" Your face feels sick!"

"" An Qiuyan was shivered by Zhao Yuande's qi body, and was about to rush towards Zhao Yuande, his fingers shining coldly on his fingernails.

Suddenly, the surroundings of the people changed and they all backed away!

"Miss! Don't break the rules of the immeasurable Xiancheng!" An Qiuyan was surrounded by two women who pulled her from left to right and whispered to her.

An Qiuyan gave Zhao Yuande a fierce look and then took back his palm.

"Dare you dare insult me! Do you know who I am?" An Qiuyan looked at Zhao Yuande coldly, with a very cold tone of voice, "As long as you dare to walk out of the immeasurable immortal city for half a step, I will let your head fall!"

"Oh? Are you so powerful? Then I really want to ask who are you? Is it a young master of Anjia? An immortal emperor's heir? Are you An Xiaoyun? Or An Yunlan? Haha... " Zhao Yuande's laughter was obviously mocking.

"She's just a side disciple in Anjia's family!" Yi Mengzhu on the side couldn't help but pouted, and there was a bit of sarcasm on her face.

"!" An Qiuyan turned red, looked at the two with a vicious look, and then turned around and turned away!

"It's really rubbish!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other party and turned his head to look at Yimeng Zhudao. "How is your family, take me to see!"

"In the family..." Yimeng Zhu's face is not pretty, as if he doesn't want to talk about family affairs in front of so many people.

"Let's talk as we go!" Zhao Yuande paid 50 million top-grade fairy jade, put the soul-cultivating lotus into the storage ring, and then hurriedly left with Yi Mengzhu!

Soon Zhao Yuande knew what happened in the Yi family.

The Yi family has now been divided into two factions. One group supports the saints to marry Anjia. They believe that only after marrying the Anjia will the Yi family cease to be stormy, and their saints will be treated before they wake up!

The other party does not support the saints marrying into Anjia, because as long as the saints marry into the Anjia, even if their Yi family disappears from this fairyland, they will gradually integrate into the Anjia, and in the Anjia The status will definitely be very low!

More importantly, the ancestors did not have many Shouyuan at this time, and the Saints were unconscious. If they were attached to the Anjia, they would still be a mermaid from time to time. Their Anjia was inherited from the ancient gods skills, fairy treasures, and magical powers. It must have settled down!

This is the least acceptable to them!

However, at this time, the only fairy powerhouse at the top of Anjia's dominance, Yongtian Immortal is to support the saint's marriage into Anjia!

He monopolizes power and has secretly agreed to many of the conditions of the family, and decided to distribute the Holy Girl to An Xiaoyun of the family!

Of course, Yongtian Xianjun did not dare to be too presumptuous, and did not use his power to suppress the group of opponents, because the ancestors of the Yi family are still few, but they are still there!

When Yi Mengzhu mentioned this Yong Tian Xian Jun, he would bite his teeth, it seems that this Yong Tian Xian Jun does not seem to be seen!

At this point, the two factions had already been hyped up, and they almost did not fight!

Only the ancestors of a few ancestors and strong men from the lower realm are guarding Yimenggui's side.

But she heard that a lotus plant appeared here, so she came in a hurry.

"Did Master Chef come or not?" Yi Mengzhu said anxiously.

"I didn't come! But it's the same when I come. My technique is not much worse than him!" Zhao Yuande said confidently. "You can just lead the way with confidence!"

The two walked on the street. After an hour, they finally appeared before a gorgeous palace.

This palace is taller than other palaces, it is very luxurious!

"It seems that your Yi family is not bad. I'm afraid there are not many whole immortal cities in this kind of palace!" Zhao Yuande looked at the size of the palace and could not help but lift his mouth slightly.

"The ancestor of the ancestors was in the middle period of the Xiandi Emperor, and my ancestors also had an ancestor of the late Xiandi, but they were missing. Otherwise, my ancestors are not such a bully!" Said, but she was still grumpy about the woman just now.